New Zorro Episode Descriptions

Fourth Season - 1992

by David Nesbitt

Here are descriptions of each New Zorro episode in Season Four, in order as the episodes appeared.


  • Duncan Regehr (Zorro and Don Diego)
  • Patrice Martinez (Victoria Escalante)
  • James Victor (Sergeant Mendoza)
  • John Hertzler (Alcalde Ignacio de Soto)
  • Juan Diego Botto (Felipe)
  • Henry Darrow (Don Alejandro)

    Writer: Robert L. McCullough & Philip John Taylor.

    A fake tax collector comes to town and befriends the de la Vegas before he goes. After he has left, the true collector arrives and orders the money delivered to him. When the alcalde, Ignacio de Soto, tells him that it has already been collected, the tax collector tells him that an ingenious con man known as "The Rabbit" was the person who stole their money and impersonated himself. The alcalde immediately pulls together a search party, and goes out to look for the Rabbit. While searching a cave, the Rabbit entombs the lancers inside, and leaves them to die.

    Meanwhile, Don Alejandro and Diego are also searching for the Rabbit, and stumble upon the cave in which the lancers are trapped inside. Together, they free the alcalde and his lancers, who then realizes that while in the cave, the Rabbit let their horses run loose. Diego volunteers to ride into town and get new horses, but actually rides to meet Felipe, who has brought his Zorro costume. Diego then sends Felipe back to the hacienda, but before he can get there, the Rabbit catches him in a trap and leaves him there to die.

    Zorro meanwhile is able to track down the Rabbit, who responds by setting the brush in front of Zorro on fire. The masked man and Tornado narrowly escape that trap, only to be confronted by the Rabbit holding a pistol. Tornado knocks the Rabbit to the ground, who drops the pistol. The Rabbit lets it slip that he is holding Felipe hostage, and Zorro ties him hanging over a cliff until he tells where Felipe is held captive. He finally confesses out of fear, and soon the tax money -- and Felipe -- is safe.


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough & Phillip John Taylor.

    When Diego rides to town dressed as Zorro to have a "visit" with Victoria, not all goes well. He is soon spotted by a lancer, who immediately summons Sergeant Mendoza. While chasing Zorro, Sergeant Mendoza does not notice the alcalde slip out the door of the cuartel office. Alcalde de Soto continues to secretely follow Zorro, planning to chase him to his cave. What he doesn't know is that Zoro has led him directly to the Indian burial ground -- a sacred place to the Indians. They jump out of hiding and capture the alcalde, sentencing him to death by fire.

    Not wanting anything to happen to the alcalde, Zorro turns around on Tornado and pleads for the alcalde's life. The Indians tell him that the alcalde can go free -- if Zorro can safely make it down the River of Pain. Zorro agrees and soon he is fighting for life down a line of Indians beating him with clubs. He makes it out safely, and the Indians give him yet another challenge -- the masked man must fight with the top spear fighter, and win. After another trial, Zorro defeats the Indian, and demands the release of Alcalde de Soto. They respond by telling him that de Soto will only be released if Zorro can succesfully climb the Wall of Death. Once again Zorro agrees, and once again he is fighting for life.

    The Wall of Death is actually a steep cliff going stright up. Zorro's task is to reach the top without falling to his death. While the masked hero is climbing, de Soto is able to reach a knife hidden in his boot and cut himself free of his bonds. He then grabs a young Indian girl and holds her hostage. Zorro sees what the alcalde is up to and manages to free a rock from the Wall and throw it with amazing accuracy at the alcalde's head. It works, and the Indian girl is saved. Not only that, but Zorro reaches the top of the mountain, thus securring the alcalde's release. This time the Indians are true to their promise, and de Soto is set free.

    72. LOVE POTION #9

    Writer: Robert L. McCullough & Phillip John Taylor.

    Victoria is falling even more in love with Zorro, and wants him to be able to return it. She uses a love potion that Dr. Henry Wayne (from the Season 2 episode entitled "The Wizard") sold to her and slips it into a bottle of wine. When Diego, dressed as Zorro, once again comes to visit her, she slips the potion into both her and Zorro's drinks, intending to make Zorro fall even more in love with her, and to stay around to show her love.

    At that time, Alcalde de Soto enters the back room and sees Victoria with Zorro. He attempts to arest Zorro, but when he escapes, arrests her in his place. Using her as a plan to capture Zorro, he hides in the tavern waiting for Zorro to rescue her and bring her back with him to that place. His plan works, and soon Victoria and Zorro are in the tavern, preparing to drink Victoria's specially prepared wine. De Soto comes out of hiding at that time with Sergeant Mendoza, and drinks Victoria's wine in a toast of victory. Unfortunately, Victoria has also drinken the wine, and she and de Soto fall madly in love. Zorro escapes then, and realizes that he must fins some way to break the potion. His time becomes more pressed, however, when Victoria and de Soto begin making plans for their wedding.

    Diego rides into town the next day and steals the potion from de Soto's office. Using his experiments, he realizes that the "potion" is not a potion at all, but colored water. The power of suggestion is waht made Victoria and de Soto "fall in love". That night, dressed as Zorro, he slips the "potion" onto the table where de Soto and Victoria are eating. De Soto gets the same idea that Victoria originally did, and slips it into their drinks, intending to fall more in love. When Victoria does not get the same feelings that he does, he begins to wonder what is wrong. Zorro steps out of hiding then and tells the couple the truth about the potion. Once he has realized this, de Soto turns his thoughts away from Victoria to Zorro, and once again attempts to capture him. Zorro easily defeats him, and all once again returns to normal between Zorro and Victoria


    Dr. Henry Wayne was the person who sold the potion to Victoria. He appeared on one New Zorro second season episode: "The Wizard", as an eccentric inventor who thought he could invent anything.

    73. AS YE SOW

    Writer: Robert L. McCullough & Phillip John Taylor.

    Sergeant Mendoza is commanded by the alcalde, Ignacio de Soto, to ride to the rancho of the Cheif Minister of the Colonial Office's sons. When he arrives, he find them both dead from some disease. Death seems to be everywhere when Felipe also brings home a dead bird for Diego to see. The bird was found near a stream the runs to the racnho of the two brothers.

    Mendoza reports to the alcalde of this incident, and de Soto once again tries to ruin Zorro's good name by proclaiming that it was Zorro who killed the two brothers. Others believe it was the plague, and Mendoza believes that evil spirits killed them. Diego becomes even more involved when Felipe gets stomach pains from drinking the water near the brothers' rancho, and when some of Don Alejandro's best horses go mad from the drink. Diego believes that there is something in the water, and rides as Zorro to investigate teh brothers' water supply.

    What he does not know, however, is that the alcalde is also there, trying to set Zorro up by placing a "Z" on the door of the rancho. When de Soto sees Zorro apporaching, he hides and pulls out his pistol. Zorro takes out a test tube and gets a sample of water from the rancho's water trough. Alcalde de Soto points his pistol at Zorro as he steps out of hiding. Zorro puts up his hands, and as he does, motions to Tornado to kick a bucket at the alcalde. The pistol goes flying, and soon de Soto is disarmed. Zorro is able to get his ample of water and ride off.

    After examining it, Diego discovers that lead sulfate was mixed in the water, thus killing the brothers and poisoning Felipe. The puelbo's former alcalde, Luis Ramon, had used the sulfate to kill weeds. When it started killing the crops along with the weeds, Ramon had it buried under Oak Hill, where it slowly ran through the ground and into the water supply. Mendoza feels that he should help destroy it, so he and Zorro ride out to Oak Hill the next morning with enough dynamite to change the course of the water. They succeed, and the water is once again made clean and pure.


    Writer: Gary S. Rieck.

    Victoria Escalante is being pursued by bandits, for she is delivering her life savings to the bank. Zorro happens to ride up at that time and tries to move the horses faster and outrun the outlaws. Unfortunately, a wheel falls off the wagon, and it crashes to the ground. Zorro is forced to carry the unconscious Victoria to safety -- his cave. He barely enters in time, for the bandits are close behind. They have stolen Victoria's savings, and are now after the bounty on Zorro's head.

    Zorro sets Victoria down, and starts mending her leg, which was also injured in the crash. She soon recovers, and realizes that she has finally seen the inside of Zorro's cave. After quarreling with Zorro about leaving the money to the bandits, she apologizes, and Zorro gives her a potion to temporarily put her to sleep while he mends her leg, for the pain was too great while she was awake. After mending it, Zorro rushes into the hacienda, where he prepares a dinner for Victoria. While they are eating, Victoria asks him about his true identity, and convinces him to remove his mask. When he reaches to untie it, he suddenly hears an alarm go off, for someone is at the cave entrance. He rushes just in time to see one of the bandits step on the secret plank and open the door. He cuts the rope just in time, and Zorro's secret it still safe.

    Zorro overhears the bandits discussing how they plan to torture Victoria that night when she returns to the tavern until she tells them Zorro's true identity. Zorro realizes that Victoria cannot know his secret while in danger like that, and rushes to warn her. Seeing how heartbroken she is, he rushes back into the hacienda and retrieves a ring that once belonged to his mother. He gives it to Victoria as a promise that when his mask is removed he will marry her. He then puts her back to sleep, and brings her back to the tavern.

    That night, the bandits attempt to kidnap Victoria, but Zorro is waiting and easily defeats them. Victoria's life savings are returned to her, and all is well once again.

    75. THE REWARD

    Writer: Robert L. McCullough & Phillip John Taylor.

    A newcomer has arried in the pueblo, and brings trouble along with him. Sergeant Mendoza recognizes him as a wanted man, and alerts the alcalde. Meanwhile, Victoria closes down the tavern for the night, and walks upstairs to give the man his food. He grabs her and tells her not to make a sound, but she is able to let out a desperate scream. Three men hear her, and run to her aid. Between the three of them, they overcome the senor, and one of the men throws him over the railing. The alcalde, Ignacio de Soto, and his lancers find the man dead, and questiont he three men to see who killed him. They all deny doing it, but quickly change their mind when they hear of the reward out for him. They decide to split the reward up between them, and spend the next day celebrating.

    Along with the next day, however, comes trouble. The dead man's friend arrives in town, and wants the reward that the three men recieved for killing the man. They all back out, claiming that they did not kill him, except for one. He stands up to the dead man's friend, who then challenges him to a duel for the reward money. Victoria's savor accepts, and it appears that he is soomed to die at dawn. De Soto will not do anything about it, either, but changes his mind once he hears of the reward money for the stranger's friend. The alcalde takes his time, intending to let the man be killed before collecting the reward.

    Luckily, before any shots can be fired, Zorro jumps down and, with his whip and sword, defeats the dead man's friend. He warns him to leave town and never come back, and is about to leave when de Soto approaches him. The growing crowd blocks off him and his lancers, and Zorro is once again able to escape once again.


    Writer: Tim Minear.

    One day, while Diego is at the pueblo, Don Alejandro hits his head and stumples into the secret fireplace. He falls unconscious in Zorro's cave, and receives amnesia. When he awakens, he believes he is Zorro, and rides out to the pueblo to visit Victoria. While there, he finds two men disturbing Senorita Escalante, and decides to use his whip to teach them a lesson. He barely is able to defeat them before being caught himself by Alcalde de Soto. De Soto unmasks him, only to find the face of Don Alejandro staring back at him. The alcalde finally convinces himself that Don Alejandro MUST be Zorro, and has a gallows built for his hanging, which is to be the next morning.

    Both Diego and Victoria visit Alejandro, telling him that he cannot be Zorro, but Alejandro stands firm to his word, and prepares for his own hanging. Despite all the cries the next morning to "Release Zorro!" the alcalde places the noose around Alejandro's neck. At that time, a monk standing nearby strikes de Soto who falls off the gallows. The monk then reveals himself as Zorro and cuts the rope around Alejandro's neck. The lever is pulled to the trap door and Alejandro falls to the ground, htting his head. The cuartel doors are opened, and Zorro rides out with Alejandro to the hacienda.

    Later on, after changing back into his regular clothes, Diego sits by silently and hopes that Alejandro will forget about the whole escepade. Luckily, he has, and Diego convinces the entire pueblo, including Alcalde de Soto, to pretend that nothing happened and forget the adventure just as Alejandro did.


    Writer: Carlton Hollander.

    A young boy is sick and dying in the mission of Los Angeles. He will not eat, but instead fades in and out of consciousness. Father Benitez and Victoria think he will soon die. Luckily, at that time, Zorro rides by and rounds up s group of bandits. The boy sees this and climbs out of bed for the first time since his illness. He calls for Zorro, but the masked crusader must ride off to avoid being caught by the alcalde. Diego soon learns that the boy's dying wish is to ride with Zorro, and decides to let the boy's wish come true.

    Unforunately, Alcalde de Soto also learns of the wish, and sets a trap outside the boy's room. Dressed as Zorro, Diego runs right into the trap, but is able to entire the boy's room. He tricks the alcalde and his lancers into believing that if they come anywhere near the boy, they too will catch the disease. Zorro is then able to escape without any interference of the fearful soldiers, and rides off with the unconscious boy on Tornado.

    Once he reaches the cave, Zorro tends to the boy, and finds a cure for his sickness. He restores the boy's health, and tells him that the greatest weapon he will ever have is his faith. Zorro then blindfolds the boy and brings him back to the mission. Unfortunately, the alcalde has once again set a trap for Zorro, this time by using the boy to tell him where Zorro's secret cave is. The boy tries to tell de Soto that he does not know, and the alcalde is about to whip him until Zorro interferes. Zorro locks de Soto in one of his own jail cells, and tells him that the boy does not know where his hideout is. The episode ends happily when Zorro takes the healthy boy for a ride with Tornado -- without his blindfold.


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough & Phillip John Taylor.

    The story starts out with the stealing of Don Alejandro and the alcalde's best horses. The next day the alcalde is arranging a "search party" to find the horses. They are soon recovered, at a married caballero by the name of Jose's house. Jose denies knowing they were there, but the alcalde arrests him and sets bail for two thousand pecos. Victoria pulls through with her life's savings.

    The next day, Diego goes to visit Jose, acting as his lawyer, but neither Jose nor his family are anywhere to be seen. At the alcalde's office, his horses have once again been stolen, and blame naturally falls on Jose, who is soon a target for the alcalde's misery. So once again the alcalde arranges a search party to find the horses. Meanwhile, Victoria goes on her own crusade to prove Jose innocent. The alcalde, a poor tracker, has to reluctantly turn back when he cannot find the horses. Victoria does better, and soon she has arrived at the horse thieves' hideout, where Jose is also present.

    Victoria decides to bring in the horse thieves and the horses herself. She pulls out her revolver and after telling everyone not to move, but soon is overpowered by the thieves. Luckily, Zorro rides up and is able to defeat nearly all the bandits. Unfortunately, one of the bandit's has Jose's wife, and threatens to kill her if Zorro makes one more move. Using his whip, Zorro retrieves the villian's weapon, and soon everything is once again under control.

    All is well with Jose also, for he had agreed to steal the horses only to save the life of his wife, who the real thieves had held hostage. He is pardoned by the alcalde.


    This is the second episode with Patrice Martinez (Victoria Escalante)'s brother, Benito Martinez, guest-starring.


    Guest Cast: James Horan (Emissary Gilberto Resendo), Daniel Craig (Lieutenant Hidalgo), Faith Brook (Ynez Resendo), Timothy Bateson (?), Isabel Prinz (Young Ynez), Maria Reyes Arias (Elena de la Vega), Cesar Peralta (Senor Peralta), Lucas Rodriguez (Elena's Father), Elisa Rodriguez (Servant Girl). Writers: Robert L. McCullough & Phillip John Taylor.

    The Arrival (Conspiracy of Blood Part I)

    This episode starts in Madrid, Spain, during Diego's birth, 1788. Diego's mother, Elena de la Vega, is having twins, yet she does not yet know it. Her widwife, Ynez Resendo, puts Elena to sleep with a sleeping powder. While unconscious, Elena has her first baby, who Ynez gives to a de la Vega servant girl to bring to the former's private room. Ynez then delivers the second baby, Diego, and rushes off after that. She then kills the servant girl, keeping the first born child to herself. Don Alejandro was on a business trip for the king, and could not be there to stop Ynez.

    Years pass, and the scene is taken to 1984 in Los Angeles, California. Special Emissary Gilberto Resendo is arriving in the pueblo, and Alcalde de Soto wants everything to be in perfect order for when he comes. No sooner have they assembled a party when Emissary Resendo himself walks out of the crowd, telling how he arrived early, and begins to collect his "special war tax" for the king. He also sentences the alcalde to death for no reason, and Diego soon joins him for speaking out against him. Alejandro convinces Resendo to let Diego free, but it appears the alcalde is doomed.

    Resendo decides that de Soto shall die by being ripped apart by four wagons, and a monk comes to pray for the alcalde. A second later, the monk removes his robe revealing himself as Zorro! The wagons start to pull off, but Zorro cuts the ropes, and the alcalde is free. Both Lieutenant Hidalgo and Emissary Resendo try to stop Zorro from escaping, but he defeats them both, and knocks Resendo's head into the wall with a wraning to collect his taxes and be gone. He rides off on Tornado. Resendo then sentences Sergeant Mendoza to death, and tells them that they will only live if they capture Zorro in 48 hours.

    At the end of this episode, Resendo recieves a letter from his adopted mother, Ynez Resendo. After stealing him she told him many lies, and convinced him that the de la Vegas got rid of him. She then tells Resendo to crush the de la Vegas into the dust.

    Death and Taxes (Conspiracy of Blood Part II)

    Emissary Resendo takes another step to defeating the de la Vegas, this time by convisgating all chruch property. The people try to revolt, but Resendo stops them, telling them that he is taking the property oonly becasue certain people, the de la Vegas, refuse to pay their taxes. The people turn against the de la Vegas, and tell Resendo to take their hacienda and land instead of the church. Resendo does, and soon the de la Vegas are living at Victoria's Tavern. He also takes away their bank account, so they have no way of buying anything. Luckily, Victoria gives them their food for free, so they can survive.

    That night, Felipe sneaks into Zorro's secret cave via the fireplace, for he grows tired of Resendo's constant pushiness. He meets Diego in there, who informs him that he came in the back way. Felipe goes back out with Resendo, and Zorro soon follows. He first confronts Hidalgo, and leaves him unconsious on the floor. Before he can get to Resendo, the emissary calls for his guards, and Zorro must fight for his life. Along with Resendo's guards come the alcalde, who plans to kill Zorro in order to save his own neck. Zorro leaves the guards unconcious and turns to Resendo. After a spirited duel, he strikes Resendo and leaves him unconsious also. However, Hidalgo has recovered, and grabs Zorro from behind. Zorro breaks from his grasp and at the same time de Soto shoots at the masked man. He hits Hidalgo instead, and the lieutenant slumps to the floor, dead. De Soto stpes into hiding, and no one sees who shot Hidalgo.

    The next day Resendo rides into the pueblo with Hidalgo's body. He give the de la Vegas back their hacienda, and tells the entire pueblo that he is once again taking the church and its property. Diego, dressed as Zorro, arrives at that time and throws the de la Vega funds that he stole from the bank to Resendo, paying the pueblo's taxes once and for all. Resendo just fins this as another reason to kill Zorro, and begins to plot his next move.

    Conundrum (Conspiracy of Blood Part III)

    While walking back to the pueblo from Hidalgo's funeral, Alcalde de Soto tells Resendo the lie which he thought up, telling how Zorro was the one who shot Hidalgo. Resendo then vows to kill Zorro himself, and plots a plan by kidnapping Victoria and taking her to Monterey to stand trial, even though she has committed no crime. Felipe gives the news to Diego, who rides as Zorro to rescue her. Angry at Resendo for even touching Victoria, he uses his whip and cuts a "Z" into the emissary's cheek. He then continues riding until he reaches Victoria, and tries to help her down from her horse. "Victoria" turns out to be one of the lancers in a dress, and Zorro has to knock him unconscious in order to escape. Resendo captures Tornado, and Zorro must make a quick escape on the lancers' horse.

    Resendo uses Tornado as bait to capture Zorro, and at the same time tries to plot the downfall of the de la Vegas. He comes up with another idea, and orders the alcalde to get a sample of Diego's poetry. The alcalde then orders Mendoza to sneak into the de la Vega hacienda and "borrow" a copy. Mendoza does, and gives it to the emissary, who then forges a letter in Diego's handwriting. He gives the letter to Don Alejandro, claiming he found it on the ground. The letter states that Diego thinks his father is mentally disabled, but Alejandro does not believe Diego truly wrote it.

    This first plan goes awry, but Resendo still has hopes for his second, of capturing Zorro. Zorro does arrive, as Resendo expected, to rescue Tornado, but he comes in through the alcalde's office roof, and knocks de Soto unconcious. He then takes Resendo, and with a sword in his back, orders him to walk outside and have his lancers free Tornado. He obeys, and Tornado is freed. Before Zorro can reach him, however, the alcalde regains consciousness and grabs him from behind. Zorro frees himself from de Soto's grasp attempts to makes a narrow escape over the rooftop, but Resendo follows him, and they have a spirited duel over the people's heads. Zorro has almost won the fight, but one of the lancers shoots him in the arm, and he falls onto the roof. While Zorro is lying there, Resendo tries to stab him, but Zorro kicks him out of the way. The emissary falls to the ground, and the alcalde declares him dead.

    A celebration is begun at the tavern, and while the party is being held, Ynez Resendo arrives in the pueblo. She locates his body and realizes that he is not truly dead. Resendo "comes back to life", and he and Ynez decide that the de la Vegas must die.

    The Discovery (Conspiracy of Blood Part IV)

    The alcalde is finally able to return to his office where he "truly belongs". Not a moment after he enters, howver, so does Emissary Resendo, who tells de Soto that he and Sergeant Mendoza are to report to execution at sunset. After the officers leave, Ynez Resendo walks in, and Resendo tells her that Zorro must be eliminated if their plans with the de la Vegas are to succeed. Resendo cotinues with his plan by nailing a notice in the tavern stating that Resendo is offering Zorro a truce, and to meet him at Diablo's Canyon at noon. Don Alejandro gives this news to his son, and Zorro soon rides to see what Resendo is up to. There, Resendo is waiting for him. The emissary fires a revolver at a preset fuse. It burns, and a pile of rocks buries Zorro. Tornado is able to save himself, but it appears that his master is dead. Resendo then sets out to the de la Vega hacienda.

    Felipe and Alejandro see him coming. While Felipe runs to get a revolver, Alejandro confronts Resendo, who knocks him unconsious. When the emissary cannot find Diego, he settles for Alejandro, and revives the old man. Resendo throws Alejandro a sword, and soon the two are dueling. Meanwhile, Ynez decides that she wants to see the de la Vegas die, and summons a carriage to ride there personally. The alcalde also decides to go there, for he plans to steal one of Don Alejandro's best horses in orer to escape the Los Angeles territory. While Resendo is having his fun fencing with Alejandro, Tornado is able to kick the boulders off of Zorro, who is still alive. He climbs onto Tornado's back, and rides to the hacienda.

    Resendo has by now cut Alejandro twice, and prepares to run him through. Before he can, Diego steps out of the doorway of the hacienda and into the garden where the two men are fighting. Alejandro throws his son his sword, and Diego fiercely begins fighting Resendo. Resendo and Alejandro are amazed at Diegos superior fighting, and Resendo makes a remark about it. When Alejandro goes to untie Felipe and get a pistol, Resendo shouts out that he knows Diego's secret, that he is Zorro! He then punches Diego in the arm, and sees the blood. He makes a remark about seeing Zorro get shot in the same arm in the plaza. He makes yet another remark, telling Diego how he left Zorro under a pile of rocks, and now Diego stinks from the explosion. Alejandro arrives now with a pistol, but Diego has already tripped Resendo to the ground.

    Resendo then tells both Don Alejandro and Diego his secret, that he is Diego's brother. Both Alejandro and Diego are astonished, and do not believe him. At that moment, Ynez arrives and varifies the claim, and Diego and Alejandro stare dumbfounded. Ynez then offers proof, and tells Resendo to show Diego his birthmark, which is identical to Diego's. They finally belive the Senorita Resendo's claim, and are diversed long enough for Resendo to pull a revolver out of his pocket, and point it at Don Alejandro and son. He tells them the reason why he plans to kill them, and they try to convince him it is a lie. Not believing them, he prepares to tell Alejandro Diego's secret, and then shoot them both.

    Along with Ynez Resendo's arrival, however, arrives Alcalde de Soto who slowly makes his way to the stable. He then hears the commotion in the garden, and goes over there, just in time to see Resendo begin to pull the trigger and shoot Diego. GIlberto de la Vega is able to say "When I kill Diego de la Vega, I shall also kill . . ." before he is shot by de Soto, and falls to the ground. Gilberto looks up a moment before dying, and realizes that he has been tricked by Ynez. He grasps Alejandro's hand in a last attempt to restore the bond between them, and falls dead.

    The de la Vegas, de Soto, and Ynez Resendo ride into the pueblo, where Alejandro tells Ynez that he can never forgive her. He, Diego, and Felipe then turn to Victoria, who had heard the news. She apologizes, and when they become silent, Diego takes the oppurtunity to tell Victoria dn Alejandro his secret. He almost makes it, but at the last moment, changes his mind, and addopts Felipe instead. Everyone is overjoyed except for Don Alejandro, who then takes Diego aside and asks him what Resendo was about to say right before he was shot. The episode, the season, and the show ends at that time, and the answer is never given.


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    This is The New Zorro's "Lost Episode". Someone sent me a letter from the writer, Robert L. McCullough, and here it is:

    "[...] The thirteenth episode, to be shot in June, is up in the air at the moment. The original choice was "Stranger Than Fiction" and revolved around the *second* return of the evil Col. Mephisto Palomarez. Unfortunately, the English actor who plays Palomarez may unavailable at that time, and so we have a backup script, "The Reward", waiting in the wings. We are all hoping Jim Carter's schedule can b rearranged as "Stranger Than Fiction" is a very unusual episode. While Diego writes a novel about Zorro's confrontation with Palomarez, Palomarez actually shows up in town and holds everyone hostage in the tavern. You can see why it's called "Stranger Than Fiction".... [...]"

    So, I am afraid that Stranger than Fiction does not exist.