New Zorro Episode Descriptions

Third Season - 1991-1992

by William Thomas and David Nesbitt

Here are descriptions of each New Zorro episode in Season Three, in order as the episodes appeared.


  • Duncan Regehr (Zorro and Don Diego)
  • Patrice Martinez (Victoria)
  • James Victor (Sergeant Mendoza)
  • John Hertzler (Alcalde Ignacio de Soto)
  • Juan Diego Botto (Felipe)
  • Henry Darrow (Don Alejandro)


    Airdate: 09/01/91. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    Our story begins in Los Angeles with everyone looking for Mendoza. With the death of the former alcalde (Louis Ramone) at Devil's Fortress, Mendoza is the acting alcalde. Everyone is hollering for him and Mendoza is busy hiding. He looks up to GOD and says please send a new alcalde soon.

    In Madrid, the new alcalde is appointed. (His name we will learn later is Don Miguel Fiscal Keragoka). At this point, we do not know their names. A man (with a beard and white headed) is busy walking in the plaza at Madrid. He confronts another man by the name of Don Miguel Fiscal Keragoka out in the plaza with a bunch of people surrounding them. The white headed man that was busy walking gets in the way of the Keragoka. Keragoka says you have me at a disadvantage Senor. The man that was walking tells him that he knows the reason why they almost named him the new alcalde of Los Angeles. Don Miguel Fiscal Keragoka says you are miss informed. I was appointed this morning. The man tells Keragoka that the king will have a change of heart and within 1 hour he will appoint someone else. Keragoka says really and who might that be. The man says myself.

    Keragoka asks him why the king would choose someone else. The man tells him that there will be a terrible tragedy in your family making it impossible for you to travel. Keragoka says what tragedy is that. The man says your death. Keragoka says again you are miss informed. The man hits Keragoka. Keragoka draws his sword and says I do not know who you are but you have picked the wrong one to quarrel with. The man introduces himself as Desoto. Keragoka says there was a candidate by that name for the post. Desoto says, you know I have always hated coming in second. He tells Keragoka that it disturbs him to lose to a man whose only qualification to the post is his family's wealth and influence are excelled only by their ignorance and stupidity. Keragoka using his sword cuts Desoto on the hand. He says just a flesh wound but it is sufficient to justify your death. They begin sword fighting and Desoto beats him in front of the crowd. Keragoka says I will not fight with you again. Desoto tells Keragoka that the people have witnessed your cowardice. He tells him that the king is not going to send a coward to govern the most trouble outpost in his empire. Desoto says I am going to bend California to the will of the king and return to Madrid a hero. He tells him to wish him luck.

    Back in Los Angeles, everyone is waiting for the coach to arrive with the New Alcalde. The coach arrives but where is the alcalde. The alcalde is busy driving the coach. Diego knows Desoto. We learn that Desoto and Diego were students in Madrid. Alejandro asks the new alcalde to join them for dinner tonight at the hacienda. The alcalde tells his new soldiers that they will be the pride of the colonial army. They all seem to think Desoto will be the right man for the job. Later, as the alcalde gets settled into his new office, he tells Mendoza that he had worked up through the ranks and he wore sergeant strips for 5 years. He warns Mendoza not to cross him or he will take his sergeants strips and make him eat them. He wants to know the Ramone kept records. The alcalde begins looking through the records and he finds one interesting "Zorro." Mendoza leaves.

    That night at the hacienda, Victoria and Diego talk. He tells her that it looks like Zorro will keep his promise to you. He asks her if she will still love him when he is no longer the dashing hero behind the mask and just an ordinary like me. She tells him Zorro could not be ordinary even without the masks. The alcalde is busy talking to someone and Alejandro heres him mention something. Alejandro asks him how he came about that information. He tells him that Louis Ramone kept records on everyone. They tell him that Ramone was a crude evil man and it was his greed that killed him at Devil's Fortress. The alcalde (Desoto) blames everyone for not helping the alcalde. He calls them a traitor and says you helped a bandit. He tells them that he has 3 months to fix Los Angeles and he will. Diego tells him that he cannot dismiss Zorro so easily. Desoto tells Diego that their school days are over. Diego says they are indeed.

    He places them all under house arrest at the hacienda until Zorro surrenders. He leaves Mendoza to watch them. Alejandro tells him you cannot hold us here indefinitely. Alcalde says Madrid is 8000 miles away and he can do what he wants. Diego tells him that the people will not stand as a step n stone for greed, ambition, and corruption. The alcalde leaves and says pray that Zorro shows himself soon. Later, Zorro introduces himself to the alcalde. Zorro tells the alcalde that he works alone. He tells him that he can free those people at the hacienda. He says make me and they begin to fight. Zorro throws him outside and fights some more with him. He hits the alcalde in the face. Zorro and the alcalde come to the hacienda. Zorro tells him to release the people. The alcalde orders Mendoza to free them. Zorro tells the alcalde to treat the people fairly and they will do anything for him. If he treats the people cruelly, then I will defend them. He tells Zorro I will see you hanged. Zorro cuts a Z in his uniform and tells him he needs to visit the tailor first. He rides off and Diego exits the hacienda. They free the alcalde.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 09/08/91. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    Our story begins when a young man hears a gun shot and a woman scream. He gets his gun and runs to investigate. When he arrives, it looks like a bandit has killed the driver of the coach and he is in the process of robbing it. The man who had heard the shots goes down to check on the coaches' driver. It is Don Sebastian his master. When he gets there, Don Sebastian is lying there dead and his wife is lying there hurt. He cares for them and the alcalde arrives. Later, Mendoza arrives and says he heard gun fire.

    The alcalde arrests him for the murder but he tries to tell the alcalde about the bandit. The alcalde fails to listen and he goes a head and arrest him. Jose Revous (who was Don Sebastian's servant name) tells the alcalde that Don Sebastian was like a father to me. Mendoza agrees but it does no good. Sebastian's wife awakens and they take her to the de la Vega hacienda. Mendoza tells Diego and his dad that it looks like Jose did it. Alejandro says that Jose is the gentlest man in the pueblo. Mendoza brings Jose's supper to him. The alcalde comes in and we learn that Don Sebastian has a new will. His servants will get everything if Don Sebastian and his wife were killed. Jose says si he was very generous but he did not kill him. The alcalde tells him to save his speech for the trial. The alcalde tells Mendoza to set up the gallows. Mendoza reminds the alcalde that Zorro burned the last one down. He orders Mendoza to build another and will hang Zorro as well.

    Zorro arrives at the alcalde's office to have a word with him. He is not there but he waits. The alcalde arrives. He talks to the alcalde and tells him that Jose is not capable of killing anyone. Zorro mentions the will and says that his will gives to all his servants. He asks the alcalde why he is singling out Jose. The alcalde says he was standing over the body with a gun. Zorro asks him about the man Jose saw. The alcalde says it was a lie. Zorro turns around and the alcalde gets a gun. Zorro tells him to delay the execution until his wife recovers. The alcalde fires the gun. Zorro tells him that he had removed the ammo before he arrived. Zorro fights with them and a bottle of win spills on the carpet. Zorro escapes.

    At the tavern, Mendoza tells Diego and Victoria that he has orders to execute Jose Friday. He says I would give anything to wipe Friday off the calendar. Diego comes up with an idea. Mendoza brings the alcalde his lunch at the office. The alcalde takes one smell of it and he is knocked out. They proceed with the rest of their plan. They change the date on the calendar and they have freed Jose. They tell him to go to the hacienda and hide there. Diego fixes the alcalde up with make up to make it look like he has not shaved in several days. The alcalde awakens (he has been out for two days) and exits. He hollers for Mendoza. Mendoza tells him he has been unconscious for a week. Mendoza tells him that everything went smoothly. The alcalde asks about Jose Revous. Mendoza says he was hung like you ordered.

    At the tavern, they are wondering if the alcalde bought their little scam. Mendoza enters and says I think he bought it. At the office, the alcalde notices the wine stain has not dried after a week. He knows it is a trick. The alcalde enters the tavern and asks what day it is. He asks everyone why the stain had not dried yet. He knows now they tricked him. The alcalde orders him to dig the grave up. Mendoza tells him there is no body, no hanging. He tells him Revous was innocent. Mendoza begs the alcalde to be merci ably. The alcalde first said that he would flog and hang Mendoza. After Mendoza says be merci able, he decides to spare Mendoza the flogging. At the hanging, Zorro arrives and frees him. Zorro gets Mendoza and rides off. He tells the alcalde that the next time, think twice before you rush to judgement.

    The alcalde orders his solider to get Mendoza and Zorro. Alejandro and Diego arrive with Don Sebastian's wife. She tells the alcalde the real story. Diego asks the alcalde how he could punish Mendoza for doing the right thing. The alcalde reinstates Mendoza and tells him his first task is to get the true bandit. Diego tells the alcalde not to bother. Zorro did it.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 09/15/91. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    Our story begins at the church with a wedding. As the wedding is going on, a lady is talking to Victoria telling her she needs a husband. She tells her Diego is a lost cause and that Zorro is not the marrying type. She says she will help Victoria find the right one. After the ceremony, Victoria asks the padre for help. She tells him that she wants a family. He tells her she needs a husband. She tells him that her and Zorro would marry when the reign of terror and oppression was over. She tells him that she loves Zorro so much. He tells her that her heart is so full of love and that she must find someone.

    At the plaza, the men are busy putting up a platform for a statue of King Fernandan that will be arriving at ends' week. Mendoza notices the alcalde laughs every time King Fernandan name is mentioned. He asks the alcalde about it. He says this statue will bring me Zorro in tiny little pieces. Mendoza later asks Diego and Alejandro at the tavern how a statue can bring Zorro down. A man enters and begins singing to Victoria. The woman at the church is trying to get Victoria a husband. Victoria tells the man off.

    Back at the hacienda, Felipe tells Diego that he saw the alcalde's men guarding a large crate. Diego says it must be the statue. He Jaunders why they are guarding a statue. Diego returns to the tavern and Victoria has ran another expected husband off. Diego says I have something to talk to you about. Victoria says now, I have lunch to prepare. In the kitchen, a solider enters and tells her that he will be promoted soon. He is Victoria's childhood sweet heart. He tells her that he has loved her every day while he was a way. He wants Victoria to marry him. He tells her that he would be by her side always.

    Meanwhile, the soldiers are busy guarding the statue. Zorro arrives to investigate why the soldiers are busy guarding a statue. Zorro goes over but he falls into a pit (a trap set by the soldiers) and soldiers hold their muskets on him. Zorro says Buenos Notches and he says whoever dug the pit shall fall into the pit. Zorro using his whip knocks every soldier in and Zorro escapes. He is unable to get a look at the statue. Victoria and her childhood sweet heart talk a while and she tells him that if maybe she rode a way with him to Monterey that maybe she could fall in love with him and forget Zorro. He asks her if she mean yes to the proposal. She says I guess I do. They agree to marry. He wants to marry tonight but Victoria says I have so much to do. Mendoza tells the alcalde about Zorro. We also learn that the statue will be here this afternoon.

    Back at the hacienda, Alejandro is looking for Diego. He has an invitation to go to Victoria's wedding which is at 3:00. Alejandro tells Felipe that Victoria is getting married. Zorro is busy trying yet another time to find out what is in the trunk. Zorro fights with the soldiers and Mendoza arrives. Zorro opens the crate with Tornado's help and we discover that it is a cannon. Zorro and Mendoza arrive to town. At the church, the priest begins the ceremony. Zorro arrives to witness the wedding. Her childhood sweet heart (Jaun) says I do take her but Victoria backs down and says she cannot. She loves Zorro so much. Zorro arrives to be with Victoria.

    Jaun tells Zorro to surrender. They go into the plaza to fight but the alcalde has got a surprise. The cannon is aimed right at Zorro. Zorro tells him not to fire the cannon that it would cause too much destruction. Each cannon ball is loaded with 100 lead pellets. Mendoza the whole time is trying to tell the alcalde something but he will not listen. The alcalde lights the fuse to the cannon. Victoria is standing right beside Zorro. The cannon fires but he back fires on the alcalde. Mendoza tells him that Zorro tampered with it. Later, Zorro and Victoria talk upon Tornado. She tells him that he is worth waiting for. She tells him that she feels like he is helping his cause. She kisses him. At the tavern, Jaun comes in to say goodbye. He tells her that if they had gone through with the wedding it would be a mistake. She would not be happy. He leaves.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 09/22/91. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Bruce Lansbury.

    This story starts with some pioneer Americans (a father, a mother, a boy) that have a pet wolf stopping to rest and eat. It appears that the father fought a man for the wolf and one him. Suddenly, the wolf's ex-owner and his henchman comes and holds a gun to the father for the wolf. The wolf runs up and attacks the man and the father fights with him and once again wins. The wolf, who's name is Lobo, runs off.

    Meanwhile, the ex-owner of the wolf, Crusero, tries to steal some horses from a man to ride to Los Angeles. Zorro comes and stops him. He knocks one man out and fences with Crusero. Zorro easily disarms Crusero, but he pulls a knife on him. At that time, Lobo comes up and attacks him. They get away with the horses, but Lobo hobbles back wounded to it's owners.

    Later on in the tavern, Crusero arrives acting as the sheriff of some other town. He says that the wolf's owner was really an excaped murderer from prison. The alcalde gets a hound dog to track down Lobo. While testing the dog, they see "the escaped convict" and try to shoot him. Diego steps in the way, and they ride off after the man.

    The family escapes, but Crusero grabs Lobo. He uses him as bait to capture the wolf's owner. But he does not capture the man, he captures the man's son, Jack. Jack had climbed down from the wagon when he parents weren't looking. He almost frees Lobo from his cage, but Crusero, the Alcalde, and about a dozen lancers come rushing out and capture him. Meanwhile, Zorro is hiding above on a nearby roof.

    Suddenly, Jack's father comes riding up, and he tells tha alcalde to unhand Jack, or he will kill him. Crusero says that is proof that he is a murderer. At that ime, Zorro throws a knife down connected to a paper to where the alcalde is standing. The knife sticks the paper into the wall. Zorro tells him to read it. The alcalde reads it, it was a wanted poster for Crusero, which isn't even his real name. Crusero was one of the guards that the man killed when trying to escape prison.

    Crusero grabs Jack and holds a knife to his throat. At that time Zorro jumps down and tells Crusero that only a coward would hide behind a child. the fake Crusero pushes him aside and takes out two other knives. He throws them at Zorro, who easily hits them away. Zorro tells Crusero never to try anything like that again. The alcalde and his men take him away. At that time, the alcalde turns to Zorro and says thank you, now I have two fugitives. Zorro smiles and jumps up onto the roof. The alclade shouts for his men to go after Zorro. After thay have all ridden off, Zorro jumps down from the roof and tells the man and his son that they'd best leave Los Angeles. They do, and all ends well.

    David Nesbitt


    Airdate: 09/29/91. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    At the armoury, the jail is all filled up and everyone is wondering if things are going to get any better. Zorro arrives with two more prisoners. These two bandits have been busy robbing the military payroll.

    Later at the tavern, Diego enters and says Buenos Dias to Mendoza. Mendoza says what is so good about it. The jail is over crowded. Alejandro tells him until the alcalde stops jailing for those poor farmers for tax invasions you are going to have more problems. Mendoza says if they would only pay their bale money. Diego says if they had money for bale then they would have paid their taxes. Alejandro asks how much the bale would be. Mendoza says 5 pesos and they would need a citizen to vouch for them. Diego has an idea. Everyone in the plaza contributes five pesos and go to the jail to release the farmers. They enter the jail and begin to open the door to let Victoria's farmer out. The two bandits that had been robbing the military payroll escape and kidnap Victoria. They let everyone else out of the jail. They have Victoria and they want a horse, wagon and loaded guns.

    Later, while they have Victoria, Mendoza asks Alejandro what am I going to do. Alejandro tells Mendoza to get them what they want. Mendoza says I have strict orders not to negotiate. Diego says lets make it appear we are. They bring what the bandits wanted but now they want 10,000 pesos. Alejandro says no one can get their hands on that kind of money this quick. Diego says the alcalde has that amount. Mendoza says the alcalde changes the combination daily. Alejandro says you will need a wagon so you could haul it away. The bandits say they will need gunpowder. Diego rides home and Riggs up a trap of the bandits. Diego returns and he has everything the bandits want now. Diego leaves and Zorro arrives. Zorro opens the safe with a magnet and sets a trap in it. He leaves. The soldiers come to carry out the safe. The bandits leave with Victoria in the wagon. Alejandro and the rest tell the bandits to release Victoria. The bandits say how do we know you have given us everything. The bandits tell them that she comes with them.

    The bandits stop to get into the safe. They blow the lock and begin to open it. As they do, some purplish/blue stuff gets on them. The safe is empty. Zorro arrives and fights with the bandits. The bandits try to shoot Zorro but there is no ammo in it. Zorro battles with them but one escapes and goes to Victoria. He holds a knife on her and orders Zorro turn around. Zorro says you are beginning to try my patience. Zorro turns around and the bandit and Victoria start to walk. Zorro whistles and Don Diego's horse rears up and knocks the bandits. Zorro captures him and tells Victoria to ride back to town. Victoria says that was amazing. You whistled and Don Diego's horse reared. Zorro says really. I was not even looking. It appears senor de la Vega is training his horses.

    Later that the plaza, the farmers pay their taxes (with the alcalde's 10,000 pesos). Victoria tells Diego about forgetting the ammo and Diego says I knew I forgot something. She tells Alejandro that Diego is even training his horses to respond to a whistle. Diego says we have all seen how well Zorro's horse is trained. I thought that I would give it a try. They tell Diego not to embarrass himself trying to imitate Zorro. Victoria says he is right. You will only wind up looking foolish.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 10/06/91. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    The Buccaneers Part 1

    The story begins with a group of pirates arriving on the shore. Felipe and a really young boy by the name of Pepe are busy playing. They leave and run into Mendoza and talk awhile. They leave Mendoza and Felipe and Pepe notice a fire. They go over to investigate and it turns out to be the pirate's camp. Felipe and the young boy watch the pirates for a while and the Pepe wants to go down there and kill them everyone. They decide to go get Mendoza. They tell the sergeant and the sergeant goes to investigate them. Felipe and Pepe ride for a while and decide to stop. Felipe sends Pepe to town to get help. Felipe decides to go get Diego. While Mendoza watches the pirates, his soldiers arrive. They are captured. The leader wants to know who put them on their trail. Mendoza tells them a couple of boys.

    Zorro arrives to help. Zorro fights with them and the soldiers help. Zorro wins the battle and tells him to call off his men. The soldiers arrive in town with the leader of the pirate. The alcalde says just one. The leader says that if were not for the one in black do you think you would have Big Jim Garret. Pepe is there and he tells them to hang him. The pirate looks at Pepe strangely. The alcalde cannot believe whom he has. The alcalde says prepare the gallows. We learn that Garret has been robbing and stealing up and down the coast for many years. We also learn that he had killed a man. Jim says I never killed anyone. The alcalde says a bounty is placed on your head dead or alive. The alcalde tells him dead is easier. The soldiers take him a way. He tells the alcalde that his men will free him and that his men would go against the Spanish Ramona for the porta prince treasure.

    The alcalde tells him that he can go free if he tells him where the treasure is. Jim tells him that his mates will get him out. Mendoza comes and tells the alcalde that the pirates are heading this way. The alcalde orders his men to move him. They move him to the de la Vega hacienda. Diego reminds the alcalde that this is not a jail. Alejandro says do you have guards outside. Alcalde says yes and orders him to remove the pirate's chains. He needs to eat. The alcalde says you are not going to feed him are you. Diego asks his father if he is sure. Alejandro asks him if he will behave. Jim says you have my word. They sit down to dinner and Alejandro invites the alcalde. At the jail, Victoria has brought fresh tamales to Mendoza. It turns out to be a trap. The pirates capture them and wants to know where Jim is. Mendoza tells them and Pepe hears it.

    Pepe sneaks into the armoury and tells a soldier that Mendoza is a captive. He gets more men. At the hacienda, they all have dinner and talk. The alcalde calls Jim a blood thirsty thief but he tells the alcalde that he is here on personal business. The alcalde says you are after the treasure. Jim tells him there is no treasure that he just said that to stay alive. The pirates arrive and begin shooting. Jim Garret tells them to stop shooting. The soldiers arrive and begin shooting. Pepe sneaks into the hacienda while the others seek cover. Pepe gets a gun and hits the alcalde on the head and aims it at Jim Garret. Pepe says you must pay for killing my father. Jim tells him that he never killed anyone. Pepe hands him a note from his mother. Jim tells him I cannot read and would you read it. Pepe reads the letter and it says that a pirate name Big Jim Garret killed his father. Jim asks Pepe if his mother's name was Bonifacia. Pepe asks him how he knows that.

    Jim tells Pepe he knew his mother. Pepe says that is a lie and she hates pirates. He tells Pepe that she ran away with his boy. Pepe tells him my name is not Garret. He tells Pepe that his mother changed his name so he would not grow up like me. Jim tells him that he had searched for him but he could never find him. Pepe says it is a lie. Zorro arrives and tells Pepe does a man risk his life for a lie. Pepe says he cannot be my father. Jim says well I guess I am your prisoner. Zorro tells him that a father who truly cares is the rarest of all. Zorro leaves. Jim tells Pepe that he does not want to be a pirate anymore. He just wants to be a father. They hug.

    Later at the hacienda, the alcalde awakens. Pepe tells him he has found his father. One of the pirates says we come for the treasure not some kid. Jim tells them that this is his son and that the treasure is out there. The pirates want to know if he is coming with them. He says no. Jim hands him a map and the pirates leave. The alcalde says you just gave them the map to the treasure. Jim says that pirates have an act of bending the truth. The alcalde says then the map was a fake. Jim says the only true map is in my head. Alejandro tells Jim he will not be safe. The alcalde says he will give him clemency. The alcalde leaves.

    A New Beginning (The Buccaneers Part 2)

    Our story begins with Pepe and Big Jim Garret starting a new life together and a new home in Los Angeles. They have started to farm with the help of the de la Vega's. They visit the grave of Pepe's mother and talk a while. Jim has been away for 5 years and Alejandro asks him if he tried writing. Jim tells Alejandro I cannot read little on write. Diego says for all she knew you were dead. Jim tells Pepe that when your mother said that your father was killed by a pirate that was just about true. His life as a pirate nearly killed him many of times. Alejandro tells him life as a pirate is not a life for a boy. Jim tells him that he is dropping anchor here. They tell him that the alcalde could resend his clemency anytime. Jim says as long as the Alcalde thinks that I will lead him to the treasure I should be safe.

    The alcalde and Mendoza are busy watching and talking. The alcalde says I should have arrested him. He killed a man. Mendoza says you were not going to arrest him on that charge. He rides off with a corporal and says something about it was time for promotions. Jim Garret and the de la Vega's continue to build Jim and Pepe's dreams with their farm. Felipe and Pepe ride off. As they go off, Zorro attacks and knocks Felipe out. Zorro kidnaps Pepe and rides off. Jim brings Felipe to the hacienda and Alejandro and Diego ask what happened. Jim hands them a note that was on Felipe. The note is from Zorro the fox. He wants Jim to turn himself in or he will never see Felipe again. Jim gets angry but Alejandro and Diego tells him that Zorro would never do that. Jim does not listen. He goes to turn himself in at the alcalde's office.

    He meets with the alcalde and he wants him to arrest him. He hands the alcalde the letter. The alcalde resends his clemency and they arrest him. After they arrest him, the alcalde tells a solider to bring the boy back tomorrow. It was all a trick by the alcalde. At the cave, Diego makes something for Felipe's headache. Diego wants to know who would make a ransom note from Zorro. Zorro rides. At another cave, the fake Zorro has Pepe. The fake Zorro steps on a stick and he thinks it is a snake. We learn that the fake Zorro is afraid of snakes. Pepe scares him with a story about snakes. Pepe says as long as we are not near any caves at Cell Ridge we will be ok. The fake Zorro says we are. Pepe tells him that the slick, slimy snakes come out every night. The fake Zorro gets scared by the minute. A soldier enters and says you can bring him back tomorrow.

    The true Zorro continues his search. He makes it to Cell Ridge but they have already left. Zorro discovers that the trail leads back to the pueblo. The next morning at the jail the alcalde tells Jim Garret a bunch of lies. He tells Jim that his men caught up with Zorro but Zorro used Pepe as a prisoner and escaped. Jim gets angry. The alcalde tells him that if he don't give him the reward for your capture then he will.... Jim gets even more furious. He looks outside and Zorro has arrived with Pepe. The alcalde gives him the money and they make the change. They reunite and Pepe says you were not going to arrest him. He said that was before you were kidnaped. The alcalde says maybe if we can get treasure and recuperate some of the funds then I could release you. Jim tells him there is not treasure. Alcalde says it was a lie. Alcalde says you leave tomorrow.

    He leaves and Jim tells Pepe to bring him those keys on the wall. They escape and Mendoza tells the alcalde. Jim and Pepe start looking for Zorro. Pepe tells Jim it is impossible to find him so Jim says we will give him a reason. They enter the tavern and begin tearing it up, beating soldiers and everything. Mendoza tells the alcalde that Jim is attacking the lancers. Zorro arrives and enters the tavern. Zorro tells him he is not the man. He asks Pepe and he says he looks like it and he did say he was Zorro. Jim fights Zorro and Zorro hits Jim and hollers at Pepe. Zorro hollers I am not the one. Pepe says yes you are and I can prove it. Pepe says look out for the snakes. Zorro says what do you mean. Pepe says you are afraid of them. One of the soldiers says snake. Where. We learn that it was a soldier dressed as Zorro. Zorro battles the soldiers and they leave.

    At the end, Jim and Pepe are leaving and Zorro catches up to them. Pepe asks if he knows the de la Vega's and to say goodbye to Felipe. Zorro tells Jim to make sure he gets the schooling he needs. He says I will but first we have to track down the treasure. Zorro says I thought there was no treasure. Jim says pirates have an act of bending the truth to suit their needs. They set sale for Treasure Island to begin their new life. They leave.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Phillip John Taylor

    At the pueblo de Los Angeles, a wagon arrives with a woman driving it. The soldiers are marching with a man they are going to execute. The woman enters the alcalde's office and says are you the alcalde. He says I am. She tells him that it is a quite town. He tells her about the firing squad and that she picked a bad day to visit. She introduces herself as Senora Alberta Senestra and she is a widow. He introduces himself as Alcalde Desoto. She asks him what the prisoner (name Santana) did. He tells her that he murdered the alcalde of San Diego. She says that she just came from there and that he was a good man. We learn that the Santana is the son of the alcalde of San Diego. He murdered his own father.

    Mendoza enters and says everything is ready. She requests to stay in the office until it is done. They begin. A peasant is taking a siesta. Zorro rides out on Tornado the alcalde says shoot him. They fire at Zorro and at that point the peasant gets up. It is Zorro. He tells the alcalde that he was just drawing the fire. He gets up and fights with the soldiers and frees Santana. He tells Santana to leave and run to safety. Zorro continues to battle with the soldiers. He gets on Tornado and tells the alcalde that he has the wrong man. Victoria told me that he was saddened with news of his father's death and that this is not the act of a man you did the killing. The alcalde says the evidence but Zorro breaks in and says that the evidence is as feeble as your since of justice. Zorro tells him that Santana was on the way to Los Angeles when the murder took place. He says I will find the real murder and begins to ride off. Senora Alberta Senestra is watching the whole time. Zorro notices her and says buenos dias senorita. Victoria acts jealous and Zorro rides off.

    Later in the plaza, the alcalde wants hounds to chase the prisoner. The alcalde goes over to talk to her and she says this is a wonderful pueblo. I might stay here for sometime. The alcalde asks her if her late husband's uncle is the owner of a bank. He asks her what her maiden name was. She claims that she is an orphan and did not have a name until she married. She notices a man in the plaza and she gets scared and begins to hide. He draws a gun on her and Desoto shoots at him and knocks the gun out of his hand. He tells the alcalde he is a deputy marshal and that she is wanted for several crimes including the death of her husband Senestra. She says he is lying but he has a warrant for her arrest. The alcalde arrests her but the jail is full. He orders Mendoza to watch her. Zorro is watching the whole time. He says I must help her until I can find the truth.

    Later, Zorro confronts Mendoza. Mendoza is busy eating and Zorro tells him not to get up and do not bother. Mendoza sits there eating. Zorro comes in the room and helps her escape. The marshal comes and stops them. Zorro and Senora Senestra escape. Victoria arrives and accuses the marshal that it was all a stage so she could get her hands on Zorro. The alcalde is busy chewing Mendoza out and he orders the sergeant to go after her. At the tavern, Victoria is still worried about Zorro falling for Senestra and she remembers a time with Zorro. Mendoza and several lancers begin their search. At an old windmill (barn type structure), Zorro brings her some supplies. She wants Zorro to come with her. He tells her to stay at the mission until they prove her innocence. She offers Zorro money to ride with her and they could start a new life together. He tells her that his heart belongs to Victoria. She gets very bitter and threatens Zorro. She tells him he will pay for it.

    At the tavern, Victoria and the marshal hear a noise. The marshal investigates. Victoria hears another noise and she investigates to see if the marshal was ok. She opens the curtain to the kitchen and the marshal has been stabbed. Alberta Senestra comes out with the knife. She tells Victoria that Zorro loves her now. Victoria and Senestra fight and Zorro comes in. We learn that she killed her husband and the alcalde of San Diego. She says the alcalde was always snooping around. She runs and hollers for lancers. Victoria knocks her out and Zorro battles with the soldiers and leaves. The alcalde enters and the marshal tells him that she killed her husband. The marshal tells the alcalde to add attempted murder to her list. They arrest her. Mendoza enters later and says we could not find her. The marshal carries her off and Victoria tells them that she killed the alcalde in San Diego. She tells them that it is Victoria's word against her. Santana comes up and brings the evidence. All returns to normal.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough

    Special Guest Star: Tim Reid as the Hypnotizing Doctor (referred to as Doctor)

    Our story begins with the Doctor (Tim Reid) going around hypnotizing everyone to make some money. He tries to hypnotize the sergeant but the sergeant never gets hypnotized. Unknowing, Diego is watching and gets hypnotized by mistake. Later, the Doctor recognizes that Diego has been hypnotized. He instructs Diego to throw a rock and break a window. After everyone had made fun of the Doctor, he decides to use Diego. He says something like this "If the people want to give me their money then I will take it". The Doctor gives Diego instructions that when he hears these words the spell will be broken. (I am not sure on these words) When Diego heres Julius Caesars immortal words called "Et tu Brutus"  (sounds like: "A to por Tay"?, the spell is broken.

    He orders Diego to steal money, and asks where there is some. Diego tells him three locations: the bank, the tavern, and the alcalde's office. Diego's first task when he gets home is to return to the cave, dress as Zorro, and leaves for the alcalde's office. Zorro gives the sergeant a black eye and robs the alcalde's tax money.

    In broad daylight, Zorro next task is to rob the bank. That same day night he goes to the tavern to rob Victoria. Zorro comes and knocks a plate out of Victoria's hand and asks her for the money.

    Back at the jail the alcalde has arrested the doctor for fraud. The doctor learns that Zorro had done all of the stealing. Back at the cave, Felipe has set a trap for Zorro. Zorro trips a wire and is knocked out. Felipe quickly ties Diego up. Diego tricks him by quoting Shakespear to Felipe. Felipe unties him and Diego knocks Felipe out.

    At the jail, the good doctor tries to hypnotize the sergeant again. This time with a tamale. The doctor says it is the matter of finding the right tool to do the job. Since the sergeant loved food that was a good piece to do the job with. He tells the sergeant that he is the new commandante of the pueblo of Los Angeles. The sergeant releases him.

    At the hacienda, Don Alejandro tells Diego that Zorro had been running a muck. Diego said that he had been reading all night. Don Alejandro gets angry and that he would make Julius Caesar utter his immortal words. He says them and that breaks the spell. Diego ask what happened. Don Alejandro tells what Zorro had done. Diego enters the cave and find Felipe on the floor. Diego decides to investigate the good doctor. Meanwhile, the alcalde comes from the jail and says that the prisoner had escaped. Sergeant Mendoza asks if the alcalde is questioning his authority and calls the alcalde a private.

    As the evil doctor leaves in his wagon, Diego meets up with him, and pretends that he is still under the doctor's spell. The doctor tells Diego to give him the money that was stolen. Diego pulls out a revolver and holds it on the doctor, saying that he will kill him. The good doctor utters the "magic" words several times. Diego, still pretending, says that the doctor must leave California permanently.

    Back at the tavern, the sergeant keeps calling Ignacio de Soto his private. De Soto says that Mendoza has either lost his mind or is under a spell. Meanwhile, in the kitchen of the tavern, Zorro enters and apologizes to Victoria and explains what had happened to her. The Sergeant comes in and draws his sword. Zorro utters the famous words and the Sergeant returns back to normal.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 02/21/91. Writer: Richard Freiman.

    At the hacienda while Alejandro is busy outside, three men come up with guns. Alejandro hollers for Diego and tells him to bring the guns. They hold guns on the three men and the men tell them to put their guns down. Alejandro asks them where they have been hiding themselves. Alejandro walks over and begins hugging them. Alejandro tells Diego that these are his old war buddies from the 5th Spanish Calvary. They have come to get Alejandro's help in tracking down their old arch enemy Cordova. Alejandro says he is still alive. They tell him yes and that he is hiding in Los Angeles.

    Diego reminds him that his military career took place nearly 30 years ago. He asks his father if he thinks these men are up to such a hazardous mission. Each of them are practicing with their skills. One of his men is great with a knife. He throws the knife at the bulls eye but misses. His other friend is a good shot with the gun. He tries shooting a bottle but he misses it twice. Alejandro tells Diego to give them time. They are rusty and all they need is practice. Diego says what I have heard of Cordova he is a vicious mean fellow. Alejandro tells Diego that he deserted them in the field of battle. Alejandro three buddies have tracked him here. At the tavern, Alejandro and his three military buddies plot their move. Diego looks skeptical. One of them notices it and asks Diego to arm wrestle with him. Diego decides to let him win so he will not discourage them. Victoria notices it.

    That night Diego tries to talk him out of it but Alejandro brings out a picture of Diego's uncle. Alejandro tells Diego that Cordova murdered him. The next day Alejandro and his buddies ride off. Mendoza sees them and asks them if they are going quail hunting. Alejandro says yes a quail by the name of Cordova. Mendoza recognizes the name and decides to go after him. Diego rides as Zorro to help them. As Alejandro and his men ride, one of Cordova men shoots at them. The sergeant hears it and says it is time to take a rest.

    After the shot, Alejandro and his men dismount off their horses. Zorro arrives to help them but decides to make it appear they are doing it. Alejandro goes after the man who is shooting. Zorro helps Alejandro out by knocking the bandit out with a small arrow. At the Cordova camp, Alejandro and his men notice that he has changed. He has aged considerably. Alejandro says we need to take the guard out. The one that is an expert with a knife throws it at one but misses. Zorro knocks him out by throwing a rock at the same time. The man thinks he did it.

    Alejandro and his men precede to go into camp. Zorro catches two more of Cordova's men and knocks them out. Alejandro catches up with Cordova. Alejandro tells him that he wants justice in a court of law but one of Alejandro men wants him to kill him. Cordova attacks Alejandro and they begin fighting. Alejandro whips him. Mendoza arrives but Alejandro tells him that he is all ready to go. He also tells the sergeant that he could not collect the bounty on Cordova because it was donated to a Veterans Fund. Mendoza carries Cordova and his men off. Zorro is watching from the rocks.

    At the tavern, they have a fair well party. Mendoza is busy telling that he captured Cordova and his men. Victoria asks Alejandro about it and says let him be. They begin discussing what they had done and wonder who took the other two guards out. Diego tells them that probably in all the excitement that they did not know their own strength.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Tom Sawyer

    Mendoza and his men are returning from a long trip. Bandits attack the soldiers and takes over the wagon full of gunpowder that they were guarding. The bandits say that this one gunpowder that will not be used on people. The soldiers retreat and Zorro arrives but he is too late.

    At the plaza, the sergeant is busy putting up a wanted poster for Joaquin Correna who was one of the bandits that had attacked the soldiers. A circus arrives to town. That night at the tavern the people of the circus perform. In one act, the sergeant volunteers to do one of the acts. He lets the clown throw knifes at him. Another act deals with a trampoline artist. He begins to perform but he collapses while doing the stunt. They tell everyone that he will be ok and they continue with the act. The next act is a young woman magician. Diego sees her and recognizes her. She and Diego were about to get married but for some reason she did not show up.

    After the show, Diego and his old flame talk. Diego tells her he had already made arrangements with the priest. He told her that he waited for her but she never showed up. She tells Diego that she was on her way to the church but she received a letter that her brother was wounded. She tells Diego that he died 2 weeks after that and that by the time she got back Diego had already left for home.

    Later that night, she cares for the trampoline artist in back of the wagon. He has been wounded. Mendoza just happens to be passing by and hears them talking in the wagon. The sergeant learns that the trampoline artist is Joaquin Correna the bandits. The sergeant runs into the tavern to get some troops to help him and Victoria hears it. Diego's old flame decides to get Diego to help her with the Joaquin Correna wound so they decide to go to the hacienda. Joaquin and Diego's old flame arrive at the hacienda and Diego helps. Diego learns that Joaquin is married to his old flame. A few moments pass and Victoria comes and tells Diego that Mendoza and lancers are on the way.

    Joaquin tells his wife to stay with Diego that she stilled loved Diego. She asks Diego if he still loved her but he tells her there is someone else in his life now. Mendoza arrives at the hacienda. Diego tells them there is a deserted house a few miles ahead and they can hide their till tomorrow morning. The go out the back door and Diego says he will hold them off. Diego tells Felipe to get some muskets that he wants to see how good a shot he was. Diego rides as Zorro. Zorro arrives and tells Mendoza that he is surrounded. Mendoza does not believe him so Felipe shoots at them to make them think it. Zorro swords fight with them and wins.

    Back at the tavern, Diego arrives and asks about Correna. She tells him all is well. Victoria asks Diego who the other woman is in his life. Diego tells her that she is in love with another man. She asks him if he will every tell her. He said someday. Diego sits with Mendoza to eat.

    William Thomas

    56. MIRACLE OF THE PUEBLO (Second Christmas Episode)

    Writer: Philip John Taylor

    Our story opens with everyone getting ready for the Christmas season. Diego is busy hanging a decoration and a man enters and knocks the ladder down Diego is on. Diego says if I were Zorro I would have landed on my feet. At that time, a jolly old man and his wife enters the tavern. They are looking for a room. They introduce themselves. He says his name is Senor Jones and they are looking for a little boy named Jaime Mendoza. They tell them that Mendoza is a Sergeant in the army now. They tell them that Mendoza is on patrol and will not be back until tonight.

    The alcalde and two lancers are going to shoot a deer but the old man and his wife talks too loud and scares the deer. The alcalde asks them what they are doing here. They tell the alcalde that they are chopping wood. The alcalde arrests Senor Jones for trespassing and chopping wood. Later, Diego and Mrs. Jones try to talk to the alcalde to release Jones but he refuses. They leave but she later returns and tells him that she remembers him. She tells the alcalde that he was the one who used to steal his baby sister's presents. The alcalde looks very puzzled by her remark.

    Mendoza later that night arrives at the jail. He sees Senor Jones and says that the alcalde told me that you wanted to see me. Senor Jones hands Mendoza a letter and asks him if he remembers it. Mendoza remembers the letter. He tells him that he wrote it when he was 12 years old and that he was still at the orphanage. Mendoza believes he is Santa Clause. He rushes out to get Jones released but the alcalde says no. Mendoza whispers into the alcalde ears that he is Santa Clause. The alcalde gets mad and orders him back to work.

    Back at the tavern, Mendoza tells everyone about his days as an orphan. He had never received a Christmas present when all the others did but on one Christmas he received a wooden toy soldier. This was his idle to join the military. Mendoza says he had to be Jones that left the wooden solider. Alejandro says this is gone too far. Diego says that maybe the world would be a better place if we held onto our childhood and innocence. They all agree to help Senor Jones. Alejandro says you are out of your minds but eventually decides to help. They tell Mrs. Jones they know who they are and that they are going to help him. She asks them how she can repay them. Alejandro mentions cooler weather.

    Victoria asks Mrs. Clause why she came all this way to see Mendoza. She tells them that his letter was full of love and not greed. They plot their moves but Diego tells Felipe that their plan has more holes in it and to keep Zorro clothes close by. They begin to get Jones free. In the plaza, the alcalde is busy reciting poetry to his men and Mendoza comes out. Mendoza tells him that a neighbor's barn was on fire (it is actually Alejandro creating some smoke). That falls through and they go to plan B. Diego is plan B. He is to ride a horse and make it seem that the horse has gone wild. That falls through as well. They go to plan C. Alejandro is busy shooting some pistols just outside town and Mendoza comes out and says bandits are attacking. The alcalde says it is a conspiracy to stop his poetry reading. He carries them to the tavern. He says the only way I will stop if Zorro comes and taps me on the solider. Zorro does just that. Zorro fights with the alcalde and knocks him out. They go to the jail but Senor Jones is gone. He has escaped and left a note.

    Later at the tavern, they read the letter by the Clauses. They begin noticing that is turning a bit colder. They all walk out and it is snowing in Los Angeles. A white Christmas.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Joe Gunn

    Our story begins with Alejandro and a friend riding to town. Alejandro has had a horse stolen from his land. He sees his horse at the Alcalde's office. He tells the alcalde that this is horse. The alcalde tells him he bought it just the other day from a man. Alejandro begins to take his horse but the alcalde pulls a gun on Alejandro and says we will settle this in court. They begin to fight and Diego comes to break them up. Later, the carriage arrives and a woman gets out of it. She sees Alejandro and asks him if he remembers her. He remembers her and tells Diego that this is an old love of mine.

    At the tavern, Alejandro and his ex-girlfriend are talking. She tells him that she was married but he died. She has come back to sell her father's land. They all go to the hacienda and have dinner. She remembers the time when her and Alejandro kissed and when she agreed to stay. Diego has to make a trip tomorrow and he decides to retire for the night. Alejandro tries to get her to stay but she declines. She tells him that she has only enough money to stay one night at the tavern. Alejandro volunteers their hacienda. Mendoza tells the alcalde all about it and the alcalde says that is gossip. A man enters the tavern and the alcalde wonders who he is. Mendoza goes to investigate. He tells the sergeant that he is just passing through. Mendoza tells him there is a traveler's tax. The man says I hate taxes and soldiers. He begins to fight with the soldiers. The alcalde comes and stops it. We learn that Alejandro's ex-girlfriend's husband is still alive. She is not a widow like she said.

    Diego is on a trip to some cattle auction. The alcalde tells her husband while he is behind bars that his wife has another lover Alejandro. Alejandro and his ex-girlfriend are busy looking over the land. She tells Alejandro that her husband is not dead. He had abused her and treated her like a slave and that he was dead in her mind. Alejandro tells her she will stay right here. Alejandro comforts her. Felipe back in town hears the alcalde tell her husband all kinds of lies about Alejandro. He gets really angry and decides to go after Alejandro. Felipe decides to go get Diego. Back at the jail, the alcalde orders Mendoza to clumsily leave the cell door open. The alcalde is hoping that he will go and kill Alejandro.

    At the hacienda, Alejandro is busy playing the piano. A knock comes at the door. Alejandro sees who it is. It is her husband. He knocks Alejandro in the head and draws a gun on him. Her husband fires and she gets in the way. She dies. Zorro arrives and fights with the husband. Zorro tells Alejandro that he shares in his grief. The alcalde arrives and arrests the husband. They bury her and Alejandro gives the land to the people. Mendoza arrives and brings Alejandro's horse back.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Philip John Taylor

    At the tavern, Diego joins the sergeant to eat. You will never guess who is running the tavern. The alcalde is running things. Diego asks the sergeant if the alcalde is running the tavern then who is running the government. A soldier comes and gets the sergeant before he can tell Diego. At the alcalde's office, Victoria is busy running the pueblo. She wants the sergeant to try on a new uniform she had designed. It looks like a uniform from Scotland (you know-kilts). Victoria also calls the office a pig stein. She wants pink curtains hung all over the place. She makes Mendoza wear the new uniform and everyone starts laughing at him. Mendoza awakes. It was all a bad dream.

    The next morning Mendoza tells Diego and Alejandro about the dream he had last night. As Diego and Alejandro leaves the tavern, they notice a box at the location where the horses are tied. They ask the sergeant about the boxes. Mendoza tells them that it is a new tax from the alcalde. If you tie your horse up, it will cost you 50 centavos to do so. At the food market, the alcalde and his men shop and gather food up. Mendoza pays for the food with a charge reimbursement voucher. The owner says your voucher will not even pay my rent. The alcalde tells him that he will be paid it was just that the government is low on money right now. He does not want his men to starve. Zorro arrives and tells him to pay the man. The alcalde says he does not have any money. Zorro reminds him about the 6000 pesos in his safe. He says that is the reward money for Zorro. Zorro tells him that no one will ever collect so pay him. He says very well. Zorro reminds him if a free election would be held he would lose.

    The alcalde says he would be happy to hold a free election but you have to have someone to run against me. Victoria says I will do it. Mendoza says that his dream is coming true. Zorro rides off. At the tavern Victoria makes a speech of what she would do as alcalde. She chooses Don Alejandro as her campaign manager. That night at the alcalde's office, the alcalde pays Diego 2000 pesos for the Guardian to endorse him. Diego accepts. At the tavern, Victoria is really nervous about whom the paper will indorse. Alejandro tells her to relax. There is no way the paper will indorse the alcalde. Gun shots are fired. The alcalde makes an announcement and accuses Victoria of being a thief. Victoria says she was 5 years old and she took a pencil.

    The Guardian arrives. They read whom the paper indorses. The Guardian indorses Desoto for alcalde of San Diego. The alcalde is furious. Diego says you mean you wanted to be indorsed for Los Angeles. He tells him he ought to be more specific. The alcalde tries to get his money back but Diego tells him that Zorro robbed him last night and said something about giving the money to the poor box.

    At the election, the people vote for the new alcalde. The alcalde is his office looking at a book. He smiles. They close the election down and begin to count the vote. They have a tie 599 to 599 was the vote. Victoria say if only 1 more had voted. The good sergeant has not voted yet. He orders the polls open and Mendoza begs them not to make him choose. Zorro arrives just in time. Zorro tells them that someone has been tampering with the vote. He mentions that 599 and 599 are nearly 1200 votes and at last census count there were only 700 people. Zorro tells them they can have another election in the morning. The alcalde speaks up and says that will not be necessary. We learn what the alcalde found in his book. He says there is a law by King Fernanden that no woman will ever hold the office. The alcalde would arrest her and he would win. Zorro says you will and lose. Zorro lights a fuse to destroy the armoury and he begins fighting with the soldiers. Everyone takes cover but it turns out to be a trick on the alcalde. The fuse leads to a sign that says boom.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough

    The story begins when Mendoza enters the alcalde's office. He is looking for the alcalde but he is not there. Suddenly, the alcalde jumps out from hiding and scares the sergeant to death. He tells the sergeant that he must be on guard all time. Later, in the plaza, the alcalde has a bunch of people lined up and questioning them on who stole the blackberries. The alcalde orders the people to take their shoes off. Zorro arrives and puts a stop to it. He gives the alcalde a basket full of berries but the alcalde says it is different. The alcalde orders Mendoza to get him. They begin chasing Zorro.

    While the bandits stop and say we lost him, they decide to rest for a while. Two bandits want to kidnap the sergeant so they could rob the pueblo. The two bandits begin their attack. Most of the soldiers run off but Mendoza is injured. He is lying on the ground and we notice that he has hit his head on a rock. At the plaza, one of the soldiers tells the alcalde about the bandits but the alcalde is more interest in who stole the garrison's berries.

    At the hacienda, Victoria and Alejandro tell Diego that Mendoza has been killed. Diego feels slightly responsible for it. At the bandit's camp, we learn that Mendoza is still alive and he is stating to awake. We learn that the sergeant hit his head so hard that he has lost his memory. They tell the sergeant many lies and tell him that he is their leader. They tell the sergeant that a soldier had shot him in the head. Mendoza notices the uniform and wonders about it. They tell him that it was part of his plan to rob the armoury at Los Angeles and that they stole the uniform to use it in the heist. The other bandits decide to give the sergeant a test to see if he is true.

    Zorro begins searching for the bandits. Victoria, at the tavern, remembers the sergeant and his love for tamales. She starts to go into the kitchen and Mendoza is there to rob her. She asks him what he is doing here. He says his name is Martinez (Mar-tin-es) and he robs and ties her up. Alejandro and Diego later arrives and frees Victoria. She tells them that Mendoza is alive and that he robbed her. At the cave, Felipe asks Diego if he thinks Mendoza has gone bad. Diego says it appears he has. Diego reads his medical books and finds the answer.

    At the bandits camp, Mendoza takes over as leader. He brings the bandits the money from the tavern. One of the men asks what if some tries to stop us. Mendoza tells them we will kill him. Diego thinks the sergeant has amnesia and decides to ride as Zorro to bring the good sergeant back. Mendoza begins his assault. They set fuses to blow up the armoury. When they get all the fuses ready to go, they attack Mendoza and tie him up. Mendoza tells them he is their leader. Zorro arrives and fights with the bandits. A soldier runs to get the alcalde who is waiting for the berry thief. Zorro unties the Sergeant but he begins to attack Zorro. Zorro knocks him out and carries him to safety. The armoury is blown up.

    Mendoza is awakened by Victoria. She asks him about her money and says why would I steal from you. He wants her tamales. Everything returns to normal. The alcalde later learns who took the berries a soldier.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough

    Our story begins with the arrival of an oriental foreigner to the shore. Diego and Alejandro are riding alone and notice some tracks. They begin following the tracks and suddenly the foreigner attacks Don Alejandro. Diego helps his father and gets ready to fight him but the oriental man collapses. Alejandro asks him where he came from. Diego says a long way.

    Diego and his father bring him to the hacienda to care for him. Alejandro tells Diego that he cannot remember every seeing an oriental man before. The oriental man awakes. Diego tries to talk to him but the oriental cannot understand their language and Diego cannot understand him. He decides to use sign language to talk to him. We learn that he is a fisherman. Diego and Alejandro tell the foreigner their name and they ask him what his name is. He says his name is Hiroshe. Diego tells him that he is safe here and Felipe brings him some food.

    At the cave, Diego teaches Felipe about some minerals. He creates a substance called Magnesium powder. Felipe asks him what it is good for and Diego says I have no idea. At the alcalde's office he is busy going over everyone's family tree. Mendoza asks him about it and he tells Mendoza that he is looking for those people that have Spanish blood. We learn that the colonial land grants were only given to those with Spanish heritage. Therefore, only those with Spanish blood can own land. He is trying to prove some of them are not of Spanish blood so he can collect money for a war that is going on.

    Back at the hacienda, Diego and Alejandro are busy watching their guest. Their guest eats a raw fish and Alejandro says he never even cooked it. Diego says they have a totally different culture than us. Hiroshe then blind folds himself and practices with a stick. Diego tells Alejandro to stand really still. Hiroshe stops just short of hitting Diego with the stick. Alejandro says that is amazing. The alcalde arrives. He tells Alejandro that his great, great grandma was of French Blood. The alcalde sees their guest and they arrest him. The alcalde says he is a spy. Mendoza tries to move him but he cannot. Diego tells the alcalde that he is strong willed and if he does not want to be moved then you cannot. A soldier is holding a gun on Hiroshe. Diego tells him that he may rather die than move so they attempt to make him move by holding a gun on Diego. Hiroshe speaks up and says I will go. Diego says he speaks our language after all. He explains that it took a while to learn their language. They arrest him.

    Zorro rides to save him. Zorro fights with the soldiers and disarms the alcalde and knocks him down. While Zorro fights with the other soldiers, the alcalde throws a sword at Zorro and hits him in the leg. Mendoza says he is impossible to catch. The alcalde sees blood on the sword. He knows Zorro is wounded. Zorro rides off with Hiroshe. They later stop so Zorro can care for his leg. He gets the bleeding stopped but he his in much pain. Hiroshe says I can help you. Hiroshe takes his fingers and presses on various points on Zorro's neck. The pain stops. He asks Hiroshe how he did it. Hiroshe says you have to know your body from the inside and out. He tells Zorro that you could cut that tree with his sword or your mind. Hiroshe walks over to the sapling and kicks it with his foot. It breaks.

    The soldiers ride and catch up to Zorro. They battle and Hiroshe helps him fight the soldiers off. Later he prepares Zorro a fish meal. That night Zorro fires a flare up. His ship sees it and Hiroshe heads home.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    As the townspeople are busy in the plaza, a group of about 20 bandits attack. The lancers begin firing but a lot of them are shot and wounded. Mendoza gets knocked down and Alejandro goes to help. Alejandro picks up Mendoza's sword but he to is knocked down. Diego rushes to help. Later, a small boy is in the way of the bandits and Diego has to rush over and carry him to safety. Their leader is busy stealing while the others are battling the soldiers and they push the soldiers back into the armoury to hold them. The bandits lock them up and the alcalde comes. He tells them to blow the door down if necessary. They blow it down and chase the bandits off. The bandit says something like there are too many soldiers. The leader tells them that he will be back and that no one could leave or enter Los Angeles. Victoria asks Diego what he meant and he tells her that Los Angeles is under siege.

    Later, Alejandro is busy instructing the people on how to defend themselves when the bandits return. The alcalde hears them and goes over to and asks them what are they up to. Alejandro tells him that we are going to attack and ambush them if they return. The alcalde says that he and his lancers will take care of them. He will show them what true military power is all about. The bandits return and the alcalde gets his men ready. The people hide so they can attack. The alcalde does not count on them, attacking from all sides. The bandits begin shooting and a bunch more soldiers are wounded. The people begin their attack. They use everything they can find to attack the bandits like buckets, Diego jumps off a roof and knocks them off their horse, they shoot at them and everything. They run the bandits off. The leader later returns under a flag of truce. A few seconds pass and we hear an explosion. They have stopped the water supply to the town.

    At the alcalde's office, he says I will never get a transfer out of the town when they hear that I could not handle these bandits. He comes up with an idea. He sends Mendoza out to blow up the water blockage. At the tavern, the people are busy spending the night. Diego decides to go to the cave so he makes his exit. He leaves the pueblo though the water aqueducts. Mendoza arrives at the bandit's camp while Diego is busy crawling in the aqueducts. Diego hopes that the water does not come on until he can reach safety. If the water was to come in while he was crawling, he would drown. Mendoza lights the fuse and blows up the blockage while the bandits return. Diego has just go out of the aqueducts just in time. Diego returns home. After the explosion, the bandits say they will attack. Back in town, water returns to the pueblo.

    The next day Zorro rides. The bandits return and the people begin their assault. It appears the people have won. They start to dismount but the leader fires on a citizen. Zorro arrives and begins fighting the bandits. Zorro knocks the leader off his horse. Zorro hits him like he is going to kill him. He knocks him down and turns his attention to Victoria. The leader, meanwhile, draws a knife. Victoria sees him and warns Zorro. Zorro and he fight and he falls. He falls on his own knife. Zorro says that did not have to happen. He rides off.

    Back at the town, Mendoza is telling about his heroic dead of bring water back to the pueblo. They hall the leader off to bury him in the wagon. Diego asks them about a priest. The alcalde says he felt it was unnecessary. Diego feels bad for killing him and he wants him to have a proper burial. Alejandro says he did not deserve it. The alcalde says I fell to see your concern since Zorro was the one who killed him. Diego says we should at least say a pray for Zorro.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough

    At town, the new school teacher is busy teaching the children of things in the pueblo. While she teaches the children, three men begin firing and robbing people. Zorro rides. One of the bandits, kidnaps a young girl who is a student of the new teacher. Zorro arrives and watches the incident. The bandits get on their horses and start to leave. The teacher grabs a gun out of a soldier's hand and fires at one of the bandits who is holding the young girl. She kills him. The others leave and Zorro follows the bandits. The teacher fires at Zorro to try to kill him but Victoria stops her and she misses Zorro.

    Later, the alcalde talks with her and he wants to know who she is. She tells him that she is here as a school teacher. She asks him if they have found the girl yet. He tells her that his lancers are looking for her. The alcalde orders the sergeant to watch her. Victoria has a talk with her. Victoria thanks her for not telling that she tripped her up and that Zorro had nothing to do with the kidnaping. Victoria tells her that Zorro fights for justice. The teacher whose name is Annie tells her that she would like to meet this Zorro. Victoria says he is already taken. Meanwhile, Annie goes and does some practice shooting and good old Mendoza is busy watching her like the alcalde had asked. She hears the sergeant and shoots at him. She asks him what he is doing. He tells her that the alcalde wanted him to watch her. Zorro, meanwhile, tracks the bandits.

    Back in town, Annie asks the alcalde if they have found her student. He tells her no. She asks him why he sent the sergeant to spy on her. He tells her protection. She tells him that she can take care of herself. He asks her who she is and she tells him that she is the new school teacher. She also tells him that she is after Zorro. He asks her why she is after Zorro and she tells him that her pa had a wild west show on the road. She tells him that he taught her how to shoot and that he had a bad accident and that his show went broke. She needs the reward money to help her father out. Victoria hears her and tells her that Zorro is not a bandit. She says who do you think is out there searching for your student. The alcalde breaks in and lies and says that he is one of the bandits. She decides to leave and see for herself.

    Meanwhile, Zorro is busy following the bandits and Annie is right behind him. Zorro catches up with the bandits and begins fighting them. One of the bandits decides to use the girl as a captive but she bites him on the hand and Zorro finishes them. While Annie is busy following Zorro, a rattlesnake scares Annie's horse and throws her into a small cavern. She hollers for help. Zorro hears her and finishes tying the bandits up. He sends the girl back and tells her that he will catch up with her later. Zorro goes and helps her. He finds her and asks her what she is doing out here. She tells him that she is hunting him. He tells her that her hunt is over. Zorro throws a rope to her so she can climb out.

    Back in town, Zorro brings the girl and the bandits back to town. Annie is there talking to the alcalde when Zorro rides up. She tells him that he cannot just ride into town. I am hunting you. Zorro smiles and rides off. The alcalde hands her a gun and demands that she shoots him. She shoots but she misses. She hits a flower pot and the alcalde is right under it. She knocks the alcalde out with a flower pot. Zorro returns and she smiles. Zorro rides off.

    Diego returns from a trip as Annie leaves. Diego arrives and they tell him that he missed a bank robbery, shooting and kidnaping. He asks them if everything is ok. Victoria says that everything is ok thanks to you know who. Diego tells Alejandro that he has something to tell him. He pauses a moment. Alejandro smiles kind of and says out with it. Diego says my violin has never sound better. Alejandro gets kind of frustrated and says it is good to have you home.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough

    Our story begins with the arrival of Captain Amelas. He has come from the governor to tell the alcalde that the governor is concerned that there are no commission officers other than you here in Los Angeles. He also thinks that you need help with revenues. Solider return with the revenues but Zorro arrives and steals the revenues and then leaves. The alcalde orders his men to get him. Captain Amelas tells him that the pueblo's administration is in serious question. He is going to interview for officers at weeks' end. Mendoza wants to know if he can have an application for officer. The alcalde tells the sergeant he will even help him fill it out.

    Back at the office, the alcalde helps Mendoza fill out the papers. He makes Mendoza lie where he was born. The alcalde says no one will check it out. The alcalde says that it takes a certain amount of breeding to become an officer. The alcalde tells Mendoza to mention how wonderful Captain Amelas nose looks and he will be a sure in. Mendoza thanks the alcalde for help him. The alcalde hollers for a soldier and they are going to start looking for Zorro if they have to tear this pueblo down stick by stick.

    At the tavern, Diego and his father enter and notice Mendoza has done some fibbing on his application. Alejandro tells him that officers have a certain breeding, applause, because they are a gentleman. Diego tells his father that anyone can become a gentleman. Diego volunteers to help the sergeant. Alejandro warns Diego you remember what they say about silk purses and sows ears. Mendoza asks him but he never says because soldiers enter and make an announcement that the tavern will be searched. Victoria asks them and he says we are looking for Zorro.

    The alcalde asks Mendoza if he has finished with the application. Diego says that we are making a few changes. Mendoza tells the alcalde that Diego is going to help him become a gentleman. The alcalde says Diego is not a perfect example. Alejandro tells him that Diego is equal to every man in your command. The alcalde asks Alejandro if he would like to make a wager. Alejandro says I am not a gambling man. They make a deal. If Mendoza fails his interview, Diego will join his lancers. Alejandro says if Mendoza wins then you have to resend all new sales tax. They agree on it. The soldiers do not find Zorro so they leave.

    At the hacienda, Diego is busy helping Mendoza. Alejandro and the alcalde meet on the road and talk about how Diego is going to win. The alcalde is still looking for Zorro. At the hacienda, Diego is busy with Victoria's help working with Mendoza. The alcalde barges in and Diego says what is the meaning of this. They start searching for Zorro. Victoria tells him this would be the last place you will find Zorro. The alcalde sorts of starts hitting the fireplace and the secret passage opens. Diego starts getting their attention to the outside. He says look at those clouds. The alcalde tells him that he is a strange fellow. Felipe sneaks over behind everyone and closes the entrance. Diego stops his cloud story. A soldier comes in and says we have found Zorro's horse. They leave to see.

    They go to the stables and it turns out to be a mare. He tells the soldier that Zorro rides a stallion. Diego laughs. Later, they continue to work with Mendoza. It appears that he is doing very well. Felipe comes in and tells them that they have captured Zorro. They all leave to see but Diego declines. He rides as Zorro. At the plaza, they are about to hang a man for being Zorro. They tell the alcalde that he is crazy. There is no way he could be Zorro. Zorro arrives and stops the hanging. Later, Mendoza goes for the interview. He does very well with the interview. It appears he is going to make it. He makes one mistake. Mendoza mentions his nose like the alcalde told him to. Captain Amelas loses his cool and says you are not fit to be anything.

    Everyone asks Mendoza how it went and he tells them that he did not get the promotion. Later, Captain Amelas tells the alcalde that the people in Monterey will be disappointed that you did not capture Zorro. The alcalde says that he has sent a letter asking for additional troops. Diego comes to be placed in the military. Captain Amelas is impressed with Diego and he tells the alcalde you need more people like Diego. The alcalde lets Diego off the hook.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Tim Minear

    At the plaza, the soldiers are busy chasing an Indian. Diego helps by clumsily tripping up some soldiers but they capture the Indian anyway. The people ask what has he done. A man says that he is part of a race that God despises. Alejandro says I am always amazed when people assume that God despises anyone. The man asks him who he is. Alejandro introduces himself as Don Alejandro de la Vega. The man's name is Don Jose. The alcalde arrives and tells them that starting today no Indian can set foot into the pueblo. They ask the alcalde how they will eat. He says they are an inferior race. They arrest the Indian but the Indian tells them they will suffer for this and the alcalde will shrink with hate. The alcalde and Jose begin to laugh but someone taps the horse under the stomach. It rears up and throws Jose off. His leg appears broken. Diego volunteers to help.

    At the hacienda, Diego cares for Jose. His leg is not broken but badly wounded. Diego gives him an old family remedy to ease his pain. Jose falls asleep. Alejandro is skeptical about Diego's plan but Diego says we must do something. Diego tells Felipe to saddle Tornado. They are going to pay the alcalde a visit. Zorro arrives while the alcalde is sleeping. Zorro gets his boots with a whip. Victoria catches him and he tells her his plan. Back at the hacienda, Jose face is becoming red. That night Jose is having a bad dream and Diego and Alejandro check on him. His face has become solid red. They give him a mirror and he sees he has become an Indian. He accuses the Indian in the plaza of doing this to him. He wants to go to town but they warn him that with the new laws he has been signing that he may be flogged.

    In the cave, Felipe continues to make more of the so-called family remedy. We learn that Diego's side effects from the medicine are only temporary. Diego decides to go to the alcalde's office as Zorro. Zorro is busy making the alcalde think he is shrinking. At the hacienda, the alcalde arrives to see embasary Jose but he hides under the cover. Felipe switches coats with the alcalde. The alcalde talks to him while Diego gets his medicine. We now see his hair. He is becoming more and more like an Indian each day. The alcalde leaves and they hand the alcalde his coat. It swallows him. Their plan is working. They go back to check on Jose and he has left.

    At town, Jose sneaks in and knocks Mendoza out. He visits the Indian to help him escape. He wants the Indian to lift the spell on him. Mendoza comes to and gets the alcalde. They try to escape but they are captured. They begin to whip the Indian but Zorro arrives and stops them. Zorro fights the alcalde and beats him. Zorro tells him that he should treat all men with dignity. Jose changes his tune about Indians.

    Later that day, Jose is leaving. His face has returned to normal. He has changed his whole tone about Indians. He thanks them and leaves. The alcalde comes and wants Diego to help him with the deadly shrinking disease. He tells him to stop by tomorrow at the hacienda.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 02/17/91. Writer: Gary Stephen Rieck.

    At the tavern, Diego and Victoria are talking. We learn that Don Alejandro was injured from a horse fall and he is going to send Diego on a trip to meet with the Royal Spanish Embasary. He is going to meet with him to discuss the alcalde's new taxes. Victoria says your father trust you to go. Diego says yes he does. Diego says I leave tomorrow.

    The next day Diego is ready to leave and Victoria arrives in a wagon. She says I am going with you. Diego figures that leaving is safe because the alcalde is away. While Victoria talks to Diego, two men come up. Diego ignores Victoria while he wonders about the two men. Victoria says you have not heard a word I have said. Diego apologizes and says yes I have. How would it look with us two riding together? Think of the gossip. She says don't be silly. The two men arrive and Diego says you look tired. They tell Diego that the bridge is out and they had to make a longer trip. They ask how far it is to Los Angles. Diego tells them two miles. Diego tells Victoria that I guess you will not be coming. She tells Diego that Alejandro would not care to lend me a horse. One of the two men says a strong woman. If she were mine, I would put her in her place. Diego looks really mad and he says I will saddle you a horse.

    At the office, Mendoza is busy being in charge and two men enter. One of them is a tailor and he has designed some new boots and clothing for Mendoza. He tells them to put it on the alcalde's bill. Victoria and Diego arrive at their destination. Later at the tavern, the two men, that had asked Diego how far it was to Los Angeles, begin to cause some trouble with the Inn Keeper. Victoria has a substitute inn keeper while she is a way. Mendoza comes over and says not to cause any trouble. The two men that had made Mendoza's clothes are friends to the other two. They tell Mendoza that they are friends. Mendoza leaves and goes back to his supper. The tailor sits and talks to the others. They have something planned. He tells them that the alcalde is away and the sergeant is in charge. They plan to rob Los Angeles blind. Felipe hears them.

    Victoria and Diego leave from the meeting. She says there is a storm coming and wants to know if they are going to spend the night. Diego says no he wants to get back to his father and tell him about it. They head right into the storm. They take shelter at an old windmill. Diego makes the bed and lies down to sleep. That night Felipe dresses as Zorro to ride but Tornado tells him no by not letting Felipe on him. Victoria talks to Diego. She tells him that he was very impressive today. She asks him why he does not do anything. He says I read, write poetry, and play the piano. She says I know about that. She asks him if there is anything you want above anything else. Diego rises and says sleep. Victoria lays down.

    Late that night, she tells Diego that the fire reminds her of when her mother use to read adventure stories to her about love and courage. She says love has no rhyme or reason that it strikes with a passionate fire and comes from the heart. Diego says only your cool lips will quench my every burning desire. She rises and says I noticed something. I saw a side of you that I never have before. Diego says goodnight to Victoria.

    Back at Los Angeles, the tailor and his buddies are waiting in Mendoza's office. Felipe rides to town and investigates it. They have tied Mendoza up and want the combination to the safe. Mendoza says the alcalde will kill me. The next day Diego and Victoria arrive in Los Angeles. Victoria tells Diego that he should go home and tell his father. Back at the alcalde's office, they still have Mendoza. Felipe has spent the night just outside the office. Mendoza gives in and gives them the combination to the safe. Felipe rides and hides. They rob Mendoza and begin riding off. Felipe who has been hiding runs and gets the sack of money. The bandits chase Felipe. At Zorro's cave, Felipe has left a note for Diego. Diego sees the note and rides as Zorro. Felipe stops and climbs a bunch of rocks. The bandits are right behind him. Zorro arrives just in time and beings battling them.

    Later in town, Zorro arrives and gives the prisoners to Mendoza. Victoria asks if he will ever stay. Zorro says your smile almost quenches my burning desire. Victoria does a double take and says huh.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    In Los Angeles, the soldiers are busy digging and cleaning in the pueblo. Zorro arrives and pours some glue looking substance on the soldiers' muskets. The alcalde makes an announcement that we are real close to the new irrigation system. Victoria asks how close. The alcalde says with their new state lottery to help with improvements there will be no new taxes. Alejandro asks him if a purchase of a ticket is just another tax. The alcalde says no. It is a chance at sudden wealth. He asks Victoria to draw a winner out. She draws the number 655 (winner of 5,000 pesos). Zorro arrives and tells Victoria to draw another number. She draws again, and again, etc. They are all 655. Zorro throws the real tickets down on the ground. The alcalde says get him. The soldiers rush to their guns but they are too sticky to fire. Zorro says one of those numbers is the true winner of the lottery.

    Zorro throws his knife and it hits one. They pick up the ticket and it is 371. It is Mendoza's ticket. He says I am rich and he faints. At the alcalde's office, Mendoza is busy wondering what to do with it. The alcalde says maybe leave it in the bank until you know what to do with it. He also says it would be a good idea to have some money on the books when the territorial auditor comes to Los Angeles. The money goes to Mendoza's head. He asks the alcalde for some time off. The alcalde says that you cannot have time off. Mendoza wants 60 weeks paid leave. The alcalde says we cannot. Mendoza says I am sure you can come up with something. I have 5,000 pesos to think about. He leaves.

    At the tavern, Mendoza is busy buying everyone food at the tavern. They tell him that he should travel and see the world and not to waste it. All Mendoza really wants is to be loved, have a family and a home. Diego knows of a home for sale and he shows it to him. Mendoza says it needs a lot of work. Diego says that he will have plenty left over after the improvements. Later at the tavern, Mendoza tells the alcalde about it but he says let him help build a new house. Why waste your money on improvements when you can have a brand new one. A month passes and they are building his dream home. Alejandro and Diego arrive and the soldiers are busy guarding the construction site. The soldiers practically run the de la Vega's off. Diego decides to ride as Zorro to investigate. Zorro looks around. Zorro finds that the alcalde is stealing Mendoza blind by building a shoddy house. Everything is falling apart.

    Zorro meets with the alcalde and fights him. He tells him he knows about his shoddy construction and about him stealing the sergeant blind. Zorro knocks a painting over the alcalde's head and tells him to return the money to Mendoza. Zorro tells him to this or he will go back to Madrid in chains. Zorro leaves. The alcalde says Mendoza will get what is coming to him. At Mendoza's house, the soldiers are still guarding the home. Mendoza pays the soldiers to leave. The alcalde is busy trying to fix the picture that Zorro had destroyed. He decides to get rid of the evidence. At Mendoza's home, the sergeant is seeing that the alcalde and his men have done shoddy work. Everything is falling apart. At the tavern Diego arrives and he is looking for Mendoza. Victoria tells Diego that he went out to his house. Diego leaves.

    Mendoza meanwhile is knocked out by a piece of lumber. The alcalde arrives to destroy the evidence. He sets the house on fire and torches it with kerosene. Zorro rides. Zorro later arrives at Mendoza's house. The alcalde lies and says I am trying to put out the fire. He asks the alcalde where Mendoza is. In a few moments, Mendoza hollers for help. Zorro goes in to get Mendoza out of the fire. The alcalde says I will run and get some help. Zorro saves Mendoza and calls Mendoza his friend.

    Later, after the fire has destroyed everything. Alejandro, Diego, Mendoza, and the alcalde are all there. They ask the alcalde how it started. He says we are looking into it. Alejandro says don't you smell it. Kerosene. The alcalde tries to blame Zorro for setting the fire. Mendoza says he save my life. Mendoza asks how much money do I have left. The alcalde says little if nothing. Alejandro gets angry and asks him. The alcalde says that it goes back into the treasury. Mendoza says something it is better to have our dream than to have dreams come true. Mendoza says I have something better. A friend. That is worth more than any gold.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Phillip John Taylor.

    Our story begins with two soldiers chasing Zorro. Zorro and Tornado outrun the soldier. The soldiers stop and rest. The alcalde is busy watching a white horse and he is planning to buy it. The alcalde buys the horse for 5,000 pesos. He tells Mendoza with this horse he will ride Zorro in the ground. Mendoza asks him how he is going to pay for the horse. He says a horse tax on everyone else. Mendoza tells the alcalde that the people will not stand for it.

    The alcalde starts his horse tax. Everyone is busy complaining about it. Victoria says that is the last draw. Mendoza tells her that he is only following orders. She tells him that if he does not like his job then he could quit. Mendoza says then I would have to pay the tax. She asks if the military is excluded. He says yes. She says that she was wrong. That is the last draw. Alejandro arrives and wants to meet with the alcalde. Mendoza tells Alejandro that he is under strict orders not to let anyone see him. Victoria says when Zorro arrives and hears about this tax then thing would be different. Mendoza says if he does show then he is in for a big surprise. Zorro arrives and says I love surprises. At that moment, the alcalde and his lancers exit the quartel. He is riding his white horse. Zorro gets on Tornado and demands that the alcalde tell the people the reason for this new tax. The alcalde says to hunt you down. Zorro tells Tornado that he has been challenged. Zorro says perhaps a small wager. The alcalde tells him that he does not make deals with outlaws.

    Zorro rides off and the alcalde and his lancers follow. The white horse gives Tornado a run for his money. The white horse catches up to Tornado but Tornado runs faster. Gunshots are fired and the alcalde catches up with Zorro. Zorro and Tornado decide to separate the men from the boys. He jumps a raven and the alcalde follows. The alcalde is the only one that jumps the raven. The soldiers stay back. Tornado and the white horse continue to run. Zorro says that is one good horse.

    Later, Zorro destroys his tracks with a group of brushes. Zorro while resting drinks some water at a small stream. The alcalde continues to search. Zorro is starting to feel funny and he has begun to lose his sight. Zorro knows it is the water that did this to him. He gets off Tornado to rest a while. The alcalde is right behind him and he drinks from the water that Zorro did. Zorro hears him. He tries to warn the alcalde that the water is dangerous but the alcalde says it is all a trick and he does not listen. The alcalde notices Zorro cannot see. The alcalde draws a gun but Tornado stops him. Zorro and the alcalde fight. The pain hits the alcalde. Zorro tells the alcalde that we must help each other but the alcalde begins fighting again. Zorro tries to tell him that soon blindness will follow. The alcalde rushes off. Zorro tells Tornado that he will have to be his eyes.

    The alcalde rides and he is beginning to lose his sight. He gets off his horse and the white horse leaves him. Zorro notices that his sight is returning. Zorro catches up to the alcalde and he is busy trying to cross a roped bridge. Zorro tells him that the effects are only temporary and to let him help. The alcalde and Zorro walk over the rope bridge and the alcalde tries to cut the rope. The bridge collapses but Zorro is safe. He uses Tornado to help him. The rope is beginning to unravel. Tornado bends his neck and gets a rope with his teeth. He throws it to Zorro. Tornado pulls Zorro up to safety. The alcalde sight is beginning to return and he sees Zorro still alive. Zorro leaves him.

    Later, the alcalde is still out in the countryside. He gets up and walks but he is still a little dizzy from the water. He sees some bones that scares him. He tries to get some water from a bush. The soldiers arrive and save the alcalde. Mendoza tells the alcalde that Zorro saved his horse and told them where he was. The alcalde says I am going to hunt him down again. Mendoza tells him that Zorro has sold his horse for 6,000 pesos and he had paid everyone's horse tax. Later, Diego and Felipe blow up the stream. Felipe asks him what they call this place. Diego says why don't we call it Blindman's Bluff.

    William Thomas


    Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    Our story begins at a funeral of one of Alejandro's closest friends. They give their last respects to Sergovia and leave. At the hacienda, Mendoza tells Alejandro that he is the proud owner of two haciendas yours and the Sergovia's house. Alejandro says that is right. Alejandro says that I would give them both up if I could have my friend back. Mendoza says a man as rich as you can now sleep in a very soft bed. Alejandro gets mad and says I do not like this one bit, do you understand.

    At that moment, a knock comes at the door. A man enters and he claims he is Sergovia's son. Alejandro says that is impossible because he disappeared nearly 20 years ago. Alejandro looks surprised. They tell him that his father is dead and that he died peacefully at home. He tells them what happened to him. We learn that he was a captive of the Indians a long time. He was their captive for about 2 years and he finally escaped. He had run into an army patrol and they drafted him because of his experience with the Indians. He has spent 16 years down in the Amazon Juggle. Diego asks him why he did not write. Sergovia's son says there is not mail in the Amazon. He tells him that he finally mad lieutenant and they released him and returned home.

    They tell the son that his father left everything to me (Alejandro). The man said, I suppose he did the right thing. Alejandro decides to return the land to Sergovia's son. They ride to town. They meet Victoria outside whom is busy. She knows him by looking at the ring on his finger. He tells Victoria that he never forgot her. She tells him how sorry she is about his father and if he is going to stay. He says yes. He says he is going to pay Alejandro back by clearing up some water streams on the Sergovia's land that has been blocked. He says he does this to help the pueblo out. He orders Mendoza to help him clear out the water blockages. When he leaves, Diego notices that Victoria recognized him so quickly and he asks her about it. She says she knew him by the ring. Diego wonders about the ring. She tells Diego that she gave him the ring when he gave her, her first kiss.

    Diego is puzzled about Sergovia wanting to help everyone with the water supply. He looks at a map and discovers that 3 of his streams do not even make it Los Angeles. The fourth one would just provide a small trickle. Zorro rides to figure out what he is up to. He arrives and everyone is busy cleaning out the creek. Zorro tells them that, that much gunpowder will dam up the river. The soldiers attack Zorro. Sergovia's son lights the fuse and comes to fight Zorro. Zorro knocks him down and races to the fuse. He puts the fuse out and tells them not to use the explosives again. Zorro returns to the cave and tells Felipe to get some water samples.

    Alejandro signs over the property to Sergovia's son in the alcalde's office. Mendoza is in charge. They are going to celebrate but Mendoza declines. He has too much book work to do. Alejandro helps Mendoza with his book work while Sergovia and Diego go to the tavern. He tells Victoria that Alejandro gave him the land. She goes into the tavern. Sergovia asks Diego if he could have a moment alone with Victoria. He enters the tavern and begins talking to Victoria. He begins flirting with her and wants her to marry him. She tells him that there is someone else. Felipe returns with the water sample. Diego says look at that. Zorro rides.

    In the tavern, Sergovia gets rough with Victoria when she tells him it is Zorro. He says I want you. Zorro arrives and they begin sword fighting. Zorro disarms him but Sergovia gets his sword again. He is using a different arm this time. Zorro says that the true Sergovia's son was left- handed like his father. The imitator is right-handed. Mendoza arrives. Zorro disarms him again and we learn the truth. Sergovia's son died in battle and he assumed his identity. He did all of this to get the gold that was on the Sergovia's land and water streams. Mendoza arrests him.

    William Thomas

    69. THE WORD

    Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    In town, Felipe notices a sign that says Glory, Adventure, and Travel. In the tavern, Mendoza is talking to Alejandro and Diego telling one of his wild stories. Diego looks at Felipe and notices he looks sadden. Felipe tells Diego that he wants to join the army. Diego says you are serious. Mendoza says good and he will take him under his wings. Diego tells him he is young and reminds him that everyone thinks he is deft. Felipe gets angry and rides off.

    While Felipe rides, he sees a coach and three bandits. The bandits go after the coach and capture it. Felipe is busy watching behind the rocks. He stumbles and knocks some rocks down and gets the bandits attention. Felipe hides but one of them sees him. Felipe gets on the horse and rides to get Diego's help. The bandits go after Felipe. They split up to get him. One of the bandits says that he wants his head. Felipe makes it to the cave. He tells Diego all about it and Zorro rides. Zorro tells Felipe to get his father and go to town. Zorro catches up to one of the bandits. The bandit shoots at Zorro and Zorro uses a boomerang and knocks him out.

    At the plaza, the coach arrives and the alcalde is up to his old tricks. He tries to lay the blame on Zorro. The people say no to the alcalde. Alejandro arrives with Felipe and they tell the alcalde that Felipe witnessed the whole thing. The alcalde says excellent. We will ride them into the ground. No one knows that one of the bandits is in Los Angeles. He sees Felipe. The alcalde tells him that his testimony will hang them. One of the bandits talks to Victoria and says that boy is brave. Victoria says he is and lives at the de la Vega hacienda. A white horse arrives with a man. It is one of the bandits. They take him to jail and the other bandit sneaks off.

    At the hacienda, Alejandro asks why is Diego never around when I need him. Diego enters. They tell Diego all about it. Alejandro tells Diego to stop treating Felipe like a boy. Diego asks him if he is still serious about wanting to join the army. Felipe says yes (through sign language). Alejandro tells Diego that Felipe has to grow up sometime. Diego talks to Felipe and tells him I know you want to see the world. Felipe asks about his hearing. Diego tells him that he does not have to go on pretending he can hear if he leaves Los Angeles. Diego tells him that his comprehension of vocabulary leads me to believe that you can speak again. Diego says given enough time you will speak again. They remember the time during the battle when Felipe was left alone and he lost his voice. Felipe cries because it brings back some memories. Diego says let go of the past and you speak again.

    At the moment, gun shots are fired at the hacienda. The two bandits are trying to kill Felipe. Alejandro comes with his guns and shoots at them and runs them off. They tell Felipe not to leave the hacienda. Alejandro talks with the alcalde but he could careless. The alcalde does finally agree to send to 2 men to help them out. They send Mendoza and another. Mendoza and the other lancer arrive and so does the bandits. They begin firing and they all take cover in the hacienda. Alejandro is hit in the arm and Felipe leaves to draw their fire away. Diego makes his father angry by saying he will stay at home just in case they return. Alejandro calls Diego a coward and leaves. Zorro rides.

    Felipe leads them to a stable from the hacienda. The bandits are following and they arrive at the stable. They begin looking for Felipe. Felipe sends his horse out and knocks one of the bandits down. The bandit hit his head and knocks him out for a while. Felipe starts to leave and the other bandit catches him. He holds a gun on Felipe but Zorro arrives just in time. Zorro fights with the bandit but the other one that was knocked out comes to. He starts to attack Zorro. Felipe hollers Zorro. Zorro knocks him out and finishes with them. Zorro goes to Felipe and says you spoke. Felipe tries to speak again but he cannot. Zorro says give it time.

    At the plaza, Felipe brings the two bandits. Felipe is using sign language and Mendoza translates it. He says that Felipe said is was glad he could do your job for you. Later, Felipe has changed his mind. He now wants to become a lawyer.

    William Thomas 1