Zorro Sounds

I sent the update to 3 Zorro lists in hope that everyone will get to enjoy the sounds.

Corporal Reyes Shoot
Diego Sings 1
Diego Sings 2
An Affair of Honor 2
An Affair of Honor 1
Governor's Comfort
Governor's Medicine
The Plot against Governor
The Bone Too
Left Hand and Right Hand
Luckiest Swords Man
Secret Passage
The Plan
The Wander Puzzle
I think So
The Toast
Fathers Letter
Eagles Flight
An Affair of Honor 3
Sergeant Confesses
Diego's Missing
The Fight
Where's Zorro
Confession's Good For You
Uncle 3
Work for Zorro
The Compaint
Diego Singing-Special Request
Ghost Story
Home Coming
The Regret
Uncle 2!
Garcia Sings 2
Garcia Sings 3
The Grab - Is it Real?
Horse Bet
Uncle 1
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Zorro Sound Bytes Continued

 Adios Magistrado
 We Meet the Eagle
 The Fox Song - by special request
 Saranade 1
 SaraNade 2

The Romance Section Zorro & Victoria Sounds

Sound 1
Sound 2
Sound 3
Sound 4
Sound 5