This is a motion activated camera with an on and off switch.  All I do is turn it on and it automatically detects movement and snaps a picture. All images and sound bytes are authentic.  I have no control over the flash, or the picture from the camera or what the digital recorder gets.  All I do is turn it on and point out in front of me. 

Special Note:  Spirits and Ghosts are in the Infrared.  It is RARE (but not impossible) to get a spirit using a digital camera because of the normal visible lighting.  You have to block out normal visible light in order to enhance the Infrared using an infrared filter.  My camera to the left uses the red - infrared filter for night vision below.  Here are 3 infrared filters.   (Red, Blue, Green) which are to the right of the camera here.

A lot of people use digital cameras to ghost hunt  but they are not getting the images that I get.  They start to thinking it's not real just because they don't get them.  I stand by my descriptions and photos.  They are authentic.  I just turn the thing on and aim.  It does the picture taking when there is movement.  You are free to try to debunk these photos but they are 100% genuine and authentic I've done nothing to them.  That's why I put the original and the outline photo up together.

Mark Nesbitt - Ghost of Gettysburg show got me on to the infrared technology when I saw what his photographer was getting.  These aired on the Travel Channel several years ago.  Clip 1  and Clip 2

You can read all about Mark Nesbitt by searching for his name.  Thanks
Mark for the Infrared Tip.