New Zorro Episode Guide

First Season - 1990

by William Thomas and David Nesbitt

Here are descriptions of each New Zorro episode in Season One, in order as the episodes appeared.


  • Duncan Regehr (Zorro and Don Diego)
  • Patrice Camhi (Victoria Escalante)
  • James Victor (Sergeant Mendoza)
  • Michael Tylo (Alcalde Luis Ramone)
  • Juan Diego Botto (Felipe)
  • Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (Don Alejandro)

    Airdate: 01/05/90. Director: Ron Satlof. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    Our story begins with Diego de la Vega doing some scientific observations of the moon. While looking at the moon and talking to Felipe, he notices a man riding a horse. It is very late at night, past midnight. Our next scene, we go to the tavern where Victoria has already closed for the night. The man knocks on the door and demands lodging for the night and that he expects breakfast at Dawn.

    The next morning Victoria takes the man breakfast and opens the door. She notices that he has been stabbed and a knife laying on the floor. Victoria screams and makes one vital mistake. She picks up the knife laying on the floor and the Sergeant who had just come in from the plaza ask her what had she done.

    Back in the Zorro cave, Diego is teaching Felipe a bit of swordsmanship when Don Alejandro hollers. Diego rushes out of the cave and begins playing his piano. This confuses Don Alejandro because he had just passed by the piano and no one there. Anyway, Don Alejandro tells Diego about Victoria being in jail.

    The next day Diego visits Victoria in the jail and brings her a basket of food. Diego tells her not to touch the custard for he had put something in it for Mendoza. Outside in the plaza, the alcalde stops the sergeant to tell him something but the sergeant rushes off and says urgent business. At the jail, Diego and Victoria try to figure out what the alcalde is up to. Diego returns to the cave and dresses as Zorro to look for evidence on the alcalde.

    Zorro enters the alcalde's office and tears a peace off the dead mans shirt to analyze the blood on it. Zorro opens the door to leave but soldiers are standing and fires a warning shot only. The alcalde enters from the back and tells Zorro that the soldiers had just fired warning shots and that the pleasure of killing him was his.

    Zorro had locked the door of the alcalde's office when he saw the soldiers. He reaches and unlocks the door again. The alcalde aims his pistols at Zorro and shoots. He misses Zorro and hits one of the lancers because Zorro had opened the door about the same time he shoots. Zorro and the alcalde sword fight a while and Zorro carves a Z on the alcalde's desk. Zorro runs out the door and escapes.

    The next day Felipe brings Victoria another basket of food. Mendoza of course inspects the basket for any kind of weapons and gets a peace of cake out. Of course, Diego has put the same stuff that he had in the custard. The alcalde tries to talk to the sergeant but the sergeant is running sick. The alcalde enters and runs Felipe off. Felipe overhears that they are going to hang Victoria the next day.

    At the cave, Diego is busy analyzing the blood on the shirt and finds out that it is not blood. Felipe tells Diego that they are going to hang Victoria tomorrow.

    In the alcalde's office, the alcalde and the man (that is suppose to be dead) are having dinner. Mendoza enters and faints. The alcalde awakens the sergeant and tells him that it was all a plan to capture Zorro. He introduces the man to the sergeant. He is a professional actor and that he and the alcalde had gone to school together.

    That night the dead man leaves the pueblo and Zorro sees him. He confronts the stranger and brings him to the hanging the next day. Zorro and the dead man are on the roof. Zorro has his cape in front of the dead man but shows everyone that the so called dead man is alive. This saves Victoria.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 01/12/90. Director: Ron Satlof. Writer: Bruce Lansbury.

    We begin our story with Diego working on a piece of sculpture and his father asking him how he looks. Apparently, Alejandro is planning to get married to a young woman whom he has never met. Alejandro and the young woman have been writing to each other for several months. They shared deep feelings through their letters that they wrote. The coach arrives and a young woman gets out. She is about Diego's age. The young woman had sent a picture a head of time and Diego asks her about it. He tells her that she is not the woman in the picture. She apologizes for the deception and explains why she did it. She says that she sent a picture of her aunt. She also tells them that she was testing Alejandro's sincerity. Diego does not trust her.

    We go to town. A group of cattle herders are causing trouble in the plaza chasing people and having a good time. Felipe tells Diego about the cattle herders so Zorro rides and takes care of Gomez and his herders. After Zorro takes care of Gomez and his men, he notices a man climbing the wall and entering into a room. Zorro goes over and the man takes off his disguise. The man is the woman who is going to marry Alejandro. In the bedroom, Zorro notices her and that she has another man in her life. Diego wonders how he will tell his father that the woman he loves has another man.

    At the hacienda, Diego tells her that he knows about the man whom she was with. He tells her that a friend that he trusts saw them. She tells him that last night was not what he thought. She also tells him later that she and the lover had a scam going on. She was to marry Alejandro and that her lover would get his land. Diego tells her that she has to leave and to write a gentle note to his father. She tells Diego that the man would be in town later. Diego decides to go to talk to the man but notices that the young woman has sent a carrier pigeon to town. Diego rigs up the piece of sculpture that he was working on to look like him. He sends the sculpture on a wagon and sends it to town. The girl's lover with the help of Gomez shoots the sculpture thanking that it is Diego. They figure kill Diego and that would leave no heirs to the estate. The young woman would get Alejandro and her friend would get his land. Zorro arrives and fights with him. Zorro tells the sergeant that the man is a murderer and he will bring the evidence later. Back at the hacienda, she tells Alejandro the truth and a soldier comes an arrest her and halls her off in a caged wagon.

    William Thomas

    3. WATER

    Airdate: 01/19/90. Director: Michael Vejar. Writer: Ron Friedman.

    Our story begins with Diego and Felipe riding to town to get some water at the plaza water fountain. There well had just dried up. While there, the alcalde declares a state of emergency and rations the water. He allows each person 1 bucket of water per week until the drought is over. Diego asks about the farmers and the alcalde says that you can buy excess water if they need it. Diego tells him that he has gone too far and the Alcalde arrests Diego. The sergeant locks Diego up and Felipe runs to get Alejandro. The soldiers fire gun shots because the people had started throwing food at the alcalde and his lancers. Alejandro arrives and says the governor will hear about this and he demands that the alcalde lock him up. The alcalde gives in. The sergeant goes and gets Diego and releases him. This makes the alcalde very angry.

    The alcalde orders the sergeant to round up all of those people who have not paid their taxes. Zorro arrives and stops the sergeant. Zorro throws what might be a bomb at the sergeant. The bomb goes off but it may be a dud. Mendoza gets up and it goes off again and dirties the sergeant's uniform. The soldiers chase Zorro. Zorro stops behind a bush and gets off as the soldiers pass him. Zorro waits for the sergeant to come. Zorro using a whip knocks the sergeant off and he rolls and lands in a small puddle of water.

    At the tavern, while the people get their water, the fountain suddenly stops pouring water. The alcalde makes an announcement that he has plenty of water on his land. He tells them it is free. Alejandro suspects a trick. On the alcalde's land, Diego notices the sergeant collecting money. He goes over to investigate. Diego learns that the water is free but it cost you to travel over the alcalde's land. Back at the cave, Diego experiments with the two waters of the alcaldes and the fountain. He decides they are from the same source. Diego suspects that the alcalde has blocked the water somehow.

    Zorro searches for the blockage and finds it. The sergeant and some soldiers are there to protect the blockage. Zorro needs a diversion. Zorro and Felipe help rig some firecrackers in a tree and Felipe sets them off to make the soldiers think they were being attacked. When the firecrackers quit, Felipe plays a trumpet to make them think an army was coming. Zorro meanwhile fights with the soldiers while his explosives blow the blockage and returns water to the plaza's fountain. At the very end of the story, the rain breaks the drought.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 01/26/90. Director: Ron Satlof. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    Our story starts with Diego Delavega and his father Don Alejandro playing a game of chess. Don Alejandro is talking to Diego about how the Alcalde had called a meeting of the townspeople last night and how he tried to turn the people against Zorro.

    About that time, Felipe comes in and tells Diego and Alejandro there has been some trouble out at the old Indian Camp. When Diego and his father arrive at the camp, it appears that Zorro had completely destroyed the entire place.

    Later in town Diego asks Senorita Escalante if there had been any new strangers in town. She said a few people and an old man who is looking over the fruit in the plaza.

    One night at the tavern, the old man who Senorita Escalante had told Diego about was climbing the stairs and drops a rock. The rock appears to be copper ore (a valuable mineral). The Sergeant had let it slip. He said the alcalde's peace was bigger. Diego asked the Sergeant if that was copper ore. Sergeant said, "I don't know these things".

    Diego decides to ride as Zorro to find out what the alcalde was up to. Diego learns that the alcalde has hired a professional swordsman to make the real Zorro look bad while he can steal the copper ore from the Indians. While in the rafters, Zorro over hears the alcalde and the professional swordsman talking. The alcalde says "We have made Zorro look bad, now we have to make me look good." They plan to do this in the tavern where the people will be there to witness it. The fake Zorro and the alcalde start to battle. The alcalde and Zorro fight for a while and the alcalde runs the fake Zorro in behind the curtains of the tavern, to make it seem that he has ran Zorro off.

    Unknowing to anyone the true Zorro (Diego) has entered by way of the roof. Diego (dressed as Zorro) hits the fake Zorro on the head with a skillet and knocks him out. Diego decides to fight with the alcalde. The alcalde looks at Zorro and says "Will you stick to the plan!" Diego says the only worthy plan is a plan for equal justice, where the Indians get to keep the profits from their own land.

    They fight and the fake Zorro enters in. Sergeant says "Zorro and Zorro!". They start battling. The fake Zorro tries to escape, but Diego (Zorro) throws his sword at the fake Zorro to hold him while he swings (by way of light fixture) over to the fake Zorro. They battle some more with Diego on a board with a barrel under it and the fake Zorro on the counter top.

    The alcalde decides that it is time to shoot Zorro. Sergeant Mendoza asks which one. The alcalde grabs the revolver, aims, and hits the fake Zorro, who falls and throws Diego up in the air where he does a backwards flips. The last scene has Diego (Zorro) riding off. Victoria looks and says "Zorro lives."

    William Thomas


    This episode was probably made to be like the episodes in Walt Disney's Zorro entitled "Double Trouble for Zorro" and "Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive" in which a criminal is hired by the commandante, and dresses up as another Zorro, intending to give him a bad name. They also copy those episodes in the short-lived "Zorro and Son" series, the episode entitled "A Fistful of Pecos".


    Airdate: 02/02/90. Director: Ron Satlof. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    Our story begins with Diego de la Vega working on a piano piece. Diego's cousin Raphael is coming to Los Angeles and he is planning to get married. Raphael makes it to the de la Vega hacienda and introduces his fiance. She tells them that she has been looking forward to visiting Los Angeles and she also says that she cannot wait to meet Zorro.

    While Diego and his father entertain their guest, Felipe runs in and tells them that the alcalde and soldiers are up to their old tricks. Alejandro leaves to check on the situation. Diego declines and says I have a book to read. Alejandro, Raphael, and his fiance go to town. After everyone has left, Diego enters the cave and rides as Zorro.

    At the plaza, the alcalde has rounded up some men and Mendoza is lecturing them on why they had not payed their taxes. The alcalde is trying to collect a so called agricultural tax from them. Alejandro tells the alcalde that this is outrageous. Zorro climbs one of the roofs while Alejandro protests. Raphael talks back to the alcalde and asks him whom he thinks he is. Alcalde shows him. He arrests Raphael. At that moment, an explosion has happened. Mendoza comes out and tells the alcalde that his safe was destroyed. Zorro tells the alcalde that you will have your taxes. Zorro holds the alcalde's sack of money up and cuts the bottom out. The coins fall on the alcalde. Zorro begins fighting with the soldier. Zorro beats them and rides off. Raphael's fiance gets her wish to see Zorro.

    Back at the hacienda, they return and tell Diego all about it. Raphael meanwhile chooses Diego to be his best man. Raphael's fiance gets angry and says that there is not going to be another wedding. Diego goes to talk to her. She tells Diego that she is in love with another man Zorro. Diego tells Raphael what she said and this angers him. He wants to fight Zorro. Diego tries to tell him that Zorro is an expert swordsman. At the plaza, Victoria runs into Raphael's fiance. His fiance says I am going to marry Zorro. Victoria and his fiance exchange a few words and begins to fight. Raphael breaks it up. Alcalde sees him and tells him that he has 2 hours to leave Los Angeles. The alcalde tells the sergeant to collect the usual traveler's tax.

    Raphael and his Fiance are leaving. She wants to stay. They leave and Diego decides to help Raphael out a little bit. Diego rides as Zorro. On the road, Raphael and his soon to be wife run into the sergeant. The sergeant is there to collect the usual traveler's tax. Raphael draws his sword and challenges two of the sergeant's lancers. They fight and Mendoza takes a break and watches. Zorro arrives and cuts Mendoza's pants. Mendoza orders his lancers to mount up. They leave. Raphael's fiance greets Zorro. Raphael challenges Zorro. They begin fighting. They go behind a big rock. Zorro beats Raphael. Zorro later tells him to pick up his sword. He wants to make Raphael look good in the eyes of his fiance. Zorro and Raphael come from the rock and fight. Zorro lets Raphael win. His fiance sees this and returns her love to Raphael.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 02/09/90. Director: Michael Vejar. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    Our story begins at the hacienda when a farmer brings some beans to Alejandro. Alejandro says I will buy them all. He tells Alejandro that they are not for sale. They are a gift to help pay my debt to you. Alejandro had given the farmer a loan. Alejandro says don't bother and not to worry about paying him back. He tells Alejandro that something has come up that is going to make me rich. Alejandro asks him what is he talking about. He takes Alejandro to meet his horse Zeus. He had gotten Zeus from his master. Zeus leg was broke and the owner of Zeus wanted him (farmer) to destroy the horse. The farmer says I could not do it so I took Zeus home and have cared from him ever since. He healed the leg, taught him to walk and now to run. He says Zeus will make me a lot of money. Alejandro wants to buy Zeus but he is not going to sell him. I am going to race him against the man at the tavern named Hilara.

    At the tavern, Hilaro is bragging about his horse and that the horses in California are no count. Alejandro says our horses are the best. Alejandro says Diego is an excellent rider so he volunteers Diego to ride against Hilaro. Outside they race and Diego wins. Diego notices that Hilaro had pulled his horse back. Diego asks him about it and Hilaro gets mad. He says how about a wager. Diego tells him that he is not a gambling man. He insists on Diego doing it and Diego tells him no. Hilaro says is there no one to challenge me. The farmer enters and says I will.

    As they place the bets, Alejandro is elected to keep the money. The alcalde gets into the horse racing. He puts out about 4000 pesos on the farmer. He says if Diego can beat him then the farmer should have no problem. The race begins and the farmer's horse appears it is going to win. Something happens to Zeus and Hilaro wins the race. Everyone is very mad and Hilaro takes the money. The alcalde comes and confiscates everything including Zeus. Later at the tavern, the farmer wants to see Zeus. They get Mendoza help to see Zeus.

    When they arrive, Zeus is on the ground sick. They get the blacksmith to look at him. Later at the tavern, Mendoza comes in and says Zeus is fine it was something he ate. They all wonder if Hilaro had fed something to Zeus. Hilaro continues to brag about his horse being the fastest. Victoria speaks up and says Zorro's horse could beat yours. Hilaro now wants a race between Tornado and his horse. He makes a wager that if he (Hilaro) loses then he will return the money. If he wins, he owns Tornado. Diego claims he does not feel well so he leaves. That night Zorro goes to the alcalde's office. The alcalde is busy taking a bath and Zorro tells him to lift the bounty then he will race him. The alcalde releases the bounty.

    The next day Zorro and Hilaro race. Zorro wins the race and gets the money. He gives the money to the alcalde but Hilaro comes riding and steals the money right out of his hand. The alcalde has rigged up a trap for Zorro. He has rigged up a high jump hoping to keep Zorro from escaping. Zorro jumps Tornado and clears the jump. He goes after Hilaro. Zorro catches up to him and returns him and the money back to the pueblo. The alcalde arrest Hilaro and gets his horse. The alcalde tries to ride the horse but the horse gives him a run for his money and carries the alcalde with him.

    At the hacienda, Diego returns to his bedroom but he forgot to take his Zorro outfit off. He gets in bed while Alejandro and Victoria holler for him. They have come to check on him. While in bed, he takes his mask off just in time. Alejandro and Victoria enter to see how he is doing. We learn that the farmer got his land back and his horse. We see on the floor as the story ends, Zorro's hat.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 02/16/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Greg O'Neill.

    Our story begins with El Zorro riding around. Zorro is busy following some wagon tracks. He comes up on a wagon and two men who are very busy robbing it. He fights with the men but they escape because while he is fighting he hears a baby crying. The bandits tell Zorro that she is all yours. Zorro picks the baby up and starts caring for her.

    Back at the hacienda, Felipe is busy playing with a sword and Zorro arrives with the baby. Zorro says that by the look of her clothing she must belong to the Russian immigrants who are settling not far away. Zorro hands Felipe the basket. At the tavern, Mendoza comes in and tells the alcalde that these Russians are staying at the mission and that bandits stole their wagon and a baby. The alcalde says something to the effect that if we are not careful they will take all of California. He says he cannot see how he can help until Mendoza mentions they are offering a reward of 500 pesos. The alcalde changes his tune after he hears money. At the hacienda, Diego is busy showing a woman a painting. The woman begins flirting with Diego and he does not like it. He gets her attention toward the painting and sneaks into the cave.

    In the cave, Felipe is worn out from taking care of the baby. That night at the tavern Zorro takes the baby to Victoria. Victoria asks him if she is his. He says no she is not. I rescued her and I was wondering if you could watch her while I search for its parents. Mendoza enters and sees the baby. Victoria says out and she chases Mendoza out of the kitchen. Zorro tells Victoria that she is a natural born guardian. Mendoza tells the alcalde about the baby and the alcalde tells Mendoza to send him two lancers.

    In the kitchen, it appears Zorro is frightened of the baby. Victoria tells him that she will not hurt you. Zorro explains that it is his mask. It frightens her. Victoria says then by all means' remove it. The alcalde enters and she is under arrest for kidnaping. Zorro is there. You can tell this is the alcaldes big day. Zorro tells Victoria to get down and he throws a hot skillet of food at the soldiers and knocks them in the head with the pan. He jumps over a wall that separates the kitchen and dinning room. Zorro holds the skillets up while the solider fire their guns. The bullets hit the skillet and Zorro tells them excellent shooting. Zorro turns his attention to the alcalde. The alcalde holds Victoria and tells Zorro, I believe that I am well protected. Zorro hears Mendoza coming. Zorro runs and escapes from the trap. He rides off.

    At the jail, Victoria is put into the cell. The baby is crying and the alcalde tells the baby to hush. The alcalde gives the baby to Mendoza. The alcalde goes to talk to the Russian Immigrants while Mendoza is busy with the baby. The alcalde is busy spreading lies about Zorro to the Russians. The alcalde claims that Zorro has the baby and he wants 1000 pesos for the baby. They hand the alcalde the money and leave. The alcalde does not know that Zorro is listening the whole time. The alcalde leaves and Zorro makes his appearance. He talks to the Russians and tells them the truth.

    At the jail, Mendoza feeds the baby. He is a mess and he orders a soldier to release Victoria from the cell. The alcalde returns to the jail and notices that no one is there and he goes looking. Mendoza and Victoria are at the tavern feeding the baby. Mendoza keeps saying the alcalde will be very angry. There is too much noise at the tavern so Victoria tells Mendoza to go out and give everyone quite. After a while of quietness, the alcalde enters and wakes the baby up. Zorro is up on the second floor of the tavern. The alcalde and some lancers pull a gun on Zorro and Zorro has a trick up his sleeve. The Russians come out with their guns. The alcalde returns the money and everyone gives the baby back to its parents after everyone kisses the baby and say their goodbyes.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 02/17/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    The Legend Begins Part 1 (Genesis Part 1)

    Our story begins with the alcalde (Luis Ramone) recruiting and kidnaping men to construct what he calls his Ramone Highway. Don Alejandro tells the alcalde that the governor at Monterey will hear about this. The alcalde says I doubt it.

    Don Alejandro returns home and he tells Diego that he is going to Monterey to speak to the governor. Diego wants to go with him but Don Alejandro tells him that he could do more back here at home. After his father leaves, Diego decides to ride as Zorro to make sure that his father gets out of Los Angeles safely.

    While on the trail, Don Alejandro and a friend, run into the Sergeant and a few of his lancers. Sergeant Mendoza orders him to return to Los Angeles. Zorro comes and gets the soldiers to chase him away from Don Alejandro. While the soldiers chase Zorro, one of them shoots at Zorro and hits a rock. Where Zorro is at, there are many rocks and a canyon beneath him. After the solider hits the rock by accident, Tornado rears up and throws Zorro off the horse. Zorro lands in the canyon. Sergeant and the men look down in the canyon and it appears that Zorro is dead. Tornado returns to the cave.

    Felipe is in the cave when Tornado comes in. He wonders why Tornado is by himself. Felipe gets on Tornado and rides to the spot where Zorro had fallen. Tornado shows Felipe where Zorro was and Felipe climbs down to see about Zorro. He is alive but has hit his head and feels dizzy. Zorro asks Felipe to leave but Felipe is really stubborn. Zorro passes out and remembers how he was.

    While passed out, he remembers the beginning where Felipe is a bit younger in age and Diego is going to take a trip to Madrid, University in Spain. While there, he will pick up on the Sciences and study swordsmanship. Don Alejandro has arranged for Diego to study under Sir Edmund Kendle, the saber master. Diego leaves on his journey.

    At the university, Diego is fencing with his instructor and beats him. On the campus of Madrid University, Diego is reading one of his books that he likes to read and Sir Edmund Kendle approaches him. Sir Edmund says he had just received a letter from Don Alejandro. He said apparently the rumors we heard about problems in California were true and that Diego father wanted to know if he were ready to come home. They had heard rumors that California was in big trouble. Diego leaves Madrid University and returns home but first Sir Edmund Kendle gives Diego his championship sword. Sir Edmund tells Diego that he earned it. He was the only student who had bested him with a sword.

    Diego returns home and greets his father and Felipe. Diego does not recognize Felipe yet. When Diego left, Felipe was really small. Diego returned home after 4 years and Felipe had grown up. Later that day they go to the tavern and Don Alejandro reintroduces Diego to Victoria. Victoria was waiting on soldiers when they entered. One soldier starts flirting with Victoria. She dumps water on his head and he starts to handle Victoria really rough. Diego says, take your hands off her. There was going to be trouble but Sergeant Mendoza enters to collect the usual traveler's tax. Diego asked him how much it was. Sergeant tells him. While discussing the so-called travelers tax we hear gun shots out in the plaza. The alcalde had rounded up people who had not paid their taxes and had just fired a warning shot in the air. Diego introduces himself to the alcalde and asked him how does the government plan to use the money. When Diego introduces himself, the alcalde slaps Diego on the face with his glove to insult his honor. Diego reaches for his sword but Don Alejandro says not now. Don Alejandro says someone has to challenge the alcalde.

    At the end of the show, we return to where Diego had fallen into the canyon. Remember that he is remembering. This story for the first three episodes is a remembering where he flashes back to unaired scenes.

    The Legend Begins Part 2

    When part two begins, Felipe suggests climbing out of the canyon but Zorro is too weak and dizzy right now. Zorro passes out yet another time.

    We return to the past with Felipe sweeping the floor right in front of the old fire place. Diego sneaks in from the cave and stands. Felipe looks puzzled. He knows Diego was not there a minute ago. He cannot figure where Diego came from. Diego asked Felipe to turn around while he returns to the cave. Felipe catches the door to the cave open. Diego shows him the entrance to the cave. He told Felipe that the former owner of their hacienda was afraid of Indians attacking so he built him a place to hide. Diego tells Felipe that we need to keep the cave a secret.

    Diego and his father ride to town. They notice that the alcalde is up to his old tricks and go and investigate what he was up to. The alcalde tells Alejandro if there is any trouble that he would him in Jail. Meanwhile the sergeant comes over and tells the alcalde that Senorita Escalante is giving him down the road. He goes over to the tavern and arrest Victoria for revolutionary activities. Alejandro tells the alcalde to take your hands off her. Alejandro hits the alcalde and his rested.

    Diego goes to the alcalde's office and demands the release of his father. Diego also tells him that he want stand for this. Diego goes to the tavern where sergeant Mendoza is filling in for the senorita while she is in jail. He hears the sergeant telling his wild stories. He tells about some trouble he had with Indians along time ago and how it seemed they would vanish like a phantom. Diego learns that the unknown seems to frighten the soldiers. Meanwhile, the alcalde is questioning Victoria and trying to get her to name some names. She refuses.

    Diego returns home and Felipe takes Diego to the cave and shows him a fox. As they leave, the fox makes a whining sound and Felipe turns around and Diego notices that he can hear. Felipe does not want Don Alejandro to know that he can hear. He is afraid that Alejandro would treat him differently.

    Diego looking at the fox, when they leave the cave, decides to become Zorro. He introduces himself to Felipe. He shows Felipe that it is him and tells Felipe that we will keep the cave our secret along with his hearing. He also shows Felipe the saber that Sir Edmund Kendle gave him. That night Felipe driving a wagon brings Zorro to the jail. He releases Don Alejandro and Victoria. The sergeant sees him and says, Oh my god a Demon. The alcalde standing right behind the sergeant rushes out and fights Zorro. Zorro takes his saber and cuts right through the alcalde's sword.

    Part two fades out and we return to Diego and Felipe still in the canyon. Back at the tavern the alcalde comes in and requests the best wine in the house. He is celebrating because Zorro is dead and his men are retrieving the body. We return back to the canyon where the soldiers are and they make sure Zorro is dead. The soldiers take their muskets and fire.

    The Legend Begins Part 3 (Genesis Part 2)

    After the soldiers have fired, they climb down in the canyon to retrieve Zorro's body. They learned that Zorro had tricked them. Zorro and Felipe had rigged up some bushes and twigs and had thrown Zorro's cape over it. This makes it look like Zorro. Meanwhile Felipe and Zorro were hiding under some water. The soldiers begin looking for Zorro but cannot find him.

    While the soldiers are down in the canyon, Tornado is up with the other horses. Tornado unties the other horses and runs them off. When the soldiers notice the horse are gone, they decided to walk back (march) to Los Angeles.

    Zorro comes out of hiding and remembers when he got Tornado. He remembers after rescuing his father and Victoria that it was too dangerous to involve Felipe. He decides to go searching for a third member of the Zorro family. He and Felipe set out one day to look for a horse. They find a pretty black horse and follow him.

    When they meet the black horse, they notice that the black horse has a family. The black horse has a small fawn that is very sick. Diego helps the fawn by getting him up off his knees. The black horse thinks Diego for helping its fawn. We return to the cave and the black horse is there with Diego and Felipe. They give the black horse a name and call it Tronado.

    Diego looking through their peak hole from the cave notices that they have arrested Don Alejandro again. This angers Diego. Diego decides to make a spectacular entrance to Los Angeles because they are going to hang his father. Diego constructs a flying hand glider. At the town, the alcalde is giving a speech about Zorro and the revolutionaries. Zorro makes his entrance. He comes flying into the plaza with his homemade hand glider. The people see him flying about. Zorro lands right in the plaza. The alcalde says attack Zorro. Zorro, using his whip, holds them off. Zorro fights with the alcalde and tells the alcalde with if he arrests the same man again that he himself will hang. Zorro rides off. The story fades and we return to Zorro in the canyon. Zorro is beginning to feel better. The ringing in his ears has stopped. At the end of the story, Zorro and Felipe gets ready to fight because they hear horse hoofs coming.

    The Legend Begins Part 4

    We return to Zorro and Felipe in the canyon and remember in the last episode they hear horses' hooves coming. Zorro thinks that the horse hooves that he hears are actually soldiers but it turns out to be Tornado. Tornado has found a way out of the canyon and has come to help Zorro out of the canyon.

    Back in Los Angeles the sergeant and his men return and tell the alcalde that they could not find a body but they had his clothes. The alcalde leaves for the tavern.

    Meanwhile, Tornado delivers Zorro back to the cave and Diego goes from the cave to his bedroom to recuperate from the fall that he had taken.

    Back at the tavern the alcalde enters the tavern and makes an official announcement that Zorro is dead.

    When we go back to the de la Vega hacienda, we learned that Diego has sent for the doctor and the doctor tells him to take it easy for a few days. The doctor informs Diego that the alcalde had announced that Zorro was dead. Later that evening, Senorita Escalante goes and sees how Diego is doing. She tells him that their will be a funeral service for Zorro.

    After the alcalde's announcement, he returns to his office where he is stealing the land from the poor farmers.

    Hearing this Diego gets mad and says I must put a stop to it. He gets out of bed and goes to the cave. He rigs sometime delay fuses on arrows to make it appears that he has an army. He goes to the church where Zorro body is. The alcalde has a body in a coffin that looks like Zorro.

    The next day at the funeral service, while the alcalde is giving a memorial speech, Zorro rises out of the coffin. The sergeant faints and falls on the floor. Zorro tells him to renounce the taxes and give the land back or his men would attack. The alcalde says what men. Zorro tells him that while he has been dead the evil sprits of the people he had prosecuted have risen and joined his forces. The alcalde says you are bluffing. Zorro rides off and lights the explosives that he has rigged up. Zorro runs back into the plaza and tells the alcalde that he had been warned. The alcalde sends the sergeant and men out to see. It is time for the fireworks go off. Sergeant returns and says we were out numbered. The alcalde renounces his taxes. At the last scene, Zorro has rigged some more explosives and they go off. The arrows are on fire and have been angled by Zorro to makes a Z in the door.

    Diego finishes recuperating in his bed.

    William Thomas


    Legend Begins 1,2, and 3 are where Diego remembers the past. 1 is where he picks up on fencing in Madrid, 2 is the introduction of Zorro, and 3 is the discovery of Tornado.


    Airdate: 02/23/90. Director: Michael Levine. Writers: Ted Alben & Greg Klein.

    Our story begins at the tavern with a colored stranger. Jack Holten is his name. Victoria says you are not from around here are you. He tells her that he is from South Carolina. Two soldiers come over to bother the man. Alejandro intervenes and tells the soldiers that he had not done anything. They mistreat Jack because he is black and supposedly a slave. Jack decides he should leave but the soldiers attack him. Jack Holten knocks one of them out and the alcalde enters. They arrest Jack for assaulting a military officer. Later we learn that Jack is a free man and he has the papers to prove it.

    At the alcalde's office, one of the soldiers has a broken nose and jaw. We learn that the alcalde maybe will be transferring to Monterey and that a man is coming to see if the alcalde will qualify for the job. Alejandro and Diego enter to try to get the man released. The alcalde will not so Diego proposes a deal with the alcalde. Alejandro had told Diego that Jack could fight well so Diego proposes this. He tells the alcalde to rig up a boxing match between Jack and one of his soldiers. Diego says if Jack wins then he will go free. Diego knows that Jack could beat any of the lancers but Diego butters the alcalde up. Diego tells the alcalde that the Magistrate would look highly on him and his well-trained soldiers The alcalde agrees to it and Diego pays for the release of Jack.

    The alcalde comes up with a plan to win the bet. He asks sergeant to go get an ex-soldier that he had gotten rid of for being too excessive with criminals. At town, the alcalde introduces Jack to the soldier. He is a big man and he knocks a pole down that was holding the roof up. Zorro that night goes and confronts the big man. Zorro fights with him and the big man injures his hand. At the tavern, the magistrate is there and he tells the alcalde that any soldier ought to go the job. The magistrate picks Mendoza.

    Diego learns of this and does not want the sergeant to get hurt. He shows Felipe an experiment with a substance called either. Diego tells Felipe that either will induce sleep. Felipe does not believe him so Diego shows him. Felipe job is to put the either on Mendoza's glove so when Mendoza gets a punch on Jack it will knock Jack out.

    At the fight, they begin fighting. Mendoza does get one punch on Jack but the either fails to knock him out. It makes him dizzy. The jump around the ring for a while and Mendoza places the glove up to his face and is knocked out. They declare Jack the winner. The Magistrate does not give the alcalde the job. This angers the alcalde and they rearrest Jack. That night Zorro help Jack out. Zorro and Jack leave but the alcalde stops them. Zorro gets Jack papers that show he is free and they show the alcalde the papers and all return to normal.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 03/02/90. Director: Ron Satlof. Writer: Adam Tyler.

    Our story begins with two soldiers carrying the government payroll. They pass by Victoria Escalante who is driving a wagon and Alejandro who is riding his horse. A few moments pass and we hear gun fire. Alejandro hears it and goes to investigate. We see two bandits attacking the soldiers that are carrying the government payroll. When Alejandro gets there, one of the soldiers is dead and the other soldier is wounded and falls right in front of Alejandro. Alejandro gets off his horse to look after the soldier. One of the bandits shoots Alejandro and steals his horse. Later Victoria arrives and cares for Alejandro.

    Back at the hacienda, the doctor is caring for Alejandro who is in a coma. The doctor had removed the bullet but he has a serious infection. Felipe asks Diego if it were time for Zorro to go after the bandits. Diego says no. Diego wants to care for his father. Diego says that Zorro's place is with his father. Alcalde comes to pay his respects and to hope that Alejandro gets better.

    Back at the alcalde's office, he tries to pin the robbery on Zorro. Mendoza tells him that if Zorro did it he did not leave his mark. The alcalde says what mark. Mendoza says the Z. The sergeant leaves and the alcalde takes a knife and makes a Z on the payroll sack.

    While Diego looks after his father, Victoria comes in and tells Diego how good a son he is. After she leaves, Diego says a good son would not keep things from his father. They would be nothing between them. Diego tells his father (while in the comma) that he has kept something from him. He is not the man he thinks he is. I have a secret life and the time as come for me to share it with him. Diego proceeds to tell Alejandro that he was Zorro. That has Zorro he had not always obeyed the written law and he could never tell him. It would endanger his father. He kept it a secret to protect his father and the ones he loved.

    Later at the hacienda, the doctor tells Diego that Don Alejandro drifts in and out of the comma and that his condition is very unstable. Diego asks if anything could be done. The doctor said I did have one medicine he calls Meg-way-sap. It was in the same shipment as the government payroll. Diego decides to ride as Zorro and go after the bandits. Diego catches up to the bandits and captures them. He takes the medicine to the doctor and the bandits with the gold to the plaza.

    Alejandro gets better. When Alejandro is up, still recuperating he tells Diego that he a hallucination or something. He says that someone said that you, my son Diego, was Zorro. Imagine that, Alejandro says. Diego smiles and says imagine that. Alejandro proceeds and says having Zorro for a son would be great but he loved the son he had.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 03/09/90. Director: Michael Vejar. Writers: Ted Alben & Greg Klein.

    We begin our story at the tavern with a man conducting magic experiments. The magician is attempting to bring a dead bird back to life with water. The magician asks Victoria for some help and she drops 2 drops of water on the bird and the bird rises up. Diego is skeptical. Diego thinks he switched birds.

    The magician flirts with Victoria and tries to get her to come with him on his show. Diego has returned to his cave to figure out how the magician brought the dead bird to life. Diego takes ordinary water and drops it on a bird who is simply drunk. Diego figures that the magician must have added a stimulant of some kind.

    At the tavern, Mendoza tells Diego about a shipment of gold that is arriving tonight. He also tells Diego that one shipment was robbed last week and that a big fire ball lit the sky. That night, as the sergeant and some soldiers bring the gold in, a giant fire ball attacks them. Zorro arrives to stop the robbery but he is unable to do it. The bandit escapes with the gold but Zorro had carved a Z on the bandit's coat. Zorro suspects that the magician is behind it. Zorro returns and looks in the magician's bedroom through the window. He sees him sleeping.

    Back at the cave, Diego continues to figure what kind of stimulant the magician had used. Diego discovers it. The magician used a substance called pyritic sulfate to stimulate the bird. Diego continues with the experiment and he adds alcohol to the pyritic sulfate and it produces a fire ball. Diego now knows that it is the magician who is doing all of the stealing.

    Diego goes to the tavern to investigate. He asks Victoria about him but she tells him that he stayed in his room all night. She had taken supper to him about 9 o'clock and he was sleeping. He was in bed about the time the robbery took place. Diego does not believe it so after Victoria leaves he enters the room. Diego notices a nail in the wall, a mannequin head, and a wig in his trunk. He had rigged up a mannequin with a wig to look like him. He used pulleys and a rope to make him move when she opened the door.

    Later at the tavern, Victoria talks to the magician. The magician tells her that he wants her. She tells him that she belongs to another. He then kidnaps her with his sword. The magician tells Alejandro that Victoria has agreed to go with him. Zorro arrives and begins fighting with the magician. Zorro disarms and creates a spectacular show. After Zorro disarms, he throws his glove on the floor right in front of the magician. He has used the pyritic sulfate to create a smoke screen. When the smoke had cleared, the magician was all tied up. Victoria looks in the magician's truck and notices the coat with a Z on it.

    Later at the tavern, Diego tries his hand at magic. Diego tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Diego cannot do it. He says it worked well at home. When Alejandro gets up, he has a rabbit in his pocket.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 03/16/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Suzanne Herrera.

    At the plaza, Palomarez enters and demands to see the alcalde. The alcalde says that he cannot believe it is him. Palomarez has come to rid Los Angeles of the bandit Zorro. Palomarez orders the good alcalde to give him the names of everyone in Los Angeles. He is going to execute everyone (one at a time) until Zorro shows.

    Palomarez soldiers need a place to stay and rest so he goes to the tavern and throws out paying customers. The alcalde protests but Palomarez takes charge and says I own this pueblo. That night at the tavern they draw the name that will be the first to face the gallows. He draws Mendoza's name out and he faints. Alcalde says that they should not include the military. Palomarez tells the alcalde that his name is in there as well. Zorro rides that night and meets Palomarez. He makes a deal with him.

    Zorro proposes that he might surrender. Palomarez asks him the condition. Zorro wants to meet Palomarez on the field of battle. If I (Zorro)win, you must leave. If Palomarez wins, then Zorro dies. He agrees to it. At that time, Palomarez hollers for his soldiers. They arrest Zorro and put him in jail. He says Zorro hangs tomorrow.

    That alcalde cannot believe that Zorro is in jail. He goes over to the jail and sees Zorro. He asks Palomarez about Mendoza. Palomarez says with the death of Zorro that Mendoza will be set free. The alcalde is going to unmask Zorro. Zorro tells the alcalde that he thought he would be paying him a visit so he took the precaution of asking Tornado to stop by. Tornado pulls on some ropes that Zorro had tied to the jail's windows. Zorro escapes.

    Back at the cave, Diego works on some arrows (with gunpowder on the tips ) to make explosions during tomorrow's hanging. At Mendoza's hanging, Zorro begins his assault. He shoots the arrows and they hit buildings. The arrows make explosions and the alcalde with some of Palomarez soldiers leave. They think Zorro is somewhere outside the town. Zorro shoots another arrow at the sergeant and rescues him. Zorro knocks Palomarez off his horse by cutting the straps off his saddle.

    Zorro and Palomarez begin their fight. Mendoza comments that Palomarez has never lost a battle. Zorro wins and knocks Palomarez out. Zorro puts Palomarez on the back of a mule and carves a Z on his uniform. Meanwhile, the alcalde returns and laughs (you can see him smile). All returns to normal.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 03/23/90. Director: Ron Satlof. Writer: Jim Wells.

    At the tavern, we have two men siting and drinking. Mendoza and two lancers enter and hang a picture of the alcalde up in the tavern. As they begin to leave, a gentleman comes into the tavern. The gentleman turns out to be a writer and he wants to know if anybody knows the whereabouts of Zorro. Mendoza laughs. The gentleman says that he is going to unmask Zorro. He introduces himself to Victoria and she asks him if he is serious about unmasking him.

    He tells her that he is going to reveal his identity. Think of the story. The two men, who were siting and drinking, pull a gun on Victoria and the gentlemen. The are going to rob the tavern. The two men tie Victoria and the gentleman up. Victoria tells them that they want get away with this when Zorro comes. They gag her. Felipe in the back hears this and gets Zorro.

    As the two men gather the material from the tavern, Zorro appears. Zorro asks the bandits what kind of men are you, taking advantage of women and unarmed strangers. He begins battling the two bandits and carves a Z on the alcaldes newly hung picture. He later ties them up. Zorro frees Victoria and the stranger and Zorro then leaves. Outside the tavern, he stops Mendoza and asks him what if I told you the tavern had just been robbed. Mendoza says get him. Zorro escapes by way of the roof. The writer asks if they will catch Zorro. Victoria says catch him, he is Zorro.

    Back at Zorro cave, Felipe is busy sweeping the floor and touches Diego's experiment. Diego has been working on a time delay fuse. Diego enters and notices Felipe had touched it. Diego turns around and it goes off. Diego shows Felipe what he had been working on. He tells Felipe that his father is expecting a guest from Spain. Diego asks his father who this guest was that warrants such a feast. Don Alejandro tells him the writer. Diego wonders why a writer would travels this far. Alejandro says to find out about Zorro.

    That night at the hacienda, the writer looks around and leans on the fireplace. He happens to touch the right place and the secret entrance to the cave opens. Felipe is in the cave and he stands in the doorway and then runs. Diego is watching. He stops the writer from entering. Diego introduces himself and the writer asks him about the entrance. Diego tells him that it is a storage room. The writer asks Diego if they had met before. Diego says not to my knowledge. The writer says it will come to him.

    Alejandro meanwhile, volunteers Diego to show the writer around. The next day Diego shows him around the plaza asking people about Zorro. The alcalde wants to know what they found out. He hires Mendoza to go around and follow Diego. He is supposed to write down what they talk about.

    Later, the writer's ship is about to sail soon so he tells Alejandro and Diego that he has a plan. He announces to Diego and Alejandro that he is going to tell everyone that he got what he came for. Alejandro tells him that alcalde will not let him leave without telling him who Zorro is. It is really a trick so the writer can get one final look at Zorro. He had said on one occasion that all he needs to do is get another look at Zorro and he will know who he is. Diego knows if he goes he is sure to figure out that he is Zorro. Diego decides to use his time delay fuses to create a diversion. He wants the alcalde to think that Yankees are attacking the pueblo.

    The alcalde and sergeant catch up to the writer. Zorro comes to the writers aid. The time delay fuses go off and the alcalde sends Mendoza back. The alcalde pulls a gun on Zorro and is going to shoot him. The writer nudges his horse and cause the alcalde to miss Zorro. The alcalde pulls his sword out and hits the writer in the arm. Zorro comes and cuts the straps to the alcaldes horse saddle. The alcalde falls off and begins to fight with Zorro. Zorro wins the fight and takes the writer off to safety. Zorro asks him if he knows who he is. The writer says you are Zorro.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 03/30/90. Director: Peter Diamond. Writer: Richard Frieman.

    When the story opens, we have Mendoza sleeping and a solider riding vary fast entering Los Angeles. He has come with a letter from Santa Barbara, California. We learn that a prisoner by the name of Leonardo Montez has escaped from Santa Barbara prison. This is good news to the alcalde. The alcalde hollers for Mendoza. We learn that the alcalde is the one who had arrested him in the past. Montez had stolen a beautiful, precious jewel from a church but they have never found it. The alcalde learns that Montez is heading for Los Angeles so he assumes that Montez must have hidden the jewel somewhere in Los Angeles. Knowing this, he orders Mendoza to get the troops ready and to be on guard.

    At the plaza, Mendoza is looking for the prisoner and a wagon wheel runs over his foot. Mendoza enters the tavern and looks after his injured foot. Victoria asked him if he wants a drink. She also asks him why all the extra soldiers. He tells her that they are on the trail of the man who had stolen the jewel at the church several years back. He tells her to be on a look out for a handsome man with a scare on his left side of his face. About that time a guy gets up and Victoria says like that man. Mendoza runs after him.

    At the de la Vega hacienda, Victoria arrives and tells Diego that she needs to speak to his father. Diego says how can I help. She tells Diego that they have captured Montez. Diego said I thought Montez was in jail. When Victoria leaves, Diego realizes the same as the alcalde did. That Montez must have hidden the jewel in Los Angeles.

    Back at the alcalde's office, the alcalde questions Montez and gets really rough with him holding a knife on him and threatens him. Montez tells the alcalde that he did not take the jewel. Zorro arrives and holds the soldiers off. Zorro tells the alcalde that the jewel was south of here. Zorro and Montez escape and Zorro takes him to a barn nearby and he asks Tornado to watch him. The alcalde meanwhile has asked his soldiers to mount and search for them and the jewel. Since Zorro told them south, the alcalde goes north.

    Diego, back in the cave, is working on an experiment and he asked Felipe to check on their guest. Felipe overhears Montez talking to Tornado that he did take the Jewel. Zorro later releases Montez in hopes that he will lead him to the jewel. Zorro tells Felipe, who has been hiding, to follow him. Zorro goes to the soldiers. The soldiers have been digging up the countryside looking for the jewel. Zorro shows the alcalde and the soldiers a fake jewel that he had been working on earlier. The alcalde pulls a gun on Zorro and Zorro blocks the pistol barrel with his finger. He hits the alcalde in the face and drops the fake Jewel.

    Later Zorro catches up to Montez where he had did the jewel. At the site, a cougar protects the jewel. Zorro, using is a whip, makes the cougar hide in a small opening. Zorro gets the jewel and returns it to a priest who is waiting at the alcalde's office. The alcalde wonders what he had. He rushes into his office and it had turned to putty. Zorro tells the priest that Montez had helped him retrieve the jewel in hope that it would lighten the sentence. Zorro does take Montez back to jail because he did commit a crime.

    William Thomas

    15. CHILD'S PLAY

    Airdate: 04/06/90. Director: Michael Levine. Writer: Marta Victoria.

    Our story begins with Felipe running to tell Diego that they need Zorro. Don Antonio has promised that when he died that his servants would get some land and that a young boy would get a horse when he reached 11. The boy has already given a name to the horse. He calls his horse Firestorm. Don Antonio has died and his son returns for his inheritance. The boy's grandfather tells the grandson to leave a moment and feed the chickens while he talks to Antonio's son. Don Antonio's son is not going to honor his father's wishes on the land and horse and he tells the grandfather to get a lawyer. Don Antonio's son tells the grandfather that he must leave the land soon. The grandfather attacks the son. The son and another man attack and hold a gun on the boy's grandfather. Zorro comes and whips the son and the other man.

    When Zorro finishes with the two men, Antonio's son picks up a gun that was knocked out of his hand and runs after Zorro. The grandfather says no. Antonio's son fires at Zorro but he hits Tornado by mistake in the leg. The two bandits run and Zorro goes after them but breaks off the chase because he does not want to ride Tornado because of his injury. He sets Tornado free and runs into Victoria and gets a ride with her. Mendoza arrives and asks if she had seen Zorro. Zorro had attacked Don Antonio's son. She tells him no. After the threat of soldiers are gone, she tells Zorro that he can come out now. Zorro has already left and returned to the cave. Tornado finds the young grandson and the young grandson named Miguel helps Tornado hurt leg. Zorro asked Felipe about Tornado. Tornado has not returned home. Diego says he must have a reason.

    Miguel has given Tornado a new name Blackstar. Diego tells Felipe to saddle another horse so he can pay the son a visit. He tells Felipe to search for Tornado. Zorro goes and searches the son's room at the tavern. Zorro gets the will. He leaves Victoria some roses in a shape of a Z and leaves her a note. Zorro returns to the cave and Felipe is sleeping in the cave. Zorro asks Felipe if he had any luck and he shakes his head.

    The next day while Zorro is riding finds Tornado. Young Miguel has taken very good care of Tornado. He thinks Miguel for taking good care of his horse and Miguel is ready to fight for his horse. Zorro proves that Tornado is his. Meanwhile, Don Antonio's son and a few of his friends are there to torch the grandfathers home. Victoria is there with the Sergeant and they try to hold the son off. Zorro arrives and knocks the torches out of his hand and make him follow him. Zorro knocks Don Antonio off his horse and uses a whip on him. Zorro makes him read his fathers will in front of Mendoza, grandfather and Victoria. In his will, each servant becomes a free owner and gets 2 acres of land. The young grandson, Miguel gets his horse Firestorm. Zorro tells Don Antonio's son that to treat the servants well and that they would do anything for him.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 04/13/90. Director: Michael Vejar. Writers: Paul & Sharon Boorstin.

    Our story begins with the arrival of the new padre of the church. The new padre is supposed to be a kind and gentle man according to Diego. Diego and the good padre have been writing to each other for many months. Diego tells his father that the good padre loves to study birds. At the church, the new padre is totally different. He is a mean and cruel individual. He chases a couple of woman out of the church yard for taking some grapes. A servant by the name of Carlos tells the padre that the other padre let them pick the grapes. This padre said they should not expect handouts.

    Alejandro arrives in town while the good padre is busy chewing the servants out for not doing their share of the work. Alejandro hollers at him and they begin talking. Alejandro tells him that he and his son Diego have been writing back and forth for several months. The padre somewhat agrees but does not come write out and agree. Back at the hacienda, Alejandro tells Diego about the padre. Diego cannot figure it out. Diego notices on two letters supposedly from the same padre that the two handwritings are different. They arrive at town and the good padre has accused Carlos of taking some silver. They arrest Carlos and Zorro rides.

    We learn that the good padre is working for the alcalde. The padre is supposed to pay the alcalde a certain amount of money that the church takes in. Zorro arrives and searches the padre's room. That morning they are going to whip Carlos (give him 20 lashes) unless he tells where he hid the silver. Zorro arrives and stops the whipping. Zorro tells them that the man posing as a priest is not one. Zorro tells them that he found the silver in the padre's room. The padre runs and Zorro goes after him but he loses the padre.

    Back in town, Diego reads a letter from the real padre. He is being held by the fake priest for ransom. Zorro begins his search for the real padre. Alejandro and some of his friends are going to gather the ransom up and pay the fake padre. He finds him and fights with the fake priest. Zorro frees the real priest. Zorro catches up to Don Alejandro and tells him that he has found the real padre. Some of Alejandro friends want to capture Zorro as well but the good padre stops them in the end.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 04/20/90. Director: Michael Levine. Writers: Paul & Sharon Boorstin.

    Our story begins with Diego and Felipe studying some bones that they found. Alejandro enters and tells Diego that they have found an heir to the Porteal Hacienda. Diego asks who it was. It turns out to be Mendoza. Meanwhile, Mendoza is being showed around by his new servant Torres. Torres tells him that the house is haunted and that the owner Porteal had hung himself and that his ghost roams the halls.

    The next day Mendoza tells Diego and Mendoza's neighbor about the ghost and what Torres had told him. Mendoza invites them to a banquet tomorrow night. They agree to attend. Mendoza has also invited Victoria. That night while in bed the sergeant hears something. He goes and investigates the noise and sees the ghost. The ghost scares the sergeant to death. He tells the sergeant to leave this place or die.

    Back at the town plaza, Mendoza is busy gathering food for the banquet tonight. He runs into Diego and tells him about the ghost. Diego tells the sergeant that he cannot attend the banquet because his father's rheumatism is acting up. At the hacienda, Diego tells that Porteal had died peacefully in his sleep but the servant Torres claims that Porteal hung himself. Diego wonders why Torres would tell the sergeant such a tale.

    Zorro decides to meet the ghost face to face. That night at the banquet the ghost appears. Victorias, the alcalde, and Mendoza's neighbor is there. They see the ghost and Zorro arrives and the ghost leaves. Before Zorro gets a chance to go after the ghost, the alcalde orders one of his men to attack Zorro. The ghost escapes.

    At the hacienda, Diego tries to figure it out but he is having trouble doing it. He decides to go to the hacienda to investigate. When he arrives, Mendoza is leaving and going back to the barracks. Torres is there and Diego notices something about his foot print. It has some black sticky stuff on it. Diego begins to realize what it is all about. Zorro rides tonight.

    Zorro goes to the barn on the Porteal hacienda's place. He discovers the ghost outfit. Zorro notices that Torres is busy gathering buckets of something on the land. We discover that the substance is tar. Zorro scares him. Zorro hiding in a nearby wagon pretends that he is the true ghost. Zorro makes Torres confess to the whole thing. We also learn that Mendoza's neighbor had a hand in it. Zorro comes from the wagon and fights with Torres. Torres tells Zorro that Mendoza is about to sign over the land to the neighbor. Zorro and Torres run to stop the sergeant. Zorro stops him from signing the papers. His neighbor and a bunch of men that work for him starts to fight with Zorro. Zorro ties them up. Mendoza makes an orphanage out of the hacienda. Mendoza returns to being a soldier.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 04/27/90. Director: Michael Vejar. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    We begin in Zorro's cave where Diego is conducting an experiment with Felipe. Diego is trying to take a picture of Felipe siting on a stool. He uses too much power in the flasher and creates smoke. Meanwhile, Felipe is hiding.

    Later, while teaching a group of Indians to read, the mail wagon comes by. Diego tells Felipe to go get his father. Diego said that Don Alejandro had a letter that needed to reach Spain. Alejandro arrives and gives the letter to the wagon driver named Casey Hawke. Alejandro says what is the deal with the extra soldiers. Hawke tells him that it was the alcalde's idea. The wagon departs.

    The wagon proceeds but is stopped by a tree laying in the road. Hawke orders the soldiers to move the tree and about that time Indians attack the wagon. Senor Hawke runs with the wagon as the Indians approach. Hawke cuts a rope that was holding some barrels in back of the wagon and the barrels fall off the wagon and spills many coins.

    At the tavern, Hawke tells Alejandro and Diego about the Indian attack. Diego looks at the Indian arrow and it does not appear to be from any tribes in the area. Alejandro says that the Indians here are peaceful. Mendoza is there in the tavern when a soldier brings a note from the governor. The governor has ordered a bounty on the heads of the Indians involved in the heist. He sets the bounty at 50 pesos for each Indian dead or alive. This gets the people out chasing Indians. Hawke and a bunch of his men go out chasing Indians and captures them. Zorro comes and frees the Indians. Hawke and his men capture Zorro and tell him to dismount. Zorro dismounts and nudges Tornado. Tornado begins kicking them. Zorro tells him that he will find the ones responsible. He takes the bandits to the alcalde.

    Back at the cave, Diego continues to get a picture of Felipe. Outside, Don Alejandro hears the explosion from the camera's flash. He hollers for Diego. Diego tells him that he got mad and slammed the lid on the piano. Alejandro tells Diego that Mr. Hawke and his friends were set free that there was not enough evidence to hold them. Diego goes to the tavern and asks Victoria if Casey Hawke was still in his room. She says yes and that he did not want to be disturbed. He leaves.

    That night Victoria helps Zorro search Casey Hawke's room. She gets him out of the room so Zorro can look around. Zorro gets an arrow from Hawke's room. He later thanks her for her help. Zorro learns that the arrows were fake. There were no natural dies used like the Indians use.

    The next day Zorro catches up to the bandits. Zorro takes a picture of Casey Hawke with the bandits for evidence. Casey Hawke runs while Zorro rounds up the bandits. Back in town, Zorro rings the bell to the church and tells Mendoza that here are the bandits. Zorro tells him that they were dressed as Indian. Zorro tells him there was another man involved and throws a picture at Mendoza's feet. It is a picture of Hawke with the bandits. They arrest Casey Hawke.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 05/04/90. Director: Michael Levine. Writer: Bruce Lansbury.

    At the tavern, a man visits a woman who has been staying at the tavern. The woman has been going around holding seances claiming that she can bring dead spirits of relatives back. She brings the man's father back and he asks his father several questions. She tells him what he wants to know. Later, the man tells Don Alejandro about the woman and how wonderful it was. It was a great experience and that she knew everything. She knew things that only he would know so it had to be real. While Alejandro stands in the tavern, she comes out and says she has a message for Alejandro from his wife. Back at the hacienda, Alejandro tells Diego about this woman and Diego does not believe her.

    Meanwhile, Diego goes to the tavern. Mendoza has just visited the woman and he tells Diego that he learned that he came from a wealthy family. Later, a man comes down the stairs and drops some gems on the table. He claims they are powerful gems and will bring them good luck. Victoria tells Diego his name is Ricardo and that he goes everywhere with the woman. Diego figures it out and knows it is trick. He says the woman charges 100 pesos to each person and this Ricardo gets the rest of the money by selling fake gems. Diego goes over to him and asks him about this gem. Ricardo calls it turquoise. Diego says that it is fake and has been painted to look at turquoise.

    That night Zorro watches the two people go into the alcalde's office. The whole thing is a scam. They are working for the alcalde and are sharing in on the profits. The alcalde gets (20%) of the profits. Zorro watches them through the window. Zorro also learns how the woman and man know so much about the people. The alcalde is giving them private information about the people. Zorro rides off.

    At the cave, Diego scares Felipe. Diego enters with a funnel. Diego says that Ricardo is talking into the funnel to distort his voice. Diego says that he is placing it between the walls and talking. Alejandro hollers and Diego runs from the cave. Diego wants to know if he has made an appointment with the woman. He says yes. Diego says good. Diego knows his father will not believe him that it is all a scam so he pretends to go along with it. Diego asks his father if he would put a test to the woman.

    At the tavern, Alejandro goes and listens to the so-called spirit of his wife. Alejandro asks her but she fails to answer it correctly. Alejandro calls her a fraud and rushes out to tell everyone. Alejandro tells Ricardo to come out. Alejandro and Ricardo start to battle and Diego rushes to his fathers aid. Ricardo knocks Diego off the second floor of the tavern and lands on a table. Victoria tells the alcalde to do something. He suggests a duel between Diego and Ricardo. Diego accepts it because it is an affair of honor. Alejandro protest but Diego is going to go through with it.

    Zorro meets with the good Sergeant and gets the alcalde's share of the money. He tells the sergeant to give it to the alcalde in the plaza. Zorro leaves and hands Victoria the other money that the man and woman had stolen. Zorro confronts Ricardo and he beats him. Mendoza arrives with the money and that he had saved it from Zorro. They arrest the two.

    Meanwhile, we go to the tavern and Diego is ready to fight with Ricardo. Victoria says that Zorro took care of Ricardo. She asks him what detained him. Alejandro said that Diego insisted on a complete change of clothing. They tell Diego that for once his timing worked to his advantage. Victoria then asks him how Zorro knew about the duel. She wonders if Diego could be Zorro. She says no. Diego says what makes you think I am not Zorro. She tells him that Zorro has something that you do not (she never says). Diego says that he could hold his arm to Zorro anytime. Diego and Alejandro leave.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 05/11/90. Director: Peter Diamond. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    At the alcalde's office, the alcalde is getting ready for a special occasion and he hollers for Mendoza. He wants the sergeant to fix his clothes. He has received a letter from Diego informing him that today is Don Alejandro's birthday. The alcalde feels that they are accepting him with the higher class. The alcalde learns that they have invited Mendoza as well.

    At the de la Vega hacienda, Diego and his father have received a letter also. The de la Vega's letter says that alcalde has a surprise birthday party for Mendoza. Diego and his father enter the tavern that has been closed for the party. The light fixture falls on Diego and his father and knocks them out. The alcalde and the sergeant enter and notice their gifts on the floor. They to are knocked out.

    A man has tied up Victoria, the de la Vega's, the alcalde, and the sergeant. The man says that he has been in prison for 8 months without one day of hope to see his wife. Alejandro calls him a fraud and a cheat and that his wife was to. They had cheated everyone out of their hard earned money. He blames everyone. He has rigged up a barrel of gun powder and places a trail of gunpowder on the floor. He is planning on blowing them up. Each person tied up begins to fantasize and dream.

    The alcalde dreams that they have promoted him to the garrison at Monterey and that everyone is praising him. They give him gifts and everything. Zorro enters to say goodbye to the alcalde. He destroys a picture that they had given to him. Victoria says that Zorro is probably ugly under the masks.

    Back at the hacienda, Felipe notices that Diego had forgotten a package. He rides to town to take it to them. Felipe notices that the tavern is locked and he goes to get help.

    The next one to start dreaming is Mendoza. Mendoza dreams that they hauled the alcalde off and that he becomes the new alcalde. They sit down to eat to honor the new alcalde and all they have to eat are imported beans. Zorro arrives and Mendoza dreams that he beats Zorro.

    Victoria is next to begin dreaming. She fantasizes about, you know who, Zorro. She dreams that Zorro comes and puts out the fuse to the gunpowder. She fantasizes that Zorro rides off but he comes back and carries her off.

    While everyone dreams their little fantasize, Diego notices a bottle of wine next to the barrel of explosives. He grabs hold of the table and pushes it to knock the wine over. The wine spills and knocks the flame out to the explosives. Felipe who has gone to get help brings some men and the get into the tavern and rescues everyone. Everyone thanks Diego for putting out the flame.

    Back at the tavern, everyone tells how scared they was. Diego enters and says Zorro captured the man. The alcalde hopes that Zorro is still around so he leaves. Victoria wonders where Zorro was. Diego says I guess he cannot be everywhere. Diego gives the sergeant his gift. Mendoza says it is not my birthday. Diego gives it to him anyway. It is his favorite food- imported beans.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 05/18/90. Director: Peter Diamond. Writer: Philip John Taylor.

    Our story begins with the arrival of Senorita Escalante's brother on the coach. They are happy to see each other. A woman comes out of the wagon and she wants to know where the de la Vega hacienda is. Victoria tells her and asks her if she know them. She says not yet and leaves.

    At the hacienda, she knocks at the door. She claims that she is the mother of Felipe. She calls him Jose. Diego remembers where he found Felipe. There was a war going on and Felipe mother and father were pushing Felipe in a cart. The cart turns over and Felipe's father and mother were penned under the cart. Felipe gets out to check on them and they appear dead. Felipe loses his voice after this. He thinks his parents are killed. She tells them that his father was killed but she was penned down under the cart and could not move. Diego remembers it was after this he found Felipe. He has cared for him ever since. Diego asks Felipe if this is his mother. Felipe takes her hand.

    Victoria's brother wants to join the soldiers in California and he has an appointment with the alcalde. The alcalde tells him that if he can capture Zorro then you can join his men. He says consider it done. Victoria's brother tells her that all he has to do is capture Zorro. Diego comes with Felipe and his mother to say goodbye. Felipe leaves with his mother. Victoria's brother says that Felipe looks so much like the bank president's son down in Mexico. They could pass for twins.

    While riding with his mother, Felipe is captured by her and another man. At the tavern, Victoria has her suspicions about the woman. She does not believe her and goes to tell Diego. Victoria tells Diego what her brother said about Felipe. She tells Diego her brother said that he looked like a bank president's son. Diego says he will find them. Zorro rides and catches up to them. They were going to use Felipe to rob a bank because he looks like the bank president's son. Felipe takes them to the sergeant with a note from Zorro. Zorro tells Victoria that Felipe is safe. At that moment, Victoria's brother catches Zorro.

    Zorro and Victoria's brother fight. Victoria tries to stop them but her brother gets too rough with her. Zorro teaches him some manners. The alcalde orders his men to shoot. Victoria brother changes his tune with Zorro after the alcalde tries to shoot them. He helps Zorro escape. Victoria tells her brother that he must leave now because the alcalde would not forgive him for helping Zorro. Felipe returns home safe and sound.

    William Thomas


    Airdate: 05/25/90. Director: Ray Austin. Writer: Robert L. McCullough.

    At the tavern, Diego is playing cards with Mendoza. Diego beats him and he offers to by the Sergeant lunch. Mendoza asks Victoria what was for lunch. She tells him because of the alcalde's new taxes she had to fire the cook and that the kitchen was closed. Mendoza mentions that the alcalde is not as bad as Palomarez was. Victoria says not to mention that name again. She says, that I rather die than to have to deal with him again. At that point-n-time Palomarez enters from Spain and says that they can arrange it.

    He has returned from Spain with word from the king. According to him, the king has decided to reconsider property rights because of the support of Zorro. He tells them that the king has resended all land and gave it to him. Palomarez asks where the alcalde is and he tells him that the alcalde is away and that he is acting alcalde. He orders the sergeant to give people 48 hours to evacuate everyone in the pueblo.

    Palomarez goes to the de la Vega's hacienda and throws them out. Alejandro tells him that there will be a revolution. Palomarez says I will kill everyone in my way. Alejandro reminds him that without people he will not have nothing. Palomarez realizes that Alejandro might be right and he asks him how he could win the trust of the people. Alejandro tells him to let the people judge the authenticity of the document. Alejandro tells him that they need an impartial judge. Since Mendoza owns no land, they pick him to judge the authenticity of the document.

    Diego decides to dress as Zorro and return to the hacienda. Zorro, while in the cave, spies on Palomarez. He learns that the Palomarez is trying to sell their land to a British man. The British man asks Palomarez about Zorro. Palomarez has something in store for Zorro if he comes. He tells his friend that he has a deadly poison in this bottle. One scratch is all it takes. Palomarez places the tip of his sword into the poison. Palomarez and his British friend go to eat supper. Zorro decides to enter and get the document. While in the cave, Zorro examines the document and finds it to be fake. He decides to return it before they miss it. Palomarez sees him and scratches Zorro. Palomarez tells Zorro he will be dead withing 24 hours. Zorro grabs the bottle and jumps out the window. In the cave, Zorro believes it to be some kind of snake poison and that it must have an antidote.

    While in the cave, Zorro decides to trick Palomarez into leading him to the antidote. He tells Felipe to get a straight thistle weed so he can use it as a dart gun. Zorro carves and cuts a feather to the point that it is really sharp like a dart. At the tavern, Diego grows vary weakly from the poison. Felipe returns and Diego shows Felipe what he must do. He teaches him how to shoot a dart through the thistle tub.

    At the hearing, Mendoza looks at it and to him it looks real. Diego enters and tells the sergeant to look at it really close and to hold it up to the light. Diego accuses Palomarez of fraud and continues with the evidence. Diego tells the sergeant to look at the watermark. Sergeant says that Spanish was the only language he knew. The watermark was written in Portuguese. Diego says that Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. We learn that Palomarez had not come from Spain. He had come from Brazil where he had a man forge the document. After that, Palomarez pulls his sword on Mendoza and orders him to rule in his favor. Diego signals to Felipe and Felipe shoots the poison dart at Palomarez. Palomarez thinks Zorro has poisoned him and he runs out to find the antidote. The sergeant meanwhile orders the document to be a fraud and no good.

    Zorro rides after Palomarez. Palomarez leads Zorro to the antidote. The antidote is the sap from a red flower on a cactus bush. Zorro fights with Palomarez and gets the antidote. Zorro tells him to leave and never return. Tornado eats the flower. Palomarez gets worried. Zorro tells him that it was all a trick and that he had not been poison. Palomarez leaves.

    William Thomas