New Zorro Episode Guide

Second Season - 1990-1991

by William Thomas and David Nesbitt

Here are descriptions of each New Zorro episode in Season Two, in order as the episodes appeared.


  • Duncan Regehr (Zorro and Don Diego)
  • Patrice Camhi (Victoria)
  • James Victor (Sergeant Mendoza)
  • Michael Tylo (Alcalde Luis Ramone)
  • Juan Diego Botto (Felipe)
  • Henry Darrow (Don Alejandro)
  • 23. THE WIZARD

    Airdate: 09/14/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    Our story begins when an inventor by the name of Henry Wayne is visiting the pueblo. He is busy selling some of his homemade devices. He sells a homemade hair drier to Victoria and some homemade cologne to the sergeant. The alcalde comes and asks him if he has anything of military value. Dr. Wayne brings out a sword. The alcalde calls him a fraud and starts to walk off. Henry Wayne tells the alcalde that he can invent anything. The alcalde wants him to create a trap for Zorro.

    At the tavern, he continues to sell his inventions. Diego enters and introduces himself. Diego makes a friend with Henry Wayne. They both love the sciences. Dr. Wayne asks Diego if he could help him invent a trap for Zorro. The alcalde enters and brings a stack of papers full of reported sightings of Zorro. Diego volunteers to read the papers for Dr. Wayne. Dr. Wayne leaves with the alcalde.

    Back at the cave, Felipe watches Diego conduct an experiment with silt. He is trying to use fire to make the silk rise. A knock comes at the door. Diego says that will probably be Dr. Wayne. He tells Felipe that he is here to see what I have found out. Wayne tells Diego that they have been working on a trap for Zorro. Diego tells Dr. Wayne that Zorro is very predictable. He always rides the same horse, uses a sword and a whip. Dr. Wayne says he is using primitive tools. Diego also tells him that he has been doing some reading on lighter than air flights.

    At the alcalde's office, Wayne shows the alcalde the trap. He has rigged up a trap with a combination of guns and knifes. Wayne tells the alcalde that they need a perfect bate. The alcalde knows the perfect one, Victoria. The sergeant and his lancers enter the tavern and arrest Victoria. Zorro rides.

    Zorro arrives in town. The alcalde and Dr. Wayne have Victoria tied up and gagged. Dr. Wayne has rigged up some sort of device into which he talks. As Dr. Wayne talks into it, he sounds just like Victoria. Zorro knocks two soldiers out and begins to open the door where the trap is. The trap with the guns and knifes are just behind the door. Mendoza sees him and begins chasing Zorro around the plaza. Zorro climbs on the roof and hides while Mendoza and his lancer search. Mendoza decides that he should tell the alcalde that Zorro is out in the plaza. Mendoza starts to open the door and Zorro holler at him. Zorro uses his whip to trip the Sergeant. Mendoza falls down and the trap is sprung. The alcalde and Dr. Wayne think they have Zorro. While they check their trap and look for Zorro outside, Zorro enters and frees Victoria. Zorro uses Victoria to pull a trick on the alcalde. Victoria pretends that she is talking to Zorro in alcalde's office. The alcalde enters and Zorro holds a sword on the alcalde. He tells him not to bother Victoria again. Zorro locks the alcalde up.

    Later at the alcalde's office, Henry Wayne comes up with another idea. He is going to use a hot air balloon to track Zorro to his cave. Dr. Wayne creates his balloon and he instructs the alcalde how to fly it. The alcalde arrests Dr. Wayne to use him for bait. The alcalde and the sergeant enter the basket. Zorro arrives and cuts the rope on the basket. The wind that day is going the wrong way so the alcalde and the sergeant travel toward the sea. Zorro frees Dr. Wayne and blind folds him. Zorro takes him to his cave to show his laboratory. Zorro tells him that he has great scientific ideas and that he should use them to help people. After Zorro takes Dr. Wayne to his wagon, he tells him that he should leave town before the alcalde returns.

    Zorro goes to help the alcalde. The alcalde is scared to death. Zorro using an arrow shoots at the balloon. The alcalde hollers he is going to kill me. Mendoza tells him that Zorro will not kill you. The arrow hits the balloon and the alcalde and the sergeant safely lands in the ocean.

    William Thomas

    24. MASTER & PUPIL

    Airdate: 09/21/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    Our story begins with a coach arriving to town. Mendoza is there to greet the coach. Sir Edmund Kendel comes out of the carriage. (Remember Sir Edmund Kendel- Diego's fight master at the university). Mendoza greets the coach and tries to collect the usual traveler's tax. Sir Edmund Kendel says over my dead body and he draws his sword to fight with the soldiers. Diego tells the sergeant that this was his teacher at the university. Mendoza tells Sir Edmund that his soldiers are highly trained. Kendel says well we will have some fun. Kendel throws Diego a sword. Diego and Kendel fight with the solider but Diego fights rather clumsily. Sir Edmund asks Diego if he has forgotten everything. Sir Edmund remembers Diego was the best student he had ever had. Diego was the only one who bested Sir Edmund with a sword. Diego gladly pays the traveler's tax.

    At the hacienda, Sir Edmund tells Alejandro that the soldiers tried to extort money from him. Diego tells his father it was the traveler's tax and so he payed it. Sir Edmund says that me and Diego could have easily defeated the soldiers. Alejandro says you maybe but Diego. He sort of shakes his head. Diego interrupts his father and asks him to go get something cold to drink. While Alejandro gets the drink, Diego tells Sir Edmund to keep his ability with a sword a secret. Sir Edmund tells Diego that you ought to be proud of your skills.

    Back at the alcalde's office, Sergeant Mendoza tells the alcalde about the Englishman. Alcalde says that he must be a spy. Sergeant tells the alcalde that he is staying with the de le Vega's. Alcalde says maybe the de la Vega's are showing their traitorous colors. Alejandro, in the mean time goes to the tavern. The Alcalde sees Alejandro go into the tavern and he asks Mendoza to spy and get some information about Kendel. Mendoza enters and asks Alejandro about the Englishman. Alejandro must realize what the alcalde is up to because he changes the subject on the sergeant. Alejandro tells Mendoza that it looks like he has lost some weight. Alejandro tells the sergeant that Vinegar and Water will shed the weight real fast. Alejandro leaves and the alcalde enters. He asks the sergeant what he had found out. Mendoza says Vinegar and water will shed the weight off.

    While Alejandro is at the tavern, Diego and Sir Edmund sword play. Two men arrive at the hacienda and trie to kill Sir Edmund. Diego and Sir Edmund fight the two bandits and Sir Edmund kills one of them. Sir Edmund tells Diego to kill him. Diego lets him escape. Diego says I have no reason to kill him. Sir Edmund says he will kill me. About that time, Alejandro arrives and asks what has happened. He asks Sir Edmund if he had turned against the king. Sir Edmund tells him no and tells them the whole story. Sir Edmund tells them that he was instructing a group of students and that they were all arrested for revolutionary activities. Alejandro says you mean you did not know they were traitors. Sir Edmund tells him he thought they were students and that when they were arrested he fled to safety. Sir Edmund says I did not think bounty hunters would follow me this far.

    Back at town, the stranger (that had attacked Sir Edmund and Diego at the hacienda) approaches the alcalde with an official death warrant on Sir Edmund. He tells the alcalde that Sir Edmund was a dangerous man. He asks the alcalde for help but the alcalde declines at first. The bounty hunter mentions the king's 5,000 pesos and the alcalde changes his tune. The alcalde decides to arrange a party for Sir Edmund to talk with him.

    Felipe driving the carriage brings Diego, Alejandro, and Sir Edmund to the tavern where the party will be at. Shots are fired. They shoot Kendel and Felipe takes them all to the church. Diego gets Sir Edmund in the church and Alejandro tells the alcalde that Sir Edmund claims sanction of the church. The alcalde arrest Alejandro for protecting a criminal. Diego comes out and says that he needs a doctor. The alcalde says they will send for one when he surrenders. The alcalde tires to arrest Diego but he runs back in the church.

    Felipe returns with Tornado. Diego dresses as Zorro and rides to get the doctor. Zorro arrives with the doctor and makes sure the Doctor gets into the church. While the doctor cares for Kendel, Zorro battles the soldiers. The doctor brings Kendel out to see the fighting. Kendel sees Zorro battling the soldiers. Kendel later becomes too weak to stand and the doctor takes him back into the church. Zorro enters the church. The doctor tells Zorro that nothing can be done for him. Zorro thanks the doctor and tells him that he should go before the alcalde's men come.

    Zorro kneels down. Kendel says Diego. Zorro unmasks. Kendel says I thought so. No one else could show those combinations I just saw. Kendel says: I taught you well. Diego: Perhaps too well. Kendel: I am glad you put my sword to good use. Diego: yes, I have my calling. Kendel: you have unique gifts and never to hesitate to use them in the cause of justice. Diego: I owe so much to you. Kendel: Nonsense, now go out there and fight a good fight. Sir Edmund dies. Diego and Felipe rig up a branch and drape Zorro's cape over it to make the alcalde think that Zorro and Diego are different. (We do not see this but this is what happened). Zorro rides off and Diego exits. They ask about Sir Edmund. Diego tells them that Sir Edmund is with GOD. They begin arguing over who gets the 5000 pesos. Diego hollers and tells them that it belongs to whoever shot Kendel. The alcalde says that the money will be a gift to the people.

    Back at the hacienda, Alejandro brings Diego a gift from Sir Edmund. Alejandro says that Sir Edmund had a will and that he left his knife for Diego. Sir Edmund had written in the will that Diego should use the knife in his struggle. Alejandro asks Diego what he meant. The story ends.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 09/28/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    Our story begins at the shore where a group of pirates has landed. They have landed in California to search for a hidden treasure to which they have a map. Back at the hacienda, Diego and his father are going to travel out of town to argue over a price of a bull that they have been trying to buy. While Diego and his father are away, Felipe will spend the day with Victoria.

    Meanwhile, the pirates begin their search for the treasure. One of the pirates asks the leader why they were heading to Los Angeles. The leader tells him that they had lost most of their crew on the journey and that they would be going to Los Angeles to get volunteers (Kidnap). Back at the tavern the alcalde returns with his new horse. He asks the sergeant to keep an eye on his horse while he grabs a bite at the tavern. One of the bigger pirates knocks the sergeant out and steals the horse. The pirate returns to the leader and says that it would be a peace of cake. The alcalde searches for his horse.

    After the alcalde leaves, the pirates enter the tavern and begins kidnaping people to carry the treasure back to their ship. The sergeant is knocked out again and they proceed to get their so- called volunteers. At the tavern, we learn that the leader of the pirates is Henry Stark of the buccaneers. They get Felipe and Victoria and leave. The alcalde returns and notices they have knocked out the sergeant again. On the road, Diego and his father (with the bull) see the pirates. Diego asks the pirates about the people and the pirate tells Diego that they volunteered. Diego tries to get Victoria and Felipe out of the situation but Henry Stark says they want be missed and laughs. Diego tells his father to go get the alcalde while he follows the pirates and leaves a trail.

    The pirates stop to rest. Diego, while hiding behind a bush, instructs Felipe how to untie his hands. One of the pirates captures Diego and Diego tells Felipe to run. Felipe runs and steals a horse. Alejandro meanwhile tells the alcalde. Felipe gets back to the hacienda and brings Tornado. The pirates later arrive at the spot where the treasure is supposed to be at. They camp there for the night and will begin their search tomorrow. That night Diego unties his hands and removes the power from their guns. Felipe has returned with Tornado. The next day Diego pretends that his hands are still tied. The pirates meanwhile begin their search for the treasure. While the pirates search, Diego dresses as Zorro and puts a sleeping hold on everyone. Zorro later goes after the pirates.

    Zorro begins battling the pirates. The pirates try to shoot but their pistols will not. They sword fight. Felipe watches behind a bush but is captured. He later frees himself from Stark by biting him on the hand. Zorro fights with Stark and knocks him out. The alcalde approaches and picks up the map to the treasure. He begins looking for the cave. Before he can find it, Zorro blows the entrance to the cave. While Zorro does this, Henry Stark has left. Zorro decides he better return back and pretend that he is still a captive. Return before they miss him. He returns and sends Felipe to the alcalde. Felipe gets the alcalde and they find Victoria, Diego and the rest. At the vary end, Zorro and Felipe decide to say goodbye to the pirates. They run them off.

    William Thomas

    26. THE TEASE

    Airdate: 10/05/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    At the tavern, Mendoza and a few of his soldiers are having a good time. Mendoza sees Diego and asks him to come over. It is payday and the soldiers are having a bit of fun. Diego offers to buy them a drink. Mendoza notices the most beautiful woman (Amanda Harareo). Mendoza goes over and introduces himself to her. At that time, another lancer comes over and steals Mendoza's big moment. Private Sanchez comes over and begins talking to her. Diego says try again.

    Back at the quartel, the sergeant orders Sanchez to do some extra work. The sergeant is trying to get back at Sanchez for stealing his big moment. He hopes that Sanchez will want to transfer out. Diego sees the sergeant and asks him about it. Mendoza tells Diego that it is a personal matter. Mendoza tells Diego how deep he loves her and Diego tells him to express his feeling to her. Mendoza says how can I tell her. I do not have that kind of vocabulary. Mendoza asks Diego for help.

    Diego agrees to help the sergeant. Meanwhile, two bandits rob the people just outside the pueblo. Felipe sees them. The alcalde is busy getting ready for a special occasion. He is nicely dressed like he has a big date. At the hacienda, Diego and Don Alejandro help the sergeant practice what to say. Alejandro tells Diego that he had his work cut out for him. Diego tells Mendoza to go and get ready.

    Later that night at the hacienda, Amanda is busy courting the alcalde. The alcalde had a date with her and Mendoza arrives. The alcalde asks the sergeant what he was doing here. Mendoza tells the alcalde the he has a date with the senorita. The alcalde laughs and says she cannot be attracted to you. The senorita said that she wanted to hear what the sergeant has to say. The alcalde leaves and tells the sergeant to report to his office tomorrow.

    That night Mendoza with the help of Diego speaks charmingly to the senorita. She notices Diego and asks him what he is doing here. Diego says that he is working with the flowers. She thinks Diego is going to try courtship. Diego tells her about the Sergeant. That he has trouble expressing his feeling. At the tavern, the alcalde is furious. Victoria asks him what is wrong. He tells her that Mendoza had ruined his night with the senorita. Victoria hears about the woman and she gets jealous of her. She thinks the senorita is after Diego. Diego comes in and tries to explain to the alcalde. The alcalde does not want to hear it that he was going to give the sergeant march duty. Diego tries to talk to Victoria and she walks off. Everyone is moody. The bandits return to their camp.

    Felipe tells Diego about the bandits that he saw. Diego rides as Zorro. Mendoza and Sanchez are busy with their march duty. While the sergeant and private march, Mendoza mentions that maybe if we find the bandits the alcalde will forgive us. As they walk, they begin fighting over the senorita. Zorro meanwhile rides and tracks the bandits.

    The sergeant and the private meanwhile quit fighting and decide to go to the de la Vega hacienda to ask the senorita whom she plans to marry. The alcalde arrives ahead of the sergeant and the senorita tells him that this is not a good time. The bandits have taken over the de la Vega hacienda. The capture the alcalde and tie him up.

    Mendoza and Sanchez are walking toward the hacienda and one of the bandits fires at them. Mendoza and the private take cover. Zorro arrives and tells them to wait to his whistle and then rush in. Zorro climbs to the roof and takes care of the man outside. Zorro using his whip gets the bandit's gun and then knocks him out with the gun. Next Zorro uses his whip to make a noise on the roof. The second bandit comes out to investigate. Zorro drops a clay tile on the bandit and knocks him out. Zorro now whistles. The sergeant and the private enter. The sergeant picks up the bandit whom the tile had knocked out. He orders the bandit to untie everyone. The senorita thanks the sergeant and gives him a kiss.

    Later, the sergeant tells everyone that the senorita is going to announce their engagement later today. The sergeant tells Diego that he had asked the senorita to marry him and she had agreed. Later that afternoon, the senorita comes in to see the sergeant. A gentleman is following her. She tells Mendoza that this is her fiance. She leaves.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 10/12/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    Our story starts when a stranger walks into the tavern. The sergeant greats him and welcomes him to Los Angeles. The stranger asks the sergeant who the best swordsman in the pueblo. The sergeant says that he is. Diego is there and he smiles. The stranger says that wherever I go, the first thing I do is find the best swordsman and kill him. He cuts the button off the sergeant's uniform to provoke the sergeant. Mendoza fights with him and loses. The stranger says prepare to die. The alcalde holds a sword on the stranger and demands that he tell him who he is. The stranger says his name. He is Sir Miles Thackery. Diego recognizes the name and comes to the aid of the sergeant. Diego says that Thackery is the best swordsman in Europe.

    Diego tells Thackery that the good sergeant is far from being a worthy opponent. Thackery drops his sword and tells the alcalde to do the same. The alcalde refuses and they fight. Thackery beats him and tells him that before he decides to leave, he owns this town. He orders Victoria to give him the best room. Victoria says someone is staying in it. Thackery tells her to throw them out. Diego nods at Victoria.

    At a public action, Don Alejandro is busy selling his prize bull. Thackery makes a bid and orders the bidding closed. Don Alejandro says the biding is not closed. At that point, Thackery grabs a little girl's neck and holds it. Alejandro closes it. Back at the hacienda, Diego is busy hanging a picture and Alejandro comes in. He is mad. He tells Diego about Thackery. Alejandro had asked Thackery for the money but he did not give it to him. He (Thackery) turns around and sells the bull. He pays Alejandro his money and keeps the surplus. Alejandro said we needed to ride and get some additional troops. Diego makes Alejandro mad. Diego says what is the point. By the time we get back Thackery will be gone. Alejandro says you never cease to amaze me and leaves. Felipe asks Diego if it were time for Zorro. Diego said not yet.

    At the tavern, Thackery causes trouble over the food. Victoria will not let him get the best of her. She stands up to him. Thackery gets rough and Diego hollers. Take your hands off her. Thackery challenges Diego to a duel. In the plaza, Diego and Thackery begin fighting. Diego pretends that he cannot fight. Diego fights him clumsily. Diego pretends that he twists his ankle and this halts the duel. Thackery orders the alcalde to iron some clothes. He makes the alcalde his personal servant. While Victoria cares for Diego's foot, the alcalde comes in and asks Victoria if she knows how to iron. She tells him where the iron is. Victoria mentions Zorro's name. The alcalde hears her. The alcalde wants Zorro to get rid of Thackery.

    That night Zorro meets with the alcalde. The alcalde offers Zorro a truce. If Zorro helps him defeat the English man, then he would be free. The next day Zorro gives the alcalde some pointers. The alcalde goes back to the tavern and makes Thackery fight with him. Thackery fights with him and learns that he had been training. Thackery tells him not enough. Thackery beats the alcalde and says, before you die, tell me who has been giving you lessons. Zorro comes down from the rafters and hits Thackery. He says I have. Zorro fights with Thackery. Zorro beats him and orders him to leave Los Angeles.

    While in the plaza, the alcalde goes back on his word. Since you did not let me kill the Englishman then our deal was off. Zorro knocks him in the face and he falls in the arms of Felipe and Alejandro. Zorro rides off.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 10/19/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Bruce Lansbury.

    At the town plaza, the alcalde has called everyone together. He announces that the governor has declared that every pueblo has to have a newspaper. The alcalde shows everyone the printing press and says we need an editor. Don Alejandro volunteers Diego to be the Editor. Diego calls the paper the Los Angeles Guardian.

    At the hacienda, Felipe gets Diego. Diego had been working with an experiment in his cave. He shows Felipe his experiment. They need Zorro. A group of bandits are going around attacking homes and setting fires to home to collect money for the alcalde. Zorro arrives and runs them off and helps put out the fires. Back at the newspaper office, they begin working on the paper. Sergeant Mendoze wants to write a recipe column and Victoria wants to write a love letter column. Diego tells them to go write and whoever is better will get the job. Diego wants the top story to be the burning of homes. Diego returns to the home that they almost burned last night when Zorro ran them off. The owner hands him a note from the bandits. The note says if you do not pay them by the next full moon then they will burn his home. The owner brings up an important point. Why are the soldiers away on patrol when the bandits show?

    They print the first paper and the alcalde comes out angrily and demands Diego to reveal his sources of such information. He accuses Diego of printing lies. Diego will not reveal his source so the Alcalde arrest Diego and says he will now publish the paper. That night at the jail, Diego and Felipe wonder how they are going to help the farmer now. Tonight is the full moon. They come up with this. Felipe brings Diego a basket of food and of course Zorro's clothes hidden. Diego says I am not hungry and gives it to Mendoze. Diego escapes as Zorro but before he does he makes it look like Diego has gone to sleep.

    Victoria has gone to the farmer and tells him that they have put Diego in jail. The bandits show up and so does Zorro. Zorro captures the bandits. At the plaza, the alcalde is talking to one of the governors man who is down here checking on the printing of the paper. He asks the alcalde who is reading and buying his paper. The alcalde tells a soldier to give it away. Zorro brings the bandits to the alcalde and the man. Zorro instructs the man to hold the paper up into the light. The words on the alcalde's paper change. Zorro had used his experiment that he had worked on earlier to get back at the alcalde. The words are changed as follows. The alcalde accuses the governor of corruption. Alcalde accuses de la Vega and rushes to the jail. Meanwhile Diego enters through the window of the jail and the alcalde enters. It appears Diego has been there all night.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 10/26/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Tim Minear.

    Our story begins with a group of bandits who are after Zorro. They are trying to capture him for the reward. Zorro fights one of them and carves a Z on the man's shirt. The man leaves. Zorro reaches down to pick his whip up and a rattle snake bits Zorro. Zorro tries to purge the wound and get the snake venom out. He begins riding but the snake poison is making him very sick. Zorro gets off Tornado and falls on the ground and he sends Tornado back home.

    Zorro sees a house over a little bit so he goes to it. Zorro takes up residence in the barn. We see the bandit return and he tells his wife Magdalena that he will capture Zorro tomorrow. Zorro has taken residence on the bandit's farm. Tornado returns home and gets Felipe. Magdalena sees Zorro. She is about to turn him in when she notices that he has been wounded by a snake bite. She helps him. The bounty on Zorro head is 6000 pesos.

    Later, while her husband is sleeping, she goes out to help Zorro's wound. While she helps him, Magdalena's husband comes. He fights Zorro and Zorro beats him. Magdalena's husband runs to town. He tells the alcalde that Zorro is at his barn.

    Zorro begins feeling better and Tornado comes for him. He thanks Magdalena for her help and rides off. Zorro sees the alcalde in the distance but she tells Zorro that they want hurt her. She runs to the barn. When the alcalde and his men arrive, they set fire to the barn. They are trying to flush Zorro out. Magdalena scream and her husband tells the alcalde we must do something. Zorro sees the smoke in the distance and rushes back to help. He rescues Magdalena and takes her to safety.

    When the fire is over, it is a total loss. They fear she is dead. Zorro comes and gets the alcalde and his men to chase him. Zorro loses them and returns. Zorro brings Magdalena back home. He tells the husband not to play the alcalde's game in the future.

    William Thomas

    30. THE CHASE

    Airdate: 11/02/90. Director: Peter Diamond. Writer: Michael Marks.

    At the plaza, people are busy at the plaza food mart buying vegetables to eat. A solider overcharge's Victoria for a head of lettuce. She says the scales are rigged. Zorro comes and proves the scales are rigged. Victoria thanks him and she tells him that you have helped us win justice again. The alcalde says that he has helped me guarantee his capture. The alcalde introduces an Indian to Zorro. The Indian's name is Gray Wing. We learn that he is supposed to be able to track the wind.

    At the hacienda, Felipe asks Diego if the Gray Wing could track Zorro. Diego says he believes he could. At the plaza, Gray Wing is looking over Zorro's tracks. Diego returns to town with Felipe. Diego enters the plaza but has somehow scared a neighbor's herd of sheep. He had done this to destroy Zorro's tracks. The alcalde orders the soldiers to get those sheep. The sheep are successful in destroying the tracks but Gray Wing says the sheep have destroyed nothing. Gray Wing tells the alcalde there will be more tracks out there (out in the countryside).

    Diego returns to the cave and tells Felipe that we better not under estimate Gray Wing. Diego places some weights in Tornado's saddle and sends Felipe out with Tornado. Diego is using the weights to make Felipe weigh the same as he does and to trick Gray Wing. Diego returns to town to join the Alcalde and Gray Wing on their search for Zorro. Felipe is still busy making the fake tracks for Gray Wing. Gray Wing looks at the tracks and notices that a different person makes them. He says the rider has the same weight but he rides more slowly.

    Felipe continues to ride and as he does he eats many berries. Gray Wing notices that Felipe is eating the berries. He tells the alcalde that the rider is a young person. Because an older person would watch his stomach and not to eat so many berries. Felipe rides to an old mine shaft and enters. The alcalde, Diego, Gray Wing, Sergeant and some other lancers arrive at the mine shaft. Diego tells him not to go in. The mine was too unstable. The alcalde says finally Zorro's hide out. Diego volunteers to go into the mine. As Diego enters the mine, Gray Wing, the sergeant and a few lancers enter right behind him. Diego catches up to Felipe. The sergeant while walking behind gets scared of some rats that are in there and causes a cave in. Diego and Felipe look for a way out. They find it and escape.

    The alcalde runs back to town to get some additional troops to help with the rescue. Diego returns to his cave and dresses as Zorro. Zorro brings some gunpowder back and he is going to use it to free the sergeant and Mendoza. Zorro uses some gun powder and the alcalde comes. The alcalde pulls a gun on Zorro and Zorro uses his whip takes the gun away from the alcalde. Zorro shoots at the gunpowder and they blow the mine entrance. Everyone escapes. Zorro rides off. They think Diego is dead. The alcalde orders Gray Wing to go after him. Gray Wing asks the alcalde why he chased a man who had saved the lives of his men. Diego decides that he better return to the cave before he is missed. Diego undresses and reenters the cave where he had escaped with Felipe. Diego walks out of the cave. Gray Wing drops the money that the alcalde had given him to pay for his service and leaves.

    Back at the hacienda, Diego and Felipe are talking and Gray Wing comes up. Gray Wing tells Diego that he was heading out of town and that he came across a familiar trail. Zorro's trail. Diego tells Felipe he should lock the door. Gray Wing notices a rash on Felipe's neck. He asks him about it. Diego tells Gray Wing that Felipe cannot talk. Gray Wing says but he does eat berries and too many of them will cause such a rash. Diego goes over to a bush and says you can see that he has eaten nearly all of them. Gray Wing tells Diego that if Zorro ever crosses his path to tell Zorro that he owed him his life. Gray Wing leaves. It seems like Gray Wing knows that Diego is Zorro. We will never know.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 11/09/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Eugene Pressman.

    Our story begins with a poker game at the tavern. Don Carlos had just got up from the table and talks to Diego. Diego asks him how it is going. Don Carlos says not well and accuses the gentleman that he was playing with of cheating. The man comes over to start trouble but Mendoza tells him that this is a peaceful pueblo and that you will act like a gentleman. Diego decides to look after Carlos so he dresses as Zorro and returns. It was a good thing to. The stranger whose name is Bishop approaches Don Carlos and tells him that he is as good as dead. Zorro comes and disarms him and tells him to temper his anger. The man begins to leave. Victoria and Zorro walk for while but Bishop decides to kill Zorro. Victoria sees Bishop and runs after Zorro. Victoria is shot. Zorro runs off because he knows his presence would make matters worst. He asks some man there to look after her.

    One of the men, which Zorro had told to get the doctor, comes and tells Alejandro about Victoria. Alejandro asks Felipe where Diego was and Felipe tells Alejandro that Diego is at the tavern. They bring Victoria to the hacienda where Diego stays with her. Alejandro protests to the alcalde. He tells the alcalde that Bishop should be shot. The alcalde says the man ought to be praised. He was aiming at Zorro and Victoria was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The alcalde tells Alejandro that there is going to be a duel between Don Carlos and Bishop.

    At the duel, Bishop kills Don Carlos and Alejandro is there. Don Carlos tells Alejandro to save his land and servants. Diego tells Victoria that if she dies Zorro will die with her. Diego later burns his Zorro mask. Back at the plaza, Bishop angers Alejandro and challenges him to a duel.

    The next day Felipe notices Alejandro leaving and goes to get Diego. Victoria awakens. She asks Diego about Zorro. Diego tells her that they have not seen Zorro since her shooting. She tells Diego that she would gladly take another bullet for Zorro. Felipe comes in and shows Diego that his father's guns are missing. Victoria says surely Zorro will not let Alejandro down. Zorro rides. Zorro gets there just in time. Zorro fights with the Bishop. Zorro is very angry and it appears that he will kill Bishop. The alcalde and sergeant come out to see it. The alcalde is going to try to shoot Zorro but Mendoza stops him. The alcalde aims his gun but Mendoza hits his arm. He claims the alcalde had a wasp on his arm. Bishop tells Zorro that it was all the alcalde's plan. The alcalde accuses Bishop of lying. The alcalde appoints Don Alejandro to carry out the final wishes of Don Carlos. Zorro tells Bishop that he should leave Los Angeles and never return.

    That night at the hacienda, Zorro meets with Victoria and kisses her. Alejandro enters and asks if she has seen Diego. Zorro hides. Alejandro later leaves. Victoria looks for Zorro. Zorro has left but he left his mask there.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 11/16/90. Director: Peter Diamond. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    The story begins with the good sergeant placing a curfew up in the town plaza. The sergeant says that it is only up there while the alcalde is away. The alcalde is gone for two whole days. About that time, he comes riding up.

    This alcalde acts different. He tells Victoria how beautiful and lovely she is and he also gives Mendoza a pay raise. (He doubles his pay). At the hacienda, Alejandro tells Diego that he believes the alcalde is up to something. A knock comes at the door. The sergeant has come with an invitation to dinner.

    In the cave, Felipe is playing with Zorro's sword. Diego asks him if he had played with it and Felipe says no. Diego shows him an experiment that he had been working on. Diego shows him how to take fingerprints off a glass. He asks him if he were sure. Felipe tells him the truth. At the dinner, it appears that the alcalde has really changed for the better. Diego decides to check the alcalde out. Diego leaves the party and dress up as Zorro. Zorro arrives at the alcalde's office and gathers a few things. Back at the party, the alcalde resends the curfew and leaves.

    A few moments pass and the alcalde reenters. He hollers Mendoza. He is wondering why all these people are out past curfew. Mendoza tells him that he just resended it. He asks why would I. He finds Victoria 200 pesos for being open. The next day Victoria pays the fine and tells him off. She said that I thought you had changed. The alcalde has a worried look on his face. The alcalde sends Mendoza on a trip to get some books for him. He gives him money for food. He seems he is nice again.

    The sergeant leaves to get his books and he passes the alcalde. The alcalde says where is he going. The alcalde goes to church to confess. He tells the priest that someone here is going to kill him. Back at the cave, Diego finds there are two different finger prints on the glasses he took from the office. Diego rides as Zorro.

    The alcalde enters his office and notices that his twin brother is in to kill him. The two alcaldes battle and Zorro comes. He tells them that he could tell them apart. Zorro fights with them. Zorro tells them that the true alcalde would have a scar on his right arm from where he had cut him in the past. The brother says you want take me to prison. He fights Zorro and Zorro wins. The alcalde asks Zorro why he helped him. Zorro said that anybody who behaved the way your brother did, did not have the best for the pueblo. Zorro also tells him that better to have the devil you do know than the devil you do not know. Mendoza returns from the trip and is still confused. One minute he is pleasant and the other minute mean. The alcalde docks his pay.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 11/25/90. Director: Robert L. McCullough. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    The story begins at the plaza when everyone is busy donating food and clothing to some Indians outside the pueblo. The alcalde enters and asks them what they are doing. She tells him they are helping the Indians. He asks them if they are going to feed those salvages. Victoria says that without these supplies they will die and be driven off from the cold. Alcalde says I am not going to allow his people to be at risk. Alejandro speaks up and says what do you mean your people. He tells them that he is in charge of safety and that they might capture you. Diego volunteers to go with her.

    The alcalde makes a statement that no citizen will enter the Indian Camp unless permission is given. A man by the name of Joshua Barnes says he will do it. He says since I paid the traveler's tax that he is not a citizen. He takes the wagon. The alcalde tells Mendoza he wants Barnes. Diego sees and hears him talking to the sergeant so he decides to ride as Zorro. As Barnes travels, lancers are there to shoot him. Zorro comes and knocks one soldier out. One soldier fires but Zorro keeps him from hitting Barnes. Barnes sees Zorro ride off and assumes that Zorro was the one shooting at him.

    Back at the tavern, Barnes tells Diego and his father about a man in black shooting at him. The alcalde hears about it and asks Barnes why he did not shoot him. Barnes tells the alcalde that he there to settle down and maybe farm. That night at town, Diego and Alejandro sell Barnes 40 acres of their land. The alcalde comes and says you cannot sell the land to foreigners. The alcalde says he has to be a citizen. Alejandro asks the alcalde what he wants. The alcalde says he wants Barnes to hunt Zorro down and kill him. Barnes says no Thank You and the alcalde arrests him.

    Later that night, 3 men come into town and they are looking for Barnes. The alcalde approaches them and wants to know what business they have with Barnes. They tell the alcalde it is family business. The alcalde proposes to the 3 men. He wants the 3 men to kill Zorro and he will release Barnes. The alcalde goes to jail where Diego and Alejandro are there talking to Barnes. The alcalde says I will release him in the morning. Diego asks him why not tonight. The alcalde says there are some friends of Barnes here and they need time to prepare a reception for him. The alcalde mentions the Harper Brothers. Mr. Barnes looks worried. The alcalde offers him protection if he will kill Zorro. Barnes says I am through with that. The alcalde tells him I know who you are. Diego and Alejandro ask him what the alcalde meant by that.

    Barnes tells them that he had some tracking experience. A sheriff in a town that Barnes lived in was killed by a man name Jay Harper. The people knowing he had some tracking experience wanted him to go and bring Jay Harper in for a trial. Harper does not listen to reason and he draws a gun on Barnes. Barnes defends himself and kills Jay Harper. His sons have returned to seek revenge.

    That night Zorro gets ready for tomorrow. He rides to town. The brothers are already getting ready for tomorrow. They are waiting for Barnes to be released.. Zorro uses an arrow with a rock tied to it to knock one of the bandits out. He next uses a rope with a rock tied to it to make a sound. The second brother investigates and hits the brother and knocks him out. This leaves only one brother. The alcalde exits and Barnes follows. The alcalde throws a gun down at Barnes feet. Barnes tries to talk some sense in the son. The alcalde sees Zorro and orders his men to attack. The Son (last brother) fires and misses. Barnes picks up the gun on the ground and holds it on him. The son hollers of the other two brothers but they do not respond because Zorro has taken care of them. Zorro comes and stops it and says the killing has to stop. The soldiers chase Zorro. Later at Barnes new land, they begin to build his new home.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 12/02/90. Director: Robert L. McCullough. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    The story begins with the alcalde and his soldiers. They are planning to attack some local Indians that he claims are salvages. The alcalde and his men attack the Indians and run them off. Only one Indian is left a young Indian girl. The alcalde says I need a maid and orders the sergeant to take her. About that time, Zorro arrives and stops the alcalde. The alcalde tells Zorro that he is only following orders. He has orders to stop all possible Indian up risings. Zorro sends the alcalde home by slapping on the alcalde's horse.

    Zorro meets with the young Indian girl. He volunteers to take her to safety until he finds the others. Zorro takes her to the de la Vega hacienda. Felipe sees her and falls in love with her. Alejandro talks to her and introduces her to Diego. Diego says we need to inform the alcalde but she speaks up and says that it was the alcalde who had ran her people off. Diego tells her that he will help find her people but she says no she wants to go to the mission school and learn the future. She wants to learn new ways to help her people and that her father still does the old ways. Diego tells her she can stay a while. The alcalde arrives at the hacienda and starts looking for her. The alcalde finds her and grabs her. He gets quite rough with her and Felipe gets really angry. He wants so much to attack the alcalde but Diego holds Felipe and tells him if you are going to fight him choose your own time and place. The alcalde tells him that I have never hung a deaf mute before.

    Back in town, Victoria volunteers to give the Indian girl a paying job but the alcalde says she is the property of the government. The alcalde is using her for his personal servant. Victoria comes and tells Diego and his dad. They go to town and learn that the Indians have attacked the alcalde and that he is wounded. The Indians have shot the alcalde in the butt. While a man takes the bullet out, they ask him where the girl is now. The alcalde sort of cries and says I do not know and I do not care. They go to find her. She and Felipe meet each other and they find her.

    That night at the hacienda Felipe and his Indian girlfriend walk and talk. As they go into the hacienda, an Indian by the name of Blackfeather throws a spear at the door. We learn that the girls' father had promised her to Blackfeather when she was a child. She tells them that the spear is a symbol of a challenge. He challenges Felipe to a spear fight on the field of battle. She tells them that if Felipe does not accept it then they will have the right to hunt Felipe down and kill him.

    Diego calls Felipe over and talks to him. Diego says let Zorro deal with this challenge but Felipe wants to go through with it. Diego asks are you sure there is no other way. She says no. Diego teaches Felipe what he knows about spear fighting. Back at town, Mendoza tells the alcalde about the fight and he wants to know if he can send some troops to help. The alcalde says no. While Diego is teaching him, the girl says it is time. Diego asks are you certain that I cannot go with him. She says no. Felipe and Blackfeather meet and begin battling. Felipe beats Blackfeather and begins to walk off. Blackfeather picks up the spear to throw at Felipe but Zorro arrives and stops him. He says the challenge has been met. Blackfeather rides off.

    Back in town, Diego, Felipe and the Indian girl arrive. The alcalde says the last time she was here we had trouble. Diego says that Blackfeather had done the attacking and that he has been spoken to. We also learn that the girls' father has given her permission to attend the mission school. The alcalde says no it is for Spanish people only. Diego says I wonder how Zorro feels about that. The alcalde changes his tone.

    William Thomas

    35. THE FALCON

    Airdate: 12/09/90. Director: Robert L. McCullough. Writers: Andrew Burg & Scott Myers.

    Our story begins at the plaza with the arrival of a man who goes by the name of Falcon. The Falcon talks to his men about how Los Angeles would be an easy plunder. One of the men asks about Zorro the fox. The Falcon plans to kill Zorro but he must find the perfect bate. The alcalde in his office plans to buy some boots that cost 200 pesos and he knows where to get it, the people.

    The sergeant, meanwhile, is busy collecting taxes and Victoria tells him that he has had his last free meal. The sergeant tells her in a sad way that he is just doing his duty. The alcalde comes out and asks if there is any problem. Alejandro speaks up and says yes and it starts with you taking our hard earned money. The alcalde reminds them that the town cannot run unless proper funds are taken in. Alejandro reminds the alcalde that he had promised a new school and how about the new bridge to Santa Barbara that was washed out. Victoria says that she wants an account of government spending and the alcalde asks what gives you the right to question my authority. The Falcon enters and says they are the people and that gives them the right. He begins throwing coins to the people and they begin picking them up.

    The alcalde orders his men to arrest the Falcon but the people start holding the soldiers back. The soldiers fire a warning shot but the Falcon says the alcalde will fire on his own people. Alejandro speaks up and says violence is not the answer. The people begin running the alcalde and his men behind the protection of the quartel. Diego picks up one of the Falcon's coins that he through in the plaza.

    Back at the cave, Diego experiments with the coin that he had picked up. He takes a coin from his pocket and the Falcon's coin. He runs an experiment and finds out that the coins look the same but in fact they are different. The one from Diego's pocket contained nickel as a hardening agent but the one from the Falcon contained Nickel laced with lead as a hardening agent. Diego says that the only place you can get one with lead in is a Guadalajara where the bank was robbed.

    At the plaza, Alejandro tells the Falcon to stop this madness before someone gets hurt. The Falcon says you are either for us or against us which one is it. Alejandro says against this madness and that the governor will hear about this. The Falcon says I believe we have found our bate for Zorro. That night the Falcon comes to the hacienda and kidnaps Alejandro and leaves Diego a note. Diego finds the note and rides as Zorro.

    The Falcon back in town gets the people so aroused up they are going to attack the alcalde. They try to break in. Zorro finds Alejandro and notices the Falcon has rigged up a trap. Back with the Alcalde the people are still trying to break in the quartel. The alcalde says fight to the last one. Zorro frees Alejandro but they nearly escape from the trap. Zorro and Alejandro find the stolen treasure. Zorro and Alejandro head for town. At the plaza, the alcalde decides to make a run for it. Nevertheless, Zorro catches up with him and knocks him down and takes his money. Alejandro tells the people that the Falcon is a crook. The Falcon says that Alejandro is lying but Zorro comes. Zorro throws the people their money back that the alcalde had taken and tells them that this is their money. Zorro tells him that the Falcon stole the other money from people like yourselves. The Falcon runs. Zorro goes after him and they begin fighting on the roof. Zorro disarms him and says they call you the Falcon lets see if you can fly. He pushes him off. Meanwhile, Zorro, using his whip, knocks the alcalde down and takes his new boots off. Mendoza returns with the stolen silver. The alcalde says it must be counted but Diego shows him a Z in the boxes top. The alcalde orders him to take it back to Guadalajara.

    William Thomas

    36. IT'S A WONDERFUL ZORRO (Christmas Episode)

    Airdate: 12/16/90. Director: Michael Levine. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    At the pueblo, the alcalde (on Christmas Eve) is going to whip a man for a crime he did not commit. Zorro comes and prevents the whipping. He rides off without saying anything. Victoria wonders why he did that.

    At the hacienda, Diego has a really bad cold. We now know why Zorro could not speak back in town. If Zorro had spoken, the people would have known that Zorro and Diego are one in the same. Alejandro comes in angry with Diego for not being in town to protest the mistreatment of the man. Alejandro accuses Diego of caring more about his piano and his so called foolish experiments. Diego gets angry and says one day my experiments will mean something. Alejandro asks Diego if he is going to Victoria's Christmas party. Diego declines and says I need to look after this cold. Alejandro leaves madder than ever. Diego gets into a foul mood after this. He wonders what good has Zorro done. Capture something like 3 bandits today and 2 yesterday and the pueblo seems to get worst every day.

    At that time, Diego has a visitor. A guy by the name of Fernando (an Angel) has come to meet Diego. Fernando says something like this-so you are Zorro. Diego says I beg your pardon. Fernando goes over to the fireplace and opens the secret entrance to the cave. Diego demands an explanation and asks him who he is. Fernando says don't worry Diego your secret is safe with me and he looks up and says with him to. Fernando and Diego talk awhile and wonder what good Zorro had done. Fernando tells Diego that we are all given talents and how we use them is up to us. Diego wonders what things would be like if Zorro did not exist. Fernando knows he is not going to get through to Diego. Fernando says you will have to see for yourself. Fernando leaves and Diego says see what for myself. Diego exits the hacienda. His cold is gone. Two men stop by the de la Vega hacienda. They ask Diego how far it is to Los Angeles. Diego tells them. As the two men ride off, one of them says Victoria is mine. Diego gets angry and returns to the cave to dress as Zorro. The cave is bare.

    Diego enters the cave and there is nothing there. No Tornado, no Zorro outfit, nothing was there. It was like no one has ever been down in there. He goes to town. When he gets there, things are a mess. Sergeant Mendoza is out in the plaza begging for money. He looks like a dirty peasants. Diego offers to buy him some food. Diego sees Victoria and she looks like a tramp. Going around flirting. Diego hollers at her and reminds her that she promised to wait until the mask was removed forever. Diego asks her about Zorro. She says who is Zorro. Diego sees the man who said the Victoria was his and begins to fight him. The alcalde enters and arrests Diego.

    Diego has a visitor while in jail, Fernando has come to see Diego. Fernando brings Diego up to date. Diego says thank GOD his father and Felipe escaped. Fernando tells Diego that his father was killed in cold blood by the alcalde. Diego says I will recreate Zorro. Diego says I must find Felipe. Fernando tells Diego that Felipe is a prisoner at Devils Fortress. Remember (Family Business) when the couple kidnap Felipe to use him in a bank heist. Felipe was arrested for being an accomplice. Fernando tells Diego that Los Angeles needs Zorro and that he should never forget it. The jail cell opens.

    Diego returns home. His cold has come back. Diego enters the cave and dresses as Zorro. Zorro confronts the alcalde and hits him in the face. The alcalde says what have I done. Zorro threatens him to the point the alcalde is terrified. Zorro goes to the party and says Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas). He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and leaves. Diego goes to the party. He is happier than ever. Alejandro tells Diego it is good to see him.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 12/23/90. Director: Robert L. McCullough. Writer: Greg O'Neill

    We begin our story with Felipe fishing. He hears some gunshots being fired. Felipe decides to investigate the shots. When we arrive, a group of men are plotting something. At this point in time, we do not know. The leader of the group says it has been 15 years. Felipe makes a sound and the men begin chasing him. Felipe is later caught by one of them. One of the guys in the group says he knows Felipe. He works for the de la Vega's and that Felipe cannot hear (he can really hear but he plays deaf). The leader does not believe the man so he holds a gun right beside Felipe's ear and fires. Felipe does not move. They tie Felipe up. Later, we learn that they are going to kill the alcalde. The alcalde had framed the man for a crime he did not commit. He had spent 15 years in prison and now it is time for revenge.

    At the plaza, the alcalde is busy making preparations for a celebration. The alcalde gets to present the new mission bell on the church to the people. He wants to know where the sergeant is. He is told by another soldier that Mendoza is in the tavern and that Don Alejandro is teaching him to play cards. Diego comes in to asks his father about Felipe. Diego tells his dad that Felipe had not slept in his bed all night. Alejandro remembers that Felipe was going fishing. Diego rides to find Felipe. Diego finds Felipe all tied up.

    Felipe tells Diego that the are planning to kill the alcalde. Diego and Felipe go to the alcalde's office to tell him but the alcalde does not believe him. He says Felipe made up the story to keep from getting in trouble for being out all night. Diego and Felipe return to the cave.

    Felipe tells Diego about all the bandits and what they have planned. We have a man with a crossbow. His job is to kill Zorro. Another man's job is to secure the armoury (spelled that way on the show- armory). Another man job is to create a diversion with firecrackers. We have one whose job is to shoot the alcalde. If the man with the gun fails to shoot the alcalde, then the man that had spent 15 years in jail has a backup plan. He has a close range knife made up to look like a cross. All of this is supposed to take place with the ringing of the bell. Diego plots his course of action and rides as Zorro. The guy that has the firecrackers takes over the tavern and ties Victoria up.

    Zorro makes it to town. Zorro first task is to get the man who has secured the armoury. Zorro using a can with rocks shakes it and makes a funny sound. When the man gets there, Zorro knocks him out. Zorro climbs to the roof to see where the other men are. The alcalde and Mendoza begin to walk to make the speech. Zorro creates a diversion with firecrackers. This scares the alcalde. The alcalde says make sure there are no more distractions. The Sergeant enters the tavern and is captured.

    Zorro second target is the man with the crossbow. Zorro tricks the man by rigging up a stick with his cape on it. The man with the crossbow fires and thinks he has killed Zorro. As the alcalde begins his speech, Zorro notices the man with the gun. Zorro climbs up to him and knocks him out. Next, using a decorative pole, Zorro catapults over and gets the man with the crossbow. Zorro later looks for the missing peace (the knife in shape of a cross). Zorro notices a monk wearing boots. The alcalde begins to ring the bell. Zorro standing right beside it holds the rope to the bell. The alcalde wonders why he cannot ring it. When the alcalde turns around, Zorro hides. The alcalde tries again. This time he rings it. The man in the tavern says it is beginning with the bell. Mendoza knocks the man out and says here is your bell. They had untied themselves. Zorro slides down the rope to stop Rico (the man who had spent 15 years in prison).

    The alcalde has a gun but it is knocked out of his hand. Zorro holds a sword on Rico. Rico tries to shoot the alcalde with a gun that was knocked out of the alcalde's hand. The gun will not fire. He runs. Zorro goes after him. Zorro catches up to him but lets him go. Zorro tells him that he is a free man and to keep it that way.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 01/06/91. Director: Michael Levine. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    The story begins with Zorro chasing a young bandit who had supposedly robbed the bank. Zorro catches him. The young bandit asks Zorro why he was helping the alcalde. Zorro tells him that he is helping the people. Zorro promises him a fair trial. The bandit says that he will not go to trial. He will not be in jail long. Zorro takes him to jail.

    Back at the hacienda, Diego thinks it was strange that the alcalde had not tried to capture him. Diego decides to represent him at a trial. Diego goes to the alcalde and tells him that he wants to represent the young bandit. The alcalde tells him that he will be the judge and that Mendoza will be the prosecuting attorney. That night Diego talks to the bandit. The bandit keeps telling him that he will not be in jail long.

    At that time, a knock comes at the door to the alcalde's office. The alcalde says go away. The two doors are knocked down by a giant of a man. It is the bandit's brother. The giant opens the cell door by bending the pipes. Diego stops the young bandit from leaving. Diego tells him that if he leaves he will be fugitive and the alcalde tells him that they will put a price (bounty) on his head. Bounty Hunters would come after him. Diego tells the giant that he is representing him and that he can get him acquitted.

    At the trial, the giant enters the tavern and meets Victoria and Mendoza. Victoria tells the giant that Mendoza is the prosecutor. Sergeant gets scared and says it is a dirty job but someone has to do it. The trial begins. Mendoza begins. He points at him and says that man is guilty. The alcalde tells him to precede. He says the accused robbed the bank of 12,000 pesos. Mendoza gets carried away and puts everyone to sleep almost. The alcalde interrupts and asks Diego if he is ready.

    Diego begins and everything he says Mendoza hollers objection. At that point in time, the big brother gets up and sits by the sergeant. This stops the objections. Diego orders exhibit 1 to be brought in. A wheel barrel full of 12000 pesos. Diego asks the sergeant to carry it. He cannot carry it. They ask another lancer to help him. Even two men cannot carry it. Diego says how can a man the size of the sergeant carry that many pesos. Diego's next exhibit is the alcalde's record book from the bank. The alcalde wonders how Diego got it. Diego tells him it was on his door step this morning. The bank ledger shows that the alcalde was the owner of the bank and that he had been stealing money from it since it opened. This angers the alcalde. He orders the man to be executed. They hold the giant at gun point and begin to prepare the gallows.

    Zorro comes but the Giant attacks Zorro for capturing his brother. Zorro tries to explain. Zorro says that I got him into trouble I would like to try to get him out of it. He asks the giant to help him look for the gold. They find it under the floor of the alcalde's office.

    William Thomas

    39. TO BE A MAN

    Airdate: 01/13/91. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Bruce Lansbury.

    At the hacienda, Diego is busy putting a beard on the Felipe. Alejandro asks him why. Diego tells him it is for an Easter pageant. Alejandro tells Diego that he has received a letter from one of his judge friends. The judge wants him to look over his son Carlos while he is away at a trial. The judge fears for his son and he knows he will be safe at the de la Vega's home. The man that is on trial is about to be sentenced and the man's brother said he would retaliate if they carry out the sentence.

    Diego thinks that the man's brother might try to kidnap the judge's son so he rides as Zorro to make sure that Carlos makes it. Diego was right. They attack the coach and Zorro foils the plan. Zorro meets the young Carlos. He is kind of a smartalecky kid. Carlos makes it to the plaza and falls in love with Victoria. Alejandro brings him home.

    That night at supper, Carlos becomes a pest. Alejandro says give him time. He is among strangers. Diego said I want to turn him over my knees. Diego continues getting ready for the Easter pageant. He places a beard on Felipe and Carlos. Carlos sees Alejandro's ceremonial sword and decides to go to the tavern to be with Victoria.

    The sentenced man brother arrives in town and goes to the alcalde. The man's brother claims that he is a bounty hunter and that young Carlos has murdered someone. Diego overhears him outside. The bounty hunter claims that the governor is his uncle. Diego returns home and Alejandro is mad. Carlos has left. The alcalde and the brother arrive and arrest Diego and Alejandro. The alcalde puts them under house arrest with Mendoza as their guard. Diego tells Alejandro to keep Mendoza busy why he goes and searches for young Carlos. Diego rides as Zorro.

    At the tavern, Carlos tries to flirt with Victoria. The brother and some men cause trouble. They get after Victoria and Carlos comes to the rescue. Zorro and Felipe watch and help young Carlos out. Victoria thanks him and gives him a kiss. Outside a coach arrives. It carries the judge. Carlos runs when he sees him and hides but the brother grabs Carlos. While the brother holds Carlos, Felipe gets behind him and knocks him in the head. The alcalde says arrest Zorro. The judge says that they should arrest this man (the brother). The alcalde says that he is the governor's nephew. The judge tells him the governor has no nephew. The alcalde learns who each is and arrests the brother. They complete the Easter pageant.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 01/25/91. Director: Michael Levine. Writer: Tim Minear (teleplay), Diane Carter (story).

    A bandit is trying to stop a stagecoach from entering Los Angeles. Zorro rides up in time and captures the man, who turns out to be a thief that the Alcalde, Luis Ramone, let out of jail. The Alcalde had wanted the stagecoach stopped, because his cousin, a woman seamstress, was inside it, along with a botanist, and a well-known piano player. The alcalde's cousin turns out to be a very annoying woman with a loud voice.

    Zorro rides the bandit back to the Alcalde's jail, and since one of the wheels on the wagon was broken, the the Alcalde's cousin, the piano player, and the botanist to walk all the way to Los Angeles. The piano player was to be playing Beethoven's newest symphony, and the whole town was awaiting his arrival. After the group of people arrived, a series of thefts start occuring, the culprit being none other than The Whistling Bandit, who was whistling his way across Europe, robbing people whnever he felt like it. And when The Whistling Bandit strikes at Diego's own home, Zorro decides to take action. Felipe had entered into the room just as The Whistling Bandit had left, and had heard him whitling Beethoven's Eighth Symphony. Diego suspects that The Whistling Bandit is actually one of the three visitors to Los Angeles.

    He replaces one of the music pages that the pianist was supposed to be playing that night at Victoria's Tavern with a piece that he composed himself. Then, dressed as Zorro, he hides upstairs in the tavern and waits. The pianist, who had never played or heard Beethoven's Eighth Symphony, started playing. When he reached the point where Diego had switched the pages, he kept right on going, thinking that it was the correct page. The Alcalde's cousin then stood up and screamed for him to stop. She said that that was the wrong page. Zorro then jumped down from his hiding place upstairs, and told her that only the Whistling Bandit would have known that. Trying to protect his family's honor, Luis Ramone attempts to arrest Zorro, with the help of his loyal Sergeant. He once again fails. The botanist, actually an agent of the King, takes control of the situation immediately. Zorro recovers the objects stolen from the people, and the group of visitors are sent back to Spain.

    David Nesbitt


    Airdate: 01/27/91. Director: Peter Diamond. Writer: Adam Tyler.

    The next election for the state of Governor is coming up, and the "future" governor wants to make a steady influence. He comes to the Pueblo of Los Angeles to capture Zorro and take him back to Spain with him. However, the Alcalde, knowing that the governor was coming, made up a story of visiting his sick grandmother, and temporarily leaves Los Angeles until the Governor must return to Spain.

    The Governor is furius at the Alcalde for leaving the bumbling Sergeant Mendoza in charge behind. So, he makes Don Alejandro the Acting Alcalde, and will take away all of Alejandro's belongings, land, hacienda, everything, unless he captures Zorro by the time the Governor must return to Spain. Having no choice, Don Alejandro accepts the job. At the same time Alejandro is setting up papers to make a new water system for the citizens of Los Angeles, a shot, innocent, escaped convict makes his way to his brother's house. He says that the Alcalde, Luis Ramone, shot him while he was trying to escape. His brother goes out to get revenge on the Alcalde. Unfortunately, his brother does not know that there is a new Alcalde for the time -- Don Alejandro. The dying man's brother tries to kill Don Alejandro, but is stopped by Don Diego, and left unconscious dressed in a Zorro costume lying in an alley. Sergeant Mendoza captures the fake Zorro, and he is soon on his way to Spain. Victoria does not believe that the fake Zorro is the real one, and tries to convince everyone that he is not. On the way back to Spain with "Zorro," the Governor meets the real Zorro. Soon the governor is sent on his way back to Spain -- without his prisoner. The fake Zorro is sent back to his home -- without his revenge.

    David Nesbitt


    Airdate: 02/03/91. Director: Michael Levine. Writer: Bruce Lansbury.

    Using his wealth that he got from the people of Los Angeles, the Alcalde, Luis Ramone, buys himself the prized Jewelled Sword. He locks the sword up good and tight, with all of the windows and doors also locked. The next day, a traveling circus act arrives at the pueblo, hoping to earn some money for performing. The leader of the circus turns out to be a small man (Alfonzo), who has a very big heart, for he gives some of what little money he has to the poor. He is not able to perform in Los Angeles unless he pays the special performance tax. He sneaks into the Alcalde's office and steals the reward money for capturing Zorro. The next day, the Alcalde is frantic trying to find the money. The small man comes to his aid, and "finds" the missing money! The Alcalde is so greatful, that he treats him to lunch and lets his circus perform for free.

    While eating, Alfonzo puts the Alcalde into a trance, telling him that Zorro will come that night and that he will be captured. The Alcalde, being under a trance, believes him.

    That night the circus play is being performed at Victoria's Tavern. In one scene, they lock Alfonzo into a small trunk, while they do their play parts. Alfonzo is supposed to jump out later on. But, the bottom of the trunk is false, and it leads down through a neatly cut hole in the floor. From there, Alfonzo is able to sneak into the Alcalde's office, and holding a sword to Sergeant Mendoza's back (The Sergeant is sitting in a chair), he steals the Jewelled Sword. He changes his voice to make himslef sound more like Zorro. With a knife, he carves a "Z" into the wall, and props his sowrd up against Mendoza's back while he climbs back up into the chest.

    Meanwhile, Zorro gets suspicious, and also pays the Sergeant a visit. He asks the Sergeant wheer the Jewelled Sword is, to make sure that it is still safe. Mendoza replies, "Zorro, you just stole it!" Zorro sees how Alfredo did it, and climbs up onto the rafters of Victoria's Tavern. It is Alfonzo's cue, and he jumps out of the trunk, acting like he was there the whole time. Zorro jumps down from the rafters, and when the Alcalde asks why he is there, Zorro replies that he is trying to clear himself of a crime he did not commit. The Alcalde asks what crime is he talking about. At that very time, Sergeant Mendoza rushes in, shouting "Alcalde, Zorro stole the Jewelled Sword!" Zorro says, "That crime."

    Zorro bars both doors to the tavern, so that the alcalde's men cannot get in. He then says that he wants to know what Don Alfonzo did with the Jewelled Sword. Alfonzo says that he could not have done it, he was on stage the entire time. Zorro walks up on stage and kicks aside the trunk that Alfonzo was "locked" in. He shows the whole to everyone in the tavern, and asks where the sword is. Alfonzo rushes over to where he hid it, and challenges Zorro to a duel. He tries to stab at Zorro, but Zorro steps on the sword and stops the nonsense. The Alcalde and Sergeant mendoza do not want to get close, for fear that Zorro will break the sword. One of Alfonzo's men tries to attack Zorro, but is kicked away. Another of Alfonzo's men tries to throw some bottles at Zorro, but Zorro catches them and directs them to the Alcalde and Sergeant Mendoza's heads.

    Once again, Zorro asks Alfonzo for the sword. Alfonzo shouts for Zorro to look out behind him. The lancers had broken through the door. Zorro grabs the trunk that Alfonzo had been locked in, and runs into the lancers with it. For the third time, Zorro asks Alfonzo for the sword. Alfonzo, realizing that he is beaten gives it to him. Zorro gives the Jewelled Sword to Victoria, telling her to give it to the Alcalde when he wakes up.

    Zorro lets Alfonzo leave, since he saved Zorro's life by telling him about the lancers. Alfonzo promises not to ever do anything criminal again. The next day, the Alcalde sells the Sword, and realizes that the money Alfonzo found was fake. At the same time, Don Alejandro de la Vega discovers that someone put a thousand pecos in the poor box the night before. Don Alfonzo.

    David Nesbitt


    Airdate: 02/10/91. Director: Michael Levine. Writer: Robert. L. McCullough.

    Our story begins with some new people coming to Los Angeles, the Nielsons. They ask the Sergeant if he knows where the Luis Ramon Land Office is. Sergeant Mendoza thinks that they are strange, for they are Quakers, dressing in black and not going to the Catholic church that everyone else goes to. Mendoza asks the Alcalde what he should do. The Alcalde who previously owned a land office, gives the Nielsons a worthless piece of land, which they instantly love. Don Alejandro is very angry at the Alcalde, and says so. The Nielsons claim that they can fix up the land with HARD WORK.

    Weeks later, the Alcalde sends Sergeant Mendoza to see how the Nielsons are doing on their land. When the Sergeant arrives, he sees everything blooming, corn, tomatoes, beans, all growing from the rocky land. He asks the Nielsons how they do it. They say with God, nitrate, and HARD WORK they accomplished what they did. Also, to make it grow, they use nitrate, which Sergeant Mendoza twists around so that it is called nitroots. The Sergeant tells everyone about it, and the between that and the fact that Senorita Nielson healed Don Alejandro's sickness with herbs, which everyone didn't know about, the Nielsons are accused of being witches. They are put in the stocks, and are about to be stoned, when Zorro comes in with a revolver and shoots the one rock that is about to hit Snor Nielson.

    After disarming the lancers, Zorro holds the Alcalde at swordpoint, and tells everyone that nitrate is a powerful chemical that can make things grow. He also tells how Senorita Nielson healed Don Alejandro with herbs and spices. Zorro then locks the Alcalde in the stocks and makes Sergeant Mendoza swallow the key, while everyone throws rotten fruit and vegetables at him.

    David Nesbitt


    Airdate: 02/24/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    The Devils Fortress Part 1

    Our story begins in modern day Los Angeles, California. One of Diego's great, great grandsons and a younger girl (probably another two generations) comes to look at the old ruins of the de la Vega hacienda. All that is left of the beautiful hacienda is rocks and stones. It has been over 170 years. The modern day developers plan on building a road though the ruins of the hacienda. The grandson and daughter are there to pay final respects to the old land. They discover the entrance to the cave where Zorro had done all of his experiments and so forth. They find a lock draw to a table. They pry it open and discover an unsprung mouse trap. They trip the trap and all of the sudden smoke begins to come and it leads them to a hole in the cave wall. In the cave, they find one of Diego's journals that tells the tell of the Devils Fortress. They start reading it.

    The story begins with Diego and Felipe in the secret cave conducting experiments. A knock comes at the door. Senorita Escalante has came to get the aid of Don Alejandro. Diego informs her that he has sprung his ankle riding a horse. Senorita has a letter from a man who had stayed at Devils Fortress telling her that her father is still alive there. She always thought that her father was killed in the war but she finds out that he is alive and is dying in the Devils Fortress. Diego decides to go for her to talk to the commandante of the Fortress.

    The sergeant and the alcalde learn of the trip and he said that he has been looking for an excuse to get in the Devils Fortress for 8 years and now this is his chance. He tells the sergeant pack enough food for 8 days. Zorro rides to the church where Senorita Escalante is praying for her fathers safe return and Diego's. He tells her he will help. As Senorita Escalante leaves the church she runs into Luis Ramone (alcalde) and he tells her he will go also. She asked him why and he gives her a fake story that he wanted to help. She ask the sergeant what he was going for and he told her he did not know.

    Later at the tavern she tells Don Alejandro that she is going to warn Zorro that the alcalde was going. Senorita Escalante then catches up with the alcalde and the sergeant.

    Diego, who was on his trip riding a disguised Tornado, notices a carriage in trouble. Bandits are chasing the carriage so he dresses as Zorro and steals a white horse from one of the bandits. He rides to the carriage to help the people inside. He then captures the bandits and a pretty senorita comes out of the carriage. Unknown to Zorro the senorita was the commandante of the Devil's Fortress' daughter! She thanks him and gives him one of her handkerchiefs as a token of thanks. He starts off and she says, "You are not going to leave me behind, are you?". Zorro tells her that he saw a stranger coming a ways back. Shortly after that Diego comes to the aid of the Senorita. Diego helps her by driving the carriage because her other coachman was killed by the bandits. The guards at Devils Fortress arrive and the pretty Senorita tells them to arrest Diego, for he is the bandit, Zorro. He now knows who she really is.

    The Devils Fortress Part 2

    Diego is now under the capture of the beautiful daughter of the commandante. Diego wicks at Tornado and Tornado escapes but Diego is captured and put in the carriage with the daughter. Diego's hands are tied. The people are riding in the carriage to Devils Fortress and she is telling Diego that he will never escape. Diego says that he begs to differ. He jumps from the carriage runs away, and whistles for Tornado. The next day Zorro is at the Devil's Fortress and he jumps a man in the bushes. The man is Senorita Escalantes brother, Romane.

    Back at the Devil's Fortress, the alcalde, the sergeant, and Senorita Escalante are talking to the commandante. She begs to see her father, but he says no. They spend the night at the Devil's Fortress with the sergeant bunking with the men and the alcalde and senorita having their own room. The alcalde attempts to complete what he had came for, a land grant that belongs to the de la Vegas. Without this land grant, the richest land would revert back to the state. Meanwhile, Senorita Escalante is still looking for a way to see her father.

    Zorro and Romane attack in broad daylight. Zorro climbs the wall of the Devil's Fortress and knocks a guard out. While Zorro is fighting the guards, Senorita Escalante finds her father. He is dying in the cell. He dies. They enter into the room where Zorro is and Zorro starts fighting with the commandante. He easily beats him. The commandante tells Zorro to kill him, because he doesn't deserve to live, but Zorro says that he should live in shame. Meanwhile, Luis Ramon and the commandante's daughter are hiding in the rafters. The alcalde orders the Senorita to shoot Zorro. They start struggling, and the daughter looses her balance and falls to her death. Zorro holds Victoria and says that the Devil's Fortress has claimed it final victim. The alcalde runs off.

    Zorro notices the room to the deeds was open and he goes to find the alcalde. Zorro finds the alcalde just as he is is trying to climb down the wall of the Devil's Fortress. Zorro then starts playing with him. Zorro touches the alcaldes hand with his sword and tells the alcalde to give him the document. The alcaldes says that Zorro must first help him. Zorro says "You haven't been paying attention, alcalde. I said to give me the document first." He starts to hand Zorro the document, and Zorro reaches for it. Right then, the alcalde also reaches and unmasks Zorro. He sees it is Diego. "De la Vega!" He slips and shouts "No! I should have known!" He falls to his death. Diego rushes down to where the alcalde fell to and gets his mask and the document. Senorita Escalante and her brother carry her father out of the cell.

    Back at the de la Vega hacienda, Felipe comes in and Don Alejandro asked him what had happened. Diego comes in dirty, and Don Alejandro says to Diego, "Look at you!" Diego says, "I'm afraid I got lost, Father." Alejandro says "You got lost." Diego says that he has to tell Don Alejandro what happened. Alejandro sighs and says, "Next time, leave it to Zorro."

    Back in modern times Diego's descendants finish reading the journal and learn that Diego has buried the King's land grant under the bottom left stone of the old fireplace. They find the land grant and save the land.

    William Thomas


    This episode was probably made to be like an episode in Walt Disney's Zorro entitled "The Unmasking of Zorro", in which Ortega unmasks Zorro on a high-up roof right before he slips and falls to his death.

    45. ONE FOR ALL [1-HOUR]

    Airdate: 04/28/91. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    One for All Part 1 (The Three Muskateers Part 1)

    Our story begins with Diego taking a trip to France on a vacation. He assumes that there is no need for Zorro with the Alcalde away. He arrives in France by way of a carriage and another woman with him.

    He and the lady enter the tavern and notice a funny (comical) fight going on between the villagers. Diego helps one man (Picotan) out and sees another man chasing his wife out of the kitchen. Diego tries to help the woman but the woman hits Diego and says that that was her husband. The woman that entered in with Diego passes out on the bench. A man named Shuzack and his men come into the tavern, and Diego runs over to the woman and fans her because she is passed out.

    Later on, Diego discovers that the man who Diego helped in the tavern (Picotan) is friends to one of the three musketeers' descendants. The descendant is drunk so Diego and Picotan help him out and are arrested by Shuzack and his men. They question Diego and after they find out he is not a spy and is on vacation they dump him out of the carriage. Diego is helped by a pretty woman. She helps him and he goes as Zorro to Shuzack's fortress and introduces himself as the Fox. Diego goes to the bedroom of Shuzack and to his surprise he finds the pretty lady who had helped him to be one of Shuzack mistresses. They order the guards to attack Zorro. He defeats them and releases Picotan and his master. They ride off.

    At the end of the story, two of the three musketeers are there and the other is not coming. He will later come in story two.

    One for All Part 2 (The Three Muskateers Part 2)

    Recap: Diego is vacationing in France because the alcalde is away for a while. Diego arrives in France but relaxing is far from what he does. He enters a tavern at France and when he does, he sees a comical fight going on between the villagers of France. Later we learned that Picotan has summoned the descendant of the original three musketeers together to restore law and order to France. France is under the dictatorship of Shuzack, a ruthless man. We learn that whoever has a certain ring will be in charge of law and order.

    In the second opening of the story, we have the third musketeer entering the picture. He asks them if they would come to people claiming to be the descendants of the musketeers. He thought it was a just a trick. He arrives and checks it out.

    Later Picotan brings the three musketeers their clothing. They go to the tavern where they meet a lovely lady. Shuzack's men come in and they begin fighting. Diego sees them fight so he rushes to dress as Zorro to help. Shuzack's men leave after being defeated by the Three Muskateers' descendants and Zorro.

    In the first episode, Diego has learned that the girl that rescued him was a lover of Shuzack. Later Diego misinforms Shuzack's lover that they need a secluded place to plot the downfall of Shuzack. Diego knows that she will tell Shuzack. The plan worked. Shuzack and a bunch of his men go to capture the three musketeers at the destination point.

    Shuzack does not know though that Zorro and the musketeers are waiting in the bushes. He left a few of his soldiers to guard his fortress. Zorro has another plan on how they can get into Shuzack's fortress. The three musketeers carry Zorro and lay him on the bridge. The guards say, "Lets take a look at him." Zorro opens his eyes and says "Why don't you take a look at this." He hits the guard and does a backward flip. They knock the guards out and look for the ring. They find the ring on the waist of a suit of armor. It has a trap though. Zorro gets the ring with his sword and tells them to duck. Flying arrows come through the air. Later one of the three musketeers tells Zorro to duck. One of Shuzacks man has returned and the battle begins.

    After all the guards have been taken care of, the three musketeers return to the plaza with a bunch of people of France. Shuzack comes with his mistress and the three musketeers shows Shuzack the ring. The people start fighting Shuzack and run him off. Zorro leaves and returns home from his "vacation".

    William Thomas