The New Aventures of Zorro


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A stallion as black as the night, the world of a cave in the moonlight, the glimpse of his sword sends a shiver of fear when Zorro suddenly appears.

Tyrannts who steal from the poor, trimble at his name, Zorro is watching them, they can't escape from him, Zorro will bring them to shame.

Out in old California, so the story is told, Diego finds his destiny, shinning brighter than gold.

The whisper of his name "Zorro" stirs hope in the hearts of the poor. Zorro will fight for them all through the night so Zorro will always endure.


Episode Listings - by Billy Thomas (Under Construction as they show them)

    1 - 13

On Video 13- 26 On Video
To Catch a Fox Yes The Samurai and the Sorcerer
The Sting of the Serpeant-God Yes Poison Pen
The Night of the Tolchen Yes Vision of Darkness
The Beast Within Yes The Case of the Masked Marauder
The Enforcer Yes Return of the Conquistadors
Two Zorro's are Better Than One Yes The Hunter
Tar Pit Terror Yes Raiding Party
A Kings Ransom Yes The Four Horsemen
The Pirates of San Pedro Yes Nightmare Express
The Anti Zorro Yes The Ice Monster Cometh
Valley of he Manbeast N/A The Nordic Quest
The Revenge of the Panther N/A Adiós, Mi Capitán
The Iron Man N/A The Secret of El Zorro

TV Guide Description:

Ready to catch some Z's? The avenging hero of Old California returns on his faithful steed, Tornado, in this weekly cartoon series. Once again , no one suspects that the foppish dilettante Don Diego de la Vega is actually the dashing Zorro.